VF-91 Fighter Squadron

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Entry: 91790
Subject: VF-91

Patrick James wrote on August 28, 2015

City and State: MODESTO CA

Unit: VF-91

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: Contact me if you know of anyone who served in VF-91 from late 1955 to mid 1957.


Entry: 90027
Subject: 1952-53

H. Richard Clark wrote on November 17, 2014

City and State: GETTYSBURG PA

Unit: VF-91

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: Looking for VF-91 members that served on the Phil Sea 1952-1953


Entry: 89347
Subject: FATHER FLEW #104

Fred D. Turnbull III wrote on July 20, 2014

City and State: WINSLOW AR


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: I have the Red Lighting patch of my father when he flew from the USS Philipine Sea during Korea and sat in #104 (both 1st & 2nd Panthers to have that #) when I was young. I did have his helmet with the Lightning, but lost it after 1990. My father, Lt. Fred D. Turnbull, was also known as "Shorty" and passed away in 2006. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


Entry: 88986
Subject: VF-91

Darrel Johnson wrote on May 26, 2014

City and State: PHOENIX AR

Unit: VF-91

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: 5186 E Monte Vista Rd I joined the squadron in 1953 and made cruises on the Hornet and the Kearsarge in 1954,1955 and 1956. After my discharge VF-91 apparently merged with VF-94 to become VF-194.

Keywords: 5186 E Monte Vista Rd

Entry: 79553
Subject: TASK FORCE 77

Dominic Abbriano wrote on July 6, 2011

City and State: PRESCOTT AZ

Unit: VF-191

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: Pete Pritts and me worked four F9F-2 Panther jets - He handled two 20mm ammo cans up higher in the nose and I took care of the two cans that were accessible through the nose wheel well (I fit in that wheel well more easily). Together we worked six 100 lb frag bombs or six HVAR's; whatever the mission called for.

Keywords: USS Princeton CV37 Aviation Ordnance Pete PrittsĀ 

Entry: 73927

Warren Thompson wrote on March 14, 2010

City and State: GERMANTOWN TN


Service or Relationship: Other

Comments: My book on the F4U Corsair in the Korean War just got published.Currently, I am writing a hard bound book that will cover the History of Naval Aviation in the Korean War. It will contain squadron/detachment histories, comments from squadron personnel and plenty of color slides and photographs showing the aircraft. If anyone has anything that might help me, please let me know.

Warren Thompson

Keywords: Naval Aviation History in the Korean War

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