615th Quartermaster Company - Depot

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Karen Hall wrote on April 30, 2016

City and State: LEWISBURG KY


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: My dad was stationed in Korea for about 13 months in 1953-54. He has often spoke of leaving Fort Lewis, WA by ship and landing in Pusan and then taking an overland train for several days to reach the camp where the 615 QM was located.
He worked in refrigeration and he had a couple of buddies by the name of Harry Cutrer and one named Cantrell. Harry was from Mississippi and we have been in touch with him. He passed in 2013 near Poplarville, MS. Cantrell's family owned a pharmacy in the Nashville, TN area.
My dad Robert Riley had a lot of photos of his time in Korea. I know that he was on the U.S.S. Mann on the 13 day return journey to the US. I guess they came back to the Fort Lewis, WA area since there was a large article in the local newspapers there when they returned home. I have a copy of that article.
My dad talked about a big wig who was a female that landed in a helicopter with her entourage near or in their camp. There was a lot of security and such for her visit. Dad said she was someone high up in the Korean government. Anyone have any ideas about this? This was about the time that the peace treaty was signed or shortly after. Dad said he was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the day that the treaty was signed and he was headed to Korea
My dad also spoke of a local Korean young man named Sam that was a friend of the Americans. He was not allowed in camp but they would take oranges and pass them through a fence to trade him for parts.
I would like to learn more about this unit of the 615 and see if any of the others in the unit are still around to talk.

Keywords: U.S.S. Mann, 615 QM Refrigeration detail

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Subject: 1953-54

Paul F. Notbusch wrote on February 21, 2000


City and State: KANSAS CITY KS


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: I also served in Korea at a later date 1953-54 and in a differen place Pusan and was in the Q.M. Corp 32nd Q.M. Corp 615 Q.M. Subsistance Depot.

I would like to hear from some of the guys that were in my outfit with me I can only remember some of your name but I try to place you

Keywords: My Brother was Killed in January 1951 If there is anyony that was with him when he got Killed or was in the same outfit please white to me at

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