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Subject: VF-837 FIGHTER SQDN

David N. Dry wrote on October 29, 2015

City and State: SANTA BARBARA CA

Unit: VF-837

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: I graduated High School in Brooklyn N.Y. in June of 1948 and in Aug. 21 1948 enlisted in the Naval Air Reserve for a term of 8 years at the U.S. Naval Air Station, New York, N.Y.
I was a weekend warrior serving one weekend at NAS N.Y. (Floyd Bennett Field) each month and a two week cruise each summer. At first I was assigned to SQDN VF 68A, then VF 837 and finally Fasron 831. I worked after school for three years as a TV serviceman for Philco Television and saved enough money to attend The Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute as an electrical engineering student in the summer of 1951. During this time I reached the rank of AT2 at which time the war in Korea was just starting. I anticipated each month that past to be informed that my squadron was activated and that I was to report ASAP to NAS N.Y. For months nothing happened and I mustered with my SQDN as I regularly did till finally one month less than a dozen of our SQDN members were at muster wondering where everyone else was. Eventually we all drifter over to Personnel to ask some questions only to be informed that VF 837 had been activated after last month and were off for the weekend. Those of us that were still here have been transferred to another SQDN Fasron 831 and we should join with them. I remained in this SQDN at NAS N.Y. until I was discharged in Feb. 21 1956 and to this day I have no idea why I wasn't activated but it did allow me to finish college with an Engineering Degree.


Entry: 84120

Warren Thompson wrote on September 9, 2012

City and State: GERMANTOWN TN


Service or Relationship: Other

Comments: I just had a book published entitled NAVAL AVIATION
IN THE KOREAN WAR. Currently, I am writing one on the
F9F during that period. I would like to hear from
anyone that was associated with VF-837 during that

Keywords: I am writing a book about Navy Operations in the F9F
Panther during the Korean War.

Entry: 77076
Subject: VF-837 AND CAG15

Owen Gibson wrote on December 8, 2010

Email Update Needed

City and State: MIAMI FL

Unit: VF837

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran


Keywords: I served with VF837 and was called to active duty from Floyd
Bennet Field, NY, went with them t o NAS Alameda and then to a
tour to Japan and off Korea with the USS Antietam. Our pilots flew
F9F2 aircraft. Be glad to hear from anyone about any of their
adventures. I was transferred to CAG 15 by Comairpac and stayed
with the Antietam until its return to the U.S.

Entry: 57953
Subject: PHOTO HELP...

Bryce Benner wrote on July 4, 2006

Email Update Needed

City and State: PORT MATILDA PA


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: My father (Willard K. Benner) passed away this past Oct. and I found a bunch of photos along with numerous negatives of more aircraft and such. I have several pictures of fighter jets on the deck of an unknown carrier showing VF 837 on their bodies as well as an H on their tail. They are of jet #'s: 316, 410, 404 and a couple of a helicopter with UP 48 marked on its side. I also have a photo of what looks like the rear of a carrier with prop planes sitting on the deck. I can't make out the numbers but they have a B on their tail.

Can you give me any insight on these pictures? I'm assuming they are from the Korean War because of the jet aircraft. My father served in the Navy in both WWII and Korea. I know he served on the USS Princeton 1951-1952.

Thank you for any help you can give,

Bryce Benner


Entry: 45937

Bud Dehnert wrote on September 22, 2004

City and State: BOCA RATON FL


Service or Relationship: Interested Person

Comments: I am trying to find out information about a Naval Reserve F4U Corsair that crash landed near Far Rockaway near oil storage tanks, the pilot walked away. I think it was from Floyd Bennett Field, it may have been VF-837.
The crash occurred in the early to mid fifties, I was 8-11 yearts old at the time and witnessed the crash, in my later years I was in a Naval Fighter Squardon during Vietnam.
Thanks for you help


Entry: 33306
Subject: VF-837

Randy Altemus wrote on April 2, 2003

Email Update Needed

City and State: BROOKFIELD CT

Unit: VC-2 F-8 - A-4 DRIVER ('70-'72)

Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: Marty Malone-

My Uncle, LT George Brainard, was killed in a landing accident on the Anteitem. 4 Nov 1951 and was buried at sea in his F9F-2. He did fly with the Floyd Bennett reserve outfits post-WW II and, of course, was deployed to the Korean theater of operations in Feb 1951 with his squadron, Cdr Roland Kenton commanding.

"Bucky" also served with VB-7 ('44) on the "Hancock" and a VBF unit on the "Ticoderoga" ('44-'45" after earning his Navy wings in mid-1943.

I always thought that I might come across some pictures of this unit with their A/C as well as their pilots. My Father also flew with this unit through 1947 or so and served with VF-3, 5 and 6 during WW II.

Thanks in advance for any possible guidance.


Randy Altemus
ex-Lt, USNR
VF-124 and VC-2
(F-8's and A-4's)

Keywords: Lt George S. Brainard, USNR

Entry: 30368
Subject: VF-837

Marty Malone wrote on December 13, 2002

City and State: STATEN ISLAND NY


Service or Relationship: Interested Person

Comments: I'm a volunteer working at Floyd Bennett to
restore USN/USMC/USCG aircraft used at FB between
1940 and 1970. I have created my own "museum"
of FB history in our hangar. It's pictures,
flight equipment, aircraft models, squadron in-
signia, etc. I have some great photos of VT-68A
and then VF-837 and 831 at FB prior to activation
for the Korean War. I also have a selection of
photos of VF-837 and their F9F-2s aboard USS
Antietam during the war. I would love to get in touch with anyone who can add to my VF-831/837
display. The Hook (the Tailhook Assocation)
magazine ran an excellent story with photos a
few years back. I'm sure there is a tremendous
amount of material out there that could be used
to commemorate the squadron and its men.

Of course, I will gladly share any of the photos
or text, etc., that I have on display.

Thank you. Marty Malone
that I have

Keywords: VF-837 and VF-831 at NAS New York, Floyd Bennett
Field, Brooklyn

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