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Subject: MY FATHER

Russell Schildge wrote on November 30, 2018

City and State: MANCHESTER CT


Service or Relationship: My father Cpl 6 years Korean War

Comments: I'm trying to find out more about my father and those he served with in Korea his name is Cpl Milton Schildge he was in the 24 Division he joined the army on 6/4/46 and got out 8/21/52 RA Arty he won the good conduct medal Bronze Star Korean service Medal w/3 Bronze campaign Stars Distinguished Unit Emblem if anyone might know my dad I would like to hear about him C

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Entry: 68127

James Nutter JR. wrote on December 2, 2008

City and State: AURORA OH


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: Dear Veterans

My name is James A. Nutter Jr. My dad was James Arthur Nutter. He was a member of the 512th Ordnance HAM (Heavy Automotive Maintenance) company in the Korean War. The 512th ordnance did the mechanical work on vehicles for quite a number of units in Korea. They were Wheeled Vehicle Automotive Mechanics and their work included anything that does not have tracks. It takes other specialized training to work on tanks and other tracked vehicles. Heavy maintenance means you can take any part of a vehicle apart and repair it. Some other units were trained for only light maintenance and may have worked with the 512th H.A.M. Company. The unit went to Korea in 1950 and he entered duty on Nov.12, 1952 in Beckley W. Va. and separated to reserves Oct. 27, 1954 at Ft. Knox, Ky. and was discharged Jan. 30, 1962. He was trained in the Ordnance Automotive School in Atlanta General Depot in Georgia. The unit was stationed in a town called Taegu. It is in the central part of Korea. When my dad was with the company, they were in Seoul, Korea. I do not know very much about what he did in the war or what the company did in the war. He didn't talk about it much. He was a Private First Class and he was in Korea in 1953. He was awarded the KSM w/1 BSS (Korean Service Medal with one Bronze Service Star), UNSM (United Nations Service Medal), NDSM (National Defense Service Medal) and GCM (Army Good Conduct Medal). I understand there are also two more awards that I can apply for as his next of kin. The first is the Korean War Service Medal. It was awarded to soldiers by the president of Korea. I can also apply for the Cold War Certificate. He also may have been awarded the Korean Presidential Unit Citation. I am also looking at finding his best friend in the unit, Irving R. Casper. I think he was from North Carolina. My dad passed away in Ohio where we lived on January 17, 2001.

Most of my information was obtained from my new friend and former service man, Charles Mellor. He added Korea was a cold, hot, dirty, nasty place, and he was glad to do his part for freedom Charles was with the 512th Ordnance HAM Co in 1949 at Fort Bliss, Texas. He was with the 425th Transportation Traffic Regulation Group in Korea.

His e-mail is grampken@msn.com

Thanks again to Charles for all his help.

To those how have served, thanks for serving our great country and defending our freedom, which is one of the greatest sacrifices you and other soldiers gave to our country at war times. This is why we have our freedom today.

I know that the 512th HAM Co. was part of the 8th Army and I think they were part of the 59th Ordnance Group and I found a site (http://usarmyinsigniahomepage.110mb.com/koreaunits.html) that said the 59th Group had two Battalions the 24th and 30th Ordnance Battalions and there may be more.

If anyone can give me any help with information or would share this information on the 512th ORDNANCE H.A.M. CO. or the War, I would appreciate it and I would share the information on my dad's unit or their roll in the war effort with his family.

My e-mail is thenutterbox@yahoo.com

God Bless! Thanks,
James A. Nutter Jr.

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Entry: 42841
Subject: HI DIANA

Jorge Jorge wrote on May 5, 2004

Email Update Needed

City and State:


Service or Relationship: -



Entry: 18996

Diana Encinia wrote on August 27, 2001

Email Update Needed

City and State: FT. KNOX KY


Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: My father recently received the Korean War Serve Medal. I would like to find the unit crest to put with a display I am making for him with this Medal. Anyone having any info please contact me. He says he served Nov 1950 until 1952. All he can remember is that he was with 24th Div Tank Ballalion.My father's name is Edward C. Coatney, just in case any one might have known him.


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