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6147th Tactical Control Group

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6147th Tactical Control Group

6147 Tactical Control Group

From: William Bell.....Prior to 25 April 1951, airborne close-air control was performed by the 6147 Tactical Control Squadron (Airborne).

The ground Forward Air Controller (FAC) direction was first done by detachment 3, 6132 Tactical Air Control Group and then the 6164 Tactical Control Squadron of the 502 Tactical Control Group.

Prior to April 1951, the ground FAC officer was TDY from a fighter- bomber squadron. When the Group was formed in April 1951, a pilot assigned to the unit flew 20 missions in the T-6, spent 60-90 days as a FAC in the front lines, and then flew 80 missions to complete his combat tour.

Units comprising the Group

6147th Tactical Control Squadron (Air)
6132nd Tactical Control Group-Det A (Ground,TACP)
6164th Tactical Control Squadron (Ground,TACP) 502TCG
6147th Tactical Control Group
6147th Air Base Squadron
6147th Maintenance and Supply Squadron
6147th Medical Squadron
6148th Tactical Control Squadron (Air)
6149th Tactical Control Squadron (Air)
6150th Tactical Control Squadron (TACP)
942nd Forward Air Control Squadron (6150 TCS)
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Mosquito Association

8:07 PM on 3/21/97 News:

Relayed by George Hanrahan 
From: Tom Crawford, Locator 
To: All who served  on TACP, 6132 TCG and Det A, 6164 TCS, 
July 50 - April 51. 

"The Mosquito Association Board voted unanimously on September 
19, 1990 that the words of the Mosquito Association, Inc. by-laws 
that defined the Association ("also included are other members of 
the United Nations Armed Forces associated with the 6147th 
Tactical Control Group during the same period.") applied to the 
6164th Tactical Control Squadron (TCS) and the 6132nd TCG since
these units performed the Tactical Air Control Party duties 
before they were transferred to the 6150th TCS in April., 1951. 

Therefore, all former members of these units for the period June, 
1950 to April, 1951, are encouraged to join our Association.

The 6147th TCS and the 6147th TCG MIA/KIA/POW data will have
to be revised to include those men from these two units. To assist in 
this effort, Tom Crawford would like members of these units to send 
him all the data they have pertaining to the MIA/KIA/POWs.

Tom Crawford would also like to have copies of any orders for these 
two units for the same time period."

Tom Crawford is not on the Net; consequently, does not have an 
E-Mail address. His mailing address is:

Mr. Tom. Crawford,
The Mosquito Assn. Inc.,
5865 West Quarles Drive
Littleton, CO 80128

Telephone: 303.971.0856.

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Association Website

On Sat, 26 Sep 1998
Update: 25 Oct 1999
WILLIAM H. BELL Email address wrote:

Please check us out: Mosquito Association

We still have work to do in the way of additions concerning our UN
participants.  We want to give each country their own space to say and
do what they want with regard to our association in Korea and beyond. 

All the best to you and yours,

Past President, Mosquito Association
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K-47 at Chunchon

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997 
Stephen J. Rooney Email address wrote:

3210 Balmoral Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95821

Telephone: (916) 489-0476
Fax: (916)485-3212

Member of the Mosquito Association.  Was a Pilot in the 6147th. Tac.
Control Group.  We were at K-47 at Chunchon.  I was there from May to
Nov. 1952.  On Tactical Air Control Party, was with the 31st Field Art. 
and 2nd Divarty.  31st. at Kumwha and 2nd. at Chorwon.  Completed 50
missions in the T-6G aircraft.

Have held all of the offices in the Mosquito assn., and have not missed
a yearly reunion since starting in 1981.  Always glad to hear from


On Sat, 14 Mar 1998 
Richard E. Brown Email address wrote:

2307 Gring Drive
West Lawn, PA 19609-1107

Telephone: 610-678-5291
Fax: 610-670-2886

I am a member of 6147th Tac Con Gp. Korea: 52 - 53

6147 & 6149

On Sat, 27 Dec 1997 
Gary CarlsonEmail address wrote:

922 Longbeach Drive
Garland, TX 75043

Telephone:	972-240-1156

Lost a uncle in Korea and want to know more about the details,have found
his data sheet in search. Also my Father was in the 68th flying F-82s 
and also in Korea with the 6147 & 6149 and I am doing research for him.

Have already discovered trough your web sight a reunion coming up in 
1998 for the Mosquito Squadron Association and he is really excited 
about that! My Uncle was Robert Harper and I would kike to know how to
find out more about the details of his units action and where and how
he was killed! Well I will close, its a great web sight and thanks for
your time and consideration!

My Dads name is Melvin Carlson 6901 Avonia Road Fariview Pa. 16415, I
don't recall if I gave that to you! I have copied all my Dads slides 
from the period,Japan with 68th F-82s and of course the T-6s in Korea 
with the Mosquitos, when I looked at your pictures from your trip back I
was reminded of the similarity of those scenes and the pictures I have
enjoyed all these years from long ago of my Fathers! We use to beg my
Father at least twice a year to see those slides! 

Lt. Walter L. Doerty MIA

In Memory: by 
Joyce E. Haley Email address

Carson, CA

In the early 1950's I saw a picture in a Los Angeles newspaper of 1st
Lt. Walter L. Doerty of 6147 TCG, 49th FIW, pilot who was shot down
and MIA, in Korea. Mother was Mrs. Hayden Cooke of Hollywood, CA.

I still have a picture and have always wondered whatever happened to
the Lt.


Update: 5 Oct 1999 from William Bell Email address:

The ms: about Lt. Doerty.  We found him and put he and the lady 
together on the phone. 

History search

On Tue, 18 May 1999 
Al Judson Email address wrote:

As a military archivist I am doing some volunteer work with the
regimental  museum of the PPCLI (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light
Infantry).  Currently have been asked to locate any material available
concerning "Mosquito missions" flown by the USAF in Korea.  These were
spotting missions in support of ground troops flown in T6s (Texas

The pilots were accompanied by infantry officers as FOO's. I am
particularliy interested in those squadrons supporting Canadian ground
troops. The squadron numbers I have are 6147 6148 6149 and 6150.

Can you help or maybe suggest where to look.

I have been led to believe that it is possible that one of the squadrons
published a history of its Korean adventures.

Unit member

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 
Ken Thomas Email address wrote:

Thru the Korean War Page I learned of the Mosquito Association.

With the Association's help I have located and talked to a half dozen 
individuals that I had not seen or talked to since 1952. In addition I
have made many new friends within the association. 

During 1952 I served with three different Tactical Air Control Parties.
I knew the approximately location of each. With the Maps of the
8th Armies Front Line I was able to pinpoint the exact location of each 

I now have a copy of that map framed and hanging on the wall. 

Ken Thomas

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6147th Tactical Control Group

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files