LST-1083 Plumas County

Photo by Hal Barker

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Matthew Potash wrote on June 30, 2014

City and State: SCARSADALE NY

Unit: USS LST 1083

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: I came aboard the 1083 on 14 October 1952 as Operations Officer. We were very busy operating on the West Coast of Korea until the long sail back to San Francisco in May 1953.

This was a well-trained crew who carried out assignments with a sense of pride.
We were blessed with the strong professional leadership of Captain Cooper and XO Duane Manning. My best days in the Navy were on the 1083 !


Entry: 87483
Subject: 1952-1956

Charles Whiting wrote on October 26, 2013

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Other

Comments: Just realized that such data and info is available on the

internet and thought I would post a little something about my

service time. I entered the Navy in 1952, following boot-camp I

was assigned to LST 1083 (Plumas County), where I remained

assigned until my discharge in 1956. To much time has since

passed to remember names of shipmates, though I can still

picture a number of them. I do remember that we (that is the

1083) was referred to as the ARGYLE NAVY because argyle socks

were popular, and though against regulations, on the 1083 we

wore them. I also remember we annually had a CREWS DAY, where

the officers served the crew for the entire day, but if you did

something yourself and not have the officer do it, then you were

out of the game for the rest of the day. Shortly after being

assigned to the ship I was fortunate to be fooed to replace

the (2) radiomen, whose service time was up, and so I was sent

to radio school and achieved the rank of radioman 2nd class

before my service time was up. This was a good ship and crew,

can not recall any bad things, except perhaps that I was

initially ready to take on the Navy when they put me on a ship

going to Japan, for I joined to go to Europe, and as a result of

my frustration over the event I was probably the only sailor in

the whole US Navy that was ordered ashore by the skipper when

the ship arrived at Japan in hope that I would get over it and

stop taking it out on the crew, including the officers. This

was the first of two such trips to Japan, never made it to

Europe, but all was well, in fact looking back I have nothing

but fond memories of my service time, including Japan, largely

because of the ship and crew with whom I served. I was happy

to find the 1083 posted on the internet, I was very much

surprised to find that it was the first LST ship to anchor in

Tokyo Bay after the 2nd World War, I do not recall that being

mentioned the entire time I was aboard her, or else my memory of

things is worse than I like to think it is. There is a lot I

could write about, all good, but hopefully I've given the old

girl (the 1083) a good report, sorry that names of old friends

escape me, but I'm probably not remembered either... (Charles



Entry: 69159

Dempsey Jackson wrote on February 17, 2009

City and State: LAKE CHARLES LA

Unit: LST 1083

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: Would like to hear from anyone who served on this ship.

Keywords: Jack---3 Far-east trips 1958-59-and 1960. Friends-
Bill Pitts,Bobby Smith,

Entry: 53188

Simms (Skip) Clark wrote on September 17, 2005

Email Update Needed

City and State: MERCED CA


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: My Father was wounded by a snipper in Sept. of 50 or 51 he drove landing craft. would like pics for my two sons who are in the navy one abourd the USS ANTIETAM CG 54 hes an SK my other son is abourd the USS BONHOMME RICHARD LHD6 he is LPO BM1 Rusticus they both recently returned from deployment in the Pursion Gulf anyone knowing my father pics or correspondance would be app.

Keywords: LST 1083

Entry: 45797
Subject: LST 1083

Donald Coburn wrote on September 13, 2004

Email Update Needed

City and State:


Service or Relationship: -



Entry: 23188

James Brook wrote on February 15, 2002

Email Update Needed

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: I am looking for anyone who may remember Richard Brook. He was a BM-3. From what I know his nickname was Rocky. He was my father and I am looking for any information I can find regarding his time aboard ship.
Thank you,
James Brook


Entry: 14527
Subject: USS LST 1083

Bud Lieb wrote on January 23, 2001

Email Update Needed

City and State: UNIONTOWN PA

Unit: NAVY

Service or Relationship: -

Comments: hope to hear from some of the original crew members::spiegel-lewis-gallager--and any others.

Keywords: ww2 picked up 1083 in pittsburgh pa. dec. 1944.served as signalman til feb. 1946.

Entry: 13858

Richard Johnson wrote on December 26, 2000

Email Update Needed

City and State: ADAMS OR

Unit: BLACK GANG ON 1083

Service or Relationship: Army Veteran - Korea

Comments: Hope to meet upome of the original crew.

Keywords: WW 2 Picked up 1083 in Pittsurgh,PA Dec 1944 Served until Jan 1946 es Electrician.

Entry: 5657
Subject: LST 1083

Jerry Bates wrote on December 16, 1999

Email Update Needed

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Family Member



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