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Scott Weiser wrote on March 15, 2015

City and State: GWINN


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: I'm looking for crew members of the original lsmr 536 from the Korean war. My father Mr Martin Weiser was a radio man on this ship from what I'm I believe was from 51 through the end of the conflict. He remembers leaving San Diego stopping Pearl harbor and Midway island he's not sure but thinks there was also a stop at Wake Island also. He does remember that the captain was Henry o bergkamp lieutenant USNR. I'm looking on his behalf to hopefully put him in touch with past crew members and maybe some stories. But there is one main reason for me to do this a reason that for now I'd prefer him not to know. He has vicious scars on his back and chest all I or my mother have ever been able to get from him is that the ship took enemy fire and that the scars were from shrapnel from North Korean artillery batteries. I'm attempting once again to get clarification as to when and where this attack took place so I can get his purple stars, I've tried this once before but my father being who is, found out and put a stop to it, he's an extremely humble man and says there were others who deserved them more then he does. I'm also looking for prints and possibly a model builder who would be able to build a replica of the original lsmr 536. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this post, Scott Weiser son of very proud and humble Korean war veteran.

Keywords: Original lsmr 536, radio man, Cho Do, Sasebo, task force 3?,

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Stephen Mayberry Mayberry wrote on May 27, 2013

City and State: SACRAMENTO CA


Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: john Bowden and I met in Oakland California for are physical
and became good friends and just happened to end up in the same
unit in bootcamp.and after camp we both went to uss whiteriver
536.we both were gunners mate and during general quarters I was
assigned to the 40 as first the trainer then to pointer. we
came aboard the middle of the month in jan to some time in
December me with orders and john had fallen down the hatch and
broke is leg.i don't know if any of you guys remember us and I
was sad to here that john had died in October 2011 do to a
strokes.i don't know how many of you guys developed medical
condition from ao and are still withus .I personally have
Parkinson since 2006 and doing as well as can be expected ,make
sure you final your claim and get the help you need took about
a year and a half to be approved.well those who are with us I
wish you the best thanks steve mayberry

Keywords: john bowden

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Subject: LFR536

Bruce Springborg wrote on December 7, 2011

City and State: MONTICELLO MN


Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: any ship mates with colon disorders? contact me


Entry: 79683
Subject: LSMR 536 ('54, '55)

Stan Greer wrote on July 20, 2011

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: I was aboard the 536 in '54 and '55 and wondering if there are any of us still around from that era, Stan


Entry: 79673

Tammy Redrow wrote on July 18, 2011

City and State: NJ


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: Hello
This is to anyone who has any information. My father
Walter P Christy served on PICTOR and FIREDRAKE ship for a
total of 6yrs 3 mo. Is there anyone that can tell me of
tramatic instinces which took place on these ships.


Entry: 79511

Donald Schilling wrote on July 3, 2011

Email Update Needed

City and State: PLACERVILLE CA


Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran

Comments: I served aboard commencing January 1st, 1954 as Radioman-In-Charge Petty Officer 2nd Class. We made a tour to Japan and then to IwoJima for a firing exercise to test new rockets installed. Many ships were present as we showed our firing power as a light cruiser.I was very impressed as I watched out the door of the radio shack. On way back about 5 days out of Pearl Harbor we broke down and had to be towed to Pearl Harbor. ETA about 2 days from San Diego harbor we were all served filet mignon for dinner and told the ship was being de-commissioned. I recalled watching movies from my sack through the porthole on deck.

Keywords: LSMR-536 White River 

Entry: 34049

John Cavano wrote on May 8, 2003

City and State: BENICIA CA


Service or Relationship: Interested Person

Comments: Hi to all shipmates of the White River. I was Communications Officer (and GQ OOD) on the White River from April, 1967 to October, 1968. The White River was my only sea duty during my active duty period in the US Navy Reserve. During our time on this ship, I believe I and my shipmates experienced almost all that a person could have happen to them during a tour of sea duty. Yes, I remember rockets misfiring and landing lots of unintentional places including the deck and we had a gunnersmate in an asbestos suit who's GQ task was to push the misfires off the deck and over the side. A little disconcerting and frightening to see this for the first time; but, you keep telling yourself "...the rocket has to spin numerous times before it is armed, and it can't go off right out of the launcher..." Just keep saying that to yourself and there is no problem.
What a great sea duty it was on the WR! Please join other White River shipmates at this MSN Group. We are having a fun time:

Keywords: USS White River (LSMR-536)

Entry: 6329
Subject: LSMR 536

Warren Axtell wrote on January 20, 2000

City and State:


Service or Relationship: Navy Veteran - Korea

Comments: I served on 536 in Korea from 1952-1955. ET. Had all sorts of problems with old SU-2 radar. Was operator of Mark ? fire control radar for 5" mount. Remember the way she rode heding into heavy seas? Thought she would break in two at times.
I wonder if anything had changed in CIC or radio shack after I left her? I remember times when rockets would leave the mount and land on the deck now and then. Guys had to go out and push them over the side.


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