VC-35 Composite Squadron

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Legacy Messages - 1995-1999

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Entry: 94352
Subject: VC 35 PICTURES

Elizabeth (Liz) Shrode Collins wrote on February 21, 2017

City and State: ORMOND BEACH FL

Unit: VC 35

Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: Just thought I would let any remaining members know that Jack Shrode's wife, Lynn passed away in February 2016. I am their daughter and have many pictures that Jack took from the air of planes, the carrier, etc. If anyone is interested in them, please email me at I would be happy to scan in and email them to you.
Thank you all for your service! (and especially Shakey Jake for getting my dad home safe and sound, I wouldn't be here otherwise!)

Liz Shrode Collins


Entry: 94248

Rosemary Escajeda Skinner wrote on January 28, 2017

City and State: TALLAHASSEE FL

Unit: VC-35

Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: I am Lt Commander Ruben Escajeda's sister, Rosemary E. Skinner. Ruben was the person that for years took care of setting up the yearly reunions in different parts of the states. I lived in Orlando and Ruben lived in El Paso, Texas, our home town. I would go visit him and was always amazed and watched in admiration at all of the work involved in getting newsletters out, sending registration forms to those interested in attending the reunion, finding the nicest hotels available for the price members were willing to pay. Once the date, time, location and hotel was confirmed, then the work of getting those attending to submit payment and at the same time, searching for activities, restaurants, sight-seeing excursions that would be conducive for senior citizens. He loved doing this and seeing those that went, having such a good time. I'm writing you, not sure if I should be doing this on this site, to let you know that my wonderful, gorgeous brother passed away on January 22, 2017 at 3:30am in Jacksonville, Florida. I wanted someone to know how much he loved the Navy and especially his VC-35 friends. I will proudly wear his VC-35 cap. I once told him that if anyone ever asked me who was the person I admired the most, that I would have to tell them him! He was a proud officer in the Navy and showed his pride in all of his actions! God bless all of you for being a part of His Navy Family!


Entry: 91559
Subject: TEAM 10 VALLEY FORGE 1952

Paul Welch wrote on July 17, 2015

City and State: THE VILLAGES FL

Unit: VC-35

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: I was in Valley Forge in 1952, heading for deployment. Will Greese was the detachment O-inC. My crewmen were Shadburn and Blehn, both great young men. After having been trained as a ream for about 6 months, it was difficult to leave the team. I had previously been with VC-35 in early 1951. In March of 1951 I was volunteered to be detached and ordered to VR-21 detachment Haneda, Tokyo as one of the first COD pilots The CO of VC-35 promised that I'd only be there for about three months. I was there ten months .I had orders to the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey. I regret not writing to my detachment and letting them know what had been the reason for my leaving the unit. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend the next reunioun.


Entry: 88647
Subject: VC-35 TEAM EASY

Melvin Brantley wrote on March 30, 2014

City and State: SUMMERFIELD FL


Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: Deployed aboard the USS Oriskany in June 1950

Keywords: The VC-35 aircraft were all AD-4n The basic squadron furnished the AD4b for Atomic Weapons delivery.

Entry: 82063

Thomas E. (T.E.) Moore wrote on February 9, 2012

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Other

Comments: On 28,Aug.1952, Guided Missile Unit-90, on board the
USS Boxer CVA-21, launched a pilot-less, radio-
controlled Grumman F6F-5K Hellcat fighter aircraft
against a target in North Korea. The aircraft loaded
with 1,000 pound bombs, was guided to a bridge at
Hungnam, by a controlling AD-4N Skyraider aircraft of
VC-35. Five more of these early guided missiles were
launched between 28,Aug, and 2,Sept.1952, resulting in
two hits, and one near miss. They were the FIRST
guided missiles to be launched from a U.S.Navy carrier
in actual combat.

Keywords: VC-35-GMU-90-USS Boxer-CVA-21-

Entry: 74948
Subject: VC-35 VAN 27 GEORGE 1954

Jack Dahlin wrote on June 4, 2010

Email Update Needed

City and State: PLYMOUTH MN

Unit: VC-35 VAN27 BOXER CV21

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: I flew with Lt. Oftermatt and would do it again if we could find a working AD4NL. On the BOXER CV21, in 1954.
I wish we were all 20 again, and could do it all over again. I'd do it in a New York heartbeat if "THEY" would let me. We all thought we were bulletproof..some
of us were..

Keywords: J.K., CV21 BOXER, vc-35. AD4Q, Jim Ash, Jim Christenson, Fred Meyers, Granstaff, Bill Tucker,Snuffy Norton, Joe Duffy, Jim Cordel.
Nesbitt, Oftermatt, Reisinger, Miller, Fawcet,
Nelson, Mow, best pilots.

