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On Sat, 09 Nov 1996
D.E. 'Bud' Biteman (now Deceased RIP Bud)  wrote:

Jon Bal Bolitho, So. Africa, pointed me in your direction. What can I 
contribute to your project.  I am presently the founder and President 
of the 18th Fighter Wing Association, having 440 registered members, 
and 2500 names/addresses of former 18th Wing members dating from WWII 
thru to Vietnam.

I have written a brief unofficial history of the 18th, which I'll be
glad to mail to you, and have had a series of articles running in
Military Magazine, Sacramento, CA, for the past couple of years, 
having to do with my own personal flying experiences in P-51s during 
the Korean War.

Sincerely,   Bud Biteman

Please note the following: 

Locator Assist for 18th fighter bomber wing 

D.E. 'Bud' Biteman (now Deceased RIP Bud)
18th Fighter Wing Assoc. President;

maintains an active database of approx. 2200 names and addresses of
former 18th wing veterans, including deceased.  he will try to answer
e-mail inquiries concerning specific individuals as time permits. 
please provide as much info as known, and limit queries to maximum of
three names.

From: From Jim Biteman (Bud's son) Email address
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 3:28 PM


It is with great sorrow that I inform you of the passing of my father
this morning at his home in Bellevue.  He died of natural causes.

Would each of you please by any means that you may have, contact all of
my father's dear friends in the 18th FWA and inform them of this.

His first love was my mom, his second was flying.  He had a wonderful
and heroic career in the Air Force and was loved and respected by those
who knew him.  As a father he was a loving and gentle man.  He will be
missed by all who knew him.

Dad has lived and breathed the 18th FWA for many years and was extremely
happy that there was interest in this great organization from others.  I
am happy to know that the work and dedication that he has put into this
group has paid such great dividends to so many.  

Bud Biteman has finished his final approach and has landed successfully
at the pearly gates.  He now can say he has successfully completed the
most important mission known to man...life.  

With warm regards,

Jim Biteman

Combined unit Reunion outcome

We're trying to work up a  joint reunion in Capetown for Sept (7-13) 
'97 of their SAKWVA and our 18th Fighter Wing 

Oct 97 follow up:

Our Sept '97 Reunion with the South African Air Force was beyond our
wildest hopes ... the 29 of us were treated more like visiting royalty
than a bunch of Aging, Ancient Aviators... and we revelled in it! 

We knew that the South Africans were a hospitable bunch, but had no 
idea that they would take us to their bosoms so quickly... we met as
comparative strangers when we climbed off the airplane, but a week 
later we were all life-long friends! (and can hardly wait to 
go back.....) 

I could go into considerable detail ... for your PERSONAL edification,
but it would be much too lengthy for inclusion on your website... all
about SAAF Generals, Lions, Elephants, Zebras and Giraffes... what an
amazing country, and what amazing, friendly people.

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Target info needed

 On Fri, 03 Jan 1997   madel  madel@vvm.com wrote:
Dear Sirs:
I am trying to identify targets that my dad hit during the Korean
Conflict, Capt. Elmer N. Dunlap. He flew F-51's and F-86's in the 
18th Fighter Bomber Wing of the 5th Air Force and saw action in Korea
between December 1925 to May of 1952.  

I would appreciate information to help locate in a general sense the 
following targets: K-8, K-55,  Line Easy, Chodo, Chong Chong, 
Double Bend, Holy Land, Sariwon, Boot Bend, Hak Pang, Talchon-ni, 
Door Knob, Kiss, Tang Yang, Hafjuy, Anak,  Papasan, Ping pong and 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am trying to compose a short 
publication in memory of my dad.

Sincerely yours,
Elmer Jr
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DogPatch Logo

On Mon, 10 Mar 1997 
VETNET  arnevet97@webtv.net  wrote:

I have been in touch with Bud Biteman about my Pop who was the 
Illustrator/Draftsman that designed and painted the Dogpatch Air 
Base sign shown on the South African Air Force page.  

My father was Ssgt. Gerald "Jerry" Denson and passed away in 1976.
You might like to know that pictures of that sign and my father 
painting it were published in 1952 in the New York Daily News and 
New York Daily Mirror.

Just a bit about me, I am a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam Era ffrom 
1972-78 and work on legislative issues concerning vets and their 

All the best!!

18th Fighter Bomber Wing

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files