VF-55 Fighter Squadron

Photo by Hal Barker

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Thomas E. (T.E.) Moore wrote on February 27, 2012

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Comments: Commander Paul Gray, Skipper of VF-55, on the USS
Essex-CV-9, persisted in flying combat missions
despite being shot down five times. He ditched so
often in Wonsan harbor that the carrier's ready room
posted a sign reading {Use caution when ditching
damaged airplanes in Wonsan harbor. Don't hit Cdr.
Gray}. VF-55's Ensign Peter Moriarity, fell victim
to flak while on a search mission for a downed
aircraft. He bailed out. Just after he landed, a
North Korean soldier emptied his revolver at him from
less than five feet, missing with all six shots.
Ens.Moriarity,undaunted, bolted from his would-be
executioner, sprinted to a rescue helicopter amid
rifle fire from other Communist troops, and returned
safely to the USS Essex-CV-9, to fly missions against
the enemy again.

Keywords: USS Essex-CV-9-VF-55-Wonsan Harbor-Korean War-

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