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David Burns wrote on March 14, 2011

City and State: FAIRFAX VA


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: I am trying to find anyone who knew my late father-in-law, Woodrow Wilson Davis. Woodrow was a CPT/MAJ, from New Hampshire, and was assigned to the 7th Inf. Div. during the Korean Conflict. He was on of the soldiers injured during the explosion at the railway depot in Chechon. I'd like to get information regarding the incident and if Purple Hearts were awarded for the indident. As I recall one was offered to Woodrow while he was recovering in hospital but he couldn't in good conscience accept it since the explosion proabably the result of an accident.

Keywords: QM, 7th Inf. Div. Chechon

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Subject: 20TH QM

Mark Barefield wrote on October 9, 2003

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Comments: My father SSG Ray Barefield was in the 20th QM, I believe from 1950-52. He was a veteran of WWII in Europe. I have very little information from his time in Korea. However, I do know from conversations with him that he was in the Inchon Landings and also in the area of the 1st Marines in the Chosin. He did not talk about Korea very much, except to say that it was extremely cold and that compared to his time in Europe, extremely arduous. If any one has any remembers him or know any information about the activities of the 20th (i.e., unit awards, etc.) please let me know. Thanks, Mark

Keywords: 20th QM in Chosin, retrograde to Hungnam, etc.

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Jack Taylor wrote on February 2, 2002

Email Update Needed

City and State: EMPIRE CA


Service or Relationship: Army Veteran - Korea

Served in the 20th from June 1951 to Oct 1952
assigned to motor pool

Keywords: John Strom Harold Benwear K C Hunt Lloyd Collins
Myron Henney of Garden City Kannas
Henry (Red) Banks of Terre Haute Indiana

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Subject: REUNION

Patrick J. (Joe) Leonard wrote on November 6, 1999

City and State: SAFETY HARBOR FL


Service or Relationship: Army Veteran - Korea

Comments: If anyone reads this message and is interested
please contact Joe Leonard


The unit I asked about was originly called 20th QM Subsistence Supply

We were stationed at Ft. Benning Ga. As as an adjunct to th 3rd
Infantry Division. When the Korean war started we were sent as a company to Japan and landed at Inchon on the 18th of September. After Seoul was taken 10thCorp split the company and two platoons wre selected to go to the Wonson area to support the 7th Inf. And Marines. I stayed in the west and we became support for the 2nd and 24th Divs. From Seoul to Pyongyang and north until the Chinese camein.

We went south to somewhere around Taegon.The company was reunited then and moved to different places that I can`t quite recall. The summer of 51 was mostly in central parts as the DMZ was starting to take shape. This was a terrible time for troops along this line.

I have tried to get the history records of the 20th in Korea from a phone number in Washington without a lot of luck. I was told the company name was changed to th 20th Supply Co. and was supposedly moved to the states in Texas and then back to Japan and disbanded.

I would like to be able to contact former members of this outfit, just to talk. I don`t know where or how but maybe through your hard work something will happen.

Thank you,

Pat (Joe) Leonard

Keywords: Tommy Ehrhart is trying to get a reunion together
for any former members. Looking for Bersanti,
Slater, Martin, Shaloub, Wyatt,Portelli,Soujanen,
Ferguson, Wallace,McGee,Klimek,Hand,Deatheridge.

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