Entry: 73941

Warren Thompson wrote on March 15, 2010

City and State: GERMANTOWN TN


Service or Relationship: Other

Comments: I just had a book published on the F4U Corsair in the Korean War. Currently, I am writing a hard bound / coffee table book entitled "U.S. Naval Aviation in the Korean War. It will contain the unit histories, personal comments from squadron or detachment members and plenty of color slides and photographs showing the aircraft. If anyone has anything that they think might be useful, please contact me.

Warren Thompson

Keywords: Naval Aviation in the Korean War

Entry: 68717

Thomas McGuire JR. wrote on January 17, 2009

City and State: TOWNSEND MA

Unit: VAN TEAM 3 AND 7

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: Please email me if you have any connection to this group.
From his daughter: Just wanted to let you know my dad thomas j mcguire jr passed away nov 7th of lung cancer. She would love to hear from any who knew Tom.

Keywords: Nickname:Mick

Friends: Mike Hanniffy, John Lyons, Lenny Johnson

Boxer, AD's

Entry: 66170
Subject: I WAS THERE!

James Stephens wrote on June 22, 2008

Email Update Needed

City and State: CHESAPEAKE VA

Unit: VC-35

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: On our second mission over North Korea on 8 August our
aircraft (AD4NL) was hit in the engine area. LT Norton
was able to get the aircraft over water where we
ditched near the Island YANG DO. The Destroyer USS
Ozbourne DD-846 was dispatched to retrieve us, and
that evening we were returned to the USS ESSEX. We
continued missions to finally complete fifty more
before being sent back to the USA.

Keywords: I was with VAN TEAM14 (ITEM) aboard the USS ESSEX CV-9
from June 1952 to February 1953 as a Combat Aircrewman. I flew with AT1 Ben Killingsworth and our
Pilot was Lt Norton.

Entry: 50038

Don McCann wrote on April 7, 2005

Email Update Needed

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: My uncle was Admiral Apollo Soucek commander of Carrier div 3 Korea. Anyone who rememberrs him is encouraged to contact me at M7123 I am interested in any comments ,or stories. Good bad or indifferent.
Don McCann

Keywords: USS Boxer

Entry: 47065

Boom Powell wrote on November 24, 2004

City and State:


Service or Relationship: -

Comments: 3 of 8 Skyraiders on the May 1951 torpedo attack on the Hwachon Dam were from VC-35 det. I am trying to find out if the enlisted aircrew went on that mission. Anyone with the this or other details please contact me.

cheers, Boom

Keywords: Hwachon Dam, Princeton

Entry: 41027

Dick Gaughen wrote on February 18, 2004

Email Update Needed

City and State: PLYMOUTH MA

Unit: H/3/5 !STMARDIV

Service or Relationship: Marine Veteran - Korea

Comments: I'm creating a painting attempting to show some of the action that took place during Aug.Sept.1952when Boxer launched F6F-5K Hellcat drones which were guided to targets in North Korea by AD's of VC-35. I'm looking specifically for the aircraft numbers on the cowls of the AD's involved and whether they were AD-4N or AD-2Q's. Any help would be appreciated.

Keywords: VC-35 GMU-90 USS Boxer Aug.Sep.1952 Drone Assault Demonstration

Entry: 25720

Malcolm Hewett wrote on May 24, 2002

Email Update Needed

City and State: SANTEE CA


Service or Relationship: Friend of Veteran

Comments: VC-35 aircrew VAN team 43 U.S.S. Lexington CVA-16 1956.


Entry: 21831
Subject: TEAM 11

Bob Reed wrote on December 29, 2001

City and State: OKLAHOMA CITY OK

Unit: TEAM 11

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran - Korea

Comments: Team 11 Skyraider aircraft


Entry: 9669
Subject: VC-35/VA(AW)-35 ASSOCIATION

Ruben Escajeda wrote on June 25, 2000

City and State: EL PASO TX

Unit: VC-35/VA(AW)-35

Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran - Korea

Comments: Our membership is now 260 plus and going strong.
Our reunion attendees are averaging 160,including
guests.For more info contact Ruben Escajeda at


Entry: 3589
Subject: VC-35 DET.EASY

Roy Wash wrote on August 29, 1999

Email Update Needed

City and State: MCPHERSON KS


Service or Relationship: Navy

Comments: Lookimg for fellow combat aircrewman W.M. Quinlan from Tipperary Ireland. Served aboard USS Oriskany, VC-35 Det. Easy 1953


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