HMS Ceylon

Photo by Hal Barker

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Neville Peach SR. wrote on August 18, 2009

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City and State: TAUPO


Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: Unfortunately I cannot recall the date, but early one morning our Frigate was close-in-shore in support of a landing which was being staged by HMS Ceylon' Royal Marines. As LSBA I was at my action station in the Boys' Mess deck. It was big drama when our Medical Officer, Surgeon Lieutenant Gordon Wylie and I were ordered to the Quarterdeck - where we were ushered into a landing craft alongside to give first aid to numerous wounded Marines who had suffered bullet and land-mine injuries when their attack was repulsed. The landing craft proceeded on its way to rejoin Ceylon which was laying down a bombardment on enemy position from some distance off shore. Infortunately our supply of Morphine was lost when it fell from my First Aid Valise as we ran to the Quarterdeck - so we had no pain relief for the wounded. We spent most of the rest of the day in Ceylon's Sick Bay assisting with treatment of the her Marines. I recall that, as we came alongside Ceylon, I looked up and saw numerous grim faces of her sailors staring down at our landing craft and its load of wounded Marines - they were all armed and ready for landing!! It didn't happen. I later visited these Marines in the Hospital Ship (?Maine) in Sasebo. I went on to serve for 30 years retiring with the rank of Lt.Cdr Wdm)

Keywords: Royal Marines landings, West Coast Korea, 1951

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