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A Poem of War

I remember the morning
The clouds below my lofty perch
They drift like a river
Spilling through the mountain gaps
And into the valley

I remember the day
The hillsides stripped of life
The valleys green with terraced crops
A land, so ravaged, and witness to such pain
Yet starkly beautiful

I remember the evening
That last protest of day
Ignites the sky and shines fiery  red  upon the cliffs
A sky turning dark
The darkness a cold steel gray

I remember the night
Darker than any darkness I ever knew
A sky with more stars than I have ever seen
And then the flares,  the many flares
They breach the peace, and remind me

We are at war......

Bill Schroeder  Army dog handler  Korea 67-68

Bill Schroeder Website

May 6, 2005

Bill Schroeder and Bandit 284F

To Bandit
No flag for him
No Taps or ivory stone
He sleeps alone tonight
In a cold and distant land
He served with honor
Loyal to the end
His strength was love
His reward his partners praise
He protected me and others
He was my friend when I was lonely
My comrade in danger
My playmate in peace
The tides of time have separated us
The memories of service unite us
Bandit is waiting for his masters return
On that rough and rugged peak
We will patrol again
Guarding our comrades wherever they may serve
Scouting for them in times of danger
Bandit and I will be there
And when the cold snow blows
On the crest of Tiger Mountain
We will find shelter
In the warmth of our total loyalty
Good Boy.....