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Entry: 85557
Subject: LST 742 OFF KOREA 1950,51

John McKee wrote on February 24, 2013

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: My father served on the deck division. I recall him
telling about the XO, calling him only Bird dog
because he seemed to be wanting to find someone doing
something against regulations. When on liberty, he
would dress in civilian clothes. Three crewmen would
walk together in single file going in a contrary
motion to his circuit aboard the ship - if he was
walking in a clockwise direction around the ship,
they would walk counter-clockwise, intercepting him
two or more times each circuit. Naval courtesy
required all crewmen to salute only the CO, XO, and
OOD while aboard ship. Apparently, they were trying
to annoy him.

The deck division officer was perhaps the most
respected - he was fair but would the first to hang
anyone who disobeyed. The day was coming when the
CO was about to leave the ship, thereby leaving the
XO in charge - the crew dreaded it. However, just
hours before the CO was about to leave, the Deck Div
Officer received a promotion, outranking the XO -
talk about a guy who looked as if he lost his best
friend. For that time, the Deck Div Officer was the
acting CO, and the XO was still the XO.

Keywords: LST 742, Korea, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, Bird dog

Entry: 68838
Subject: LST 742 OFF KOREA 1950,51

Robert Brecount wrote on January 25, 2009

Email Update Needed

City and State: VICTORIA TX


Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: I was ART2c in 1950,51. Made ET1 during that time

Keywords: Lt Leonig, Captain of LST 742, Lt. Cole

Entry: 40467

Lynn Robey wrote on February 1, 2004

Email Update Needed

City and State: EAST STONE GAP VA


Service or Relationship: Interested Person

Comments: looking for any one who served on her. last names only: BLUE, McGee,Hengst, or any one on deck div. and ops. would like to hear from anyone.

Keywords: deck div. and operations anyone remember capt's name in 54 55 56

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