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On Thu, 30 Jan 1997
Donald Smith

926 Allison Drive
Hopkinsville, Ky 42240

His name is George Patton III, and I  believe he 
was the nephew of General George Patton.

---more from Don Smith
Thanks a lot for the info. I never knew what had happened 
after he was shot down. We tried to recover but were 

He was with the 18th Fighter Bomber Wing but I don't 
remember the squadron. I keep thinking of the 67th,but
not sure.

He flew F-51's out of K-46 near Wonju.

Thanks for the info

Update: courtesy Col. Bud Biteman;

Picked up on your request for info concerning George Vernon
Patton.  I have him in my deceased listing as 1/Lt AO2222013,
Washington DC, Killed In Action, Korea, 13 June '52.

My reference was the book: "In Memory - Lest We Forget", and
from separate research by author David R. McLaren.

He was in the 67th Fighter-Bomber Sqdn at the time.

Best regards ...Bud Biteman

Jack A. Lightner KIA

On Wed, 6 Aug 1997 
Updated 30 Spt. 2004
Jerry Lightner  wrote:

Rt. 1   Box 343
Bluemont, VA 20135

Recently completed a 100+ page biography on my brother 1st Lt.
Jack A. Lightner, a F-51 Mustang pilot with the 67th FBS, who
perished on 7 Sept 1950 during his 47th ground support mission
in the Pusan Perimeter.

This biography resulted in several unanswered questions; 
perhaps the KWP will help me resolve some of them.
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Capt. Joseph Mathews Babasa

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 08:47:52 -0800
To: mailto:
From: Jan Curran Email address
Subject: 67th F/B Sq, 18th F/B Group

Dear Col. Biteman,

I work with Hal & Ted on the Korean War Project, and attended the DPMO
Family Update in San Diego in January where I met Kagan West.  She is
trying to find men who were in her Dad's unit.  Her father,  USAF, MIA,
shot down July 9, 1951 a few months before she was born.

Capt. Babasa was with the 67th F/B Squadron of 18th F/B Group.  She is
trying to locate:

Cp. Sidney Arnold,
Maj. William J. Green,
Cp. Wm. H. Strand,
Cp. Kenneth Stewart.  She has found these names in documents at her
mother's home and believe they served with her Dad.

She can be reached at at 586 Vinyard, San Marcos, CA  92069  Phone (760)

If you could provide help, she would certainly appreciate it.

Jan Curran
Director Korean War Project

Follow up to Capt Babasa

On Sat, 04 Apr 1998 
'Bud' Biteman Email address wrote:

Hi again, With the info that Babasa was in the 67th and shot down on
9 July, 51, I was able to come up with a list of 46 names and current
addresses of people who were in the 67th at that same time, and probably
will be able to tell Ms West all about her father's last days.  I'm
anxious to hear back from her, after she's talked with a few of these
'Ancient Airmen'.

Best regards ... Bud B.

67th Fighter Bomber Squadron

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files