8137th Army Unit Military Police Group

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Entry: 62310
Subject: SERVED DEC1951 TO JAN 1953

Charles Daun wrote on September 17, 2007

City and State: FLORAL PARK NY

Unit: 8137AU MP GRP

Service or Relationship: Army Veteran

Comments: do you have any info on my old outfit

Keywords: dave edwards, vasquez, first name i do not rememberhouse boy was song ha yung

Entry: 32702

Wayne Locher wrote on March 12, 2003

City and State:

Unit: HDQ.

Service or Relationship: Army Veteran - Korea

Comments: 1952-1953 morning report for Prisoners of War until repatriated to North Korea.

Keywords: Koje-Do; Pongnam-Do; Choguri; Yoncho-Do
Al Lopez, D.Washtak

Entry: 26315
Subject: DET F 8137 AU (6TH MP SERVICE CO)

Tim Smith wrote on June 17, 2002

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: MY father, Nicholas (LEN) smith was a member of this unit and is looking for info on Melvin hascamp, Fred Neiter, and John Tuzeka. ANd help would be great.

Keywords: Len, Nomsan, 6th MP service Co, POW camp number 6, Melvin hascamp, fred neiter, john tuzeka

Entry: 19431
Subject: DET M 8137 (12MP SVC CO)

Denise Goff wrote on September 14, 2001

Email Update Needed

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: My father Edgar John Goff, Jr., who now is in the VA Hospital, who not has demitia (illusions) has been repeating an story about serving in the Korea War, from Mar 1951 thru Mar 1953, stating that he was transferred to an island called Kojedo, other areas such as Sasebo, and Taeu-San, where there were spys, and an experimentations of some sort of chemical or metal used on the them while he was station there. I do not know much about the Korean War, but have read and heard that it was a place of horror.

Please if anyone can shed some information, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

and God Bless

Keywords: Sasebo, Taue-san, Kojedo, area of command 6th Army Area

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