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Note: Original postings on the Korean War Project from 1995 to about 1999.

Unit members

From: "J.BOLITHO"  jbolitho@iafrica.com

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 

Subject: 2nd SA Air Force, 18th FB wing , Korea 1952

I am a vet having flown an Operational tour with the 2nd SAAF in the 
18th FBW in Korea 1952. Based mainly at K46 and K10 Pusan. Refer to 
the book The Flying Cheatas in Korea by Dermont Moore, Ashanti
publishing Johannesburg.PO 10021, zippiS 6TYY.

Are you aware that the 2  nd SAAF, attached  K46 and K10. They 
lost 34 pilots and 2 ground crew.during 1952 amd 1953. History in the 
book The Flying Cheata's in Korea by Deeermot Moore and Peter Bagshore
Reference.1ISBN 1  874800 15 4. Two bars of the SA National anthem 
is always played before the US National anthem on official parades 
to this day.

Reunion Colorado  Springs 1996. Next  Las Vegas 1998 in October.,More
info if requested.

First operational sortie flown 19 November 1950- Close Support X 
Corp. Last sortie 22 aircraft  Fly Past (P51) before re -equip with 
F86 Sabres 27December 1952.

THIRY FOUR PILOTS  listed as Missing or Killed in action. in the 2,890
Operational missions flown. American Decorations. 2 Silver Stars,
3Legions of Merit,55 DFC's @ 1cluster, 40 Bronze Stars, 176 Air
Medals @ 104 clusters,1 Soldiers Medal 8 Prisoners of War.

The SAAF bought 95  aircraft P51 Mustangs from the USAF of which 74 
were lost or written off as unrepairable- operational damage. Every 
aircraft, bomb, round of ammunition, every piece of equipment was paid
for in dollars by the South frrican Government, .

Downed Pilot Photos and News Article

Attached news stories of helicopter rescue of South African pilot downed on a mission. Picked up by
H-13 chopper, piloted by 1st Lt. Harry Townsend, Phila, Pa. (photos to accompany soon)

Frank Grobler of Johannesburg, P-51 Pilot

Second Article follow up article

Harry Townsend

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 
From: frankg  frankg@cis.co.za

Hi Ted,

I am (still) looking for Harry Townsend, the chopper pilot that picked
up my father in 1951. My father was a South African pilot with the 2nd 
(SAAF) sqn., and Harry Townsend was with the 25th Division. 

Your  suggestions would be welcome.

Frank Grobler

Finding Paul Landry

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999 

Renette Volckmar Email address

My name is Fred Volckmar, aged 75 , retired SA Airforce, living in 
Mafikeng - the North West Province of South Africa.

I would be absolutely delighted if you could try in any way possible to
either link me directly or put me into contact with someone in a records
dept. etc to locate Paul Landry.

He was a US Airforce Member 18th Fighter Bomber Wing stationed at Chinai
in Korea in 1952. When I last heard he had a bottlestore in San 

Please take the time to forward this to someone who can be of assistance. 

Fred Volckmar
Have a nice day
Renette Volckmar - Senior Public Relations Officer
Corporate Affairs Dept. - North West Parks & Tourism Board
Tel: (018) 3843040   Fax: (018) 3842524
We invite you to visit our website at http://www.tourismnorthwest.co.za
for info on the sensational tourism attractions of South Africa's North 
West Province

John E. Parker 12th FBS

On Wed, 11 Aug 1999 
Judy Parker  Email address wrote:

Hello, my name is Judy Parker, my husband, John E. Parker was with the
18th FBW in Korea and flew a mission with the SA group and was made an
honorary member of  this group.

He has no information that shows this, I am trying to get a certificate
or patch or something that would be a surprise for him as this meant a
great deal to him. 

Can you help me in any way as to what info I would need to send and to
whom so I could get these items for him.

Thanks for your help.  

Note: Col Biteman has attempted to place Judy in touch with 2SAAF 
veterans to find more.