216th Antiaircraft Artillery Group

Photo by Hal Barker

101st Signal Bn - US Army

On Tue, 7 Jan 1997
Richard Oberholtzer obie2830@aol.com wrote:

2830 S. Jefferson Rd.
Wooster, OH 44691

Really a nice project! Was able to locate info. on a old friend KIA.

Would like to see any info on 101st Sig.Bn. Ninth corps.

101st Sig Bn 1951-1952

Mr. Barker,

On behalf of a friend, Ed Angelo (Cleveland, Ohio), I'm looking for
Rich Phelan from Pennsylvania who served with Ed in
19th Engineers in Korea in 1952.

They were together from the beginning when they went over on the
troop ship USS Meigs until they returned.

Anyone who knows of his whereabouts, please e-mail
(dr.hat@ix.netcom.com) or call
216-251-7338. Thank you.

I myself was in 101st Sig Bn 1951-1952. I notice there's no mention
of that unit (or 19th Eng.).

Thank you.
Dunstan L. Haettenschwiller, Ph.D.(aka Dr. Hat)   E-mail:   
Rapid Data Search Tel:   216-251-7338
P.O. Box 111165    Fax:   216-671-8689
Cleveland, OH 44111

Hi Ted,

Thank you for quick reply.

The 101st Sig Bn was part of I Corps, i.e. it provided communication
from Corps down to the Divisions. It's a National Guard unit out of
Yonkers, NY, and I was transferred to it after being activated as a
reservist in 1950.

Help needed

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998
Matthew William Hendle Email address wrote:

My name is Matthew William Hendle. I am looking for anyone who may have
known my Father. His name was Matthew William Hendle; T&T 101st Signal
Battalion; 9th Corp. APO 264; Fifth Army Area; Served from 10/50 to

I would like to correspond with you and find out more about him.
Desperate for a response. Please any information would help.

He passed away on October 31, 1975, when I was 3 years old. A picture
would be nice to share if any exist.

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Entry: 88628
Subject: 865AAA

Frank Pope wrote on March 28, 2014

City and State: BANCROFT NE

Unit: 865AAA

Service or Relationship: Army Veteran

Comments: I was radio operator & mail Clerk. Ruben & Ray Garcia same unit. 1951-52-53. I did live in Sioux City, IA at the time. 712-898-4825


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