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On Sun, 4 Apr 1999 
Ronald McCuiston Email address wrote:

The World Book Encyclopedia Vol. 11, J-K, c1978, page 303 states,
" Five Navy ships were sunk and 82 were hit during the war. 

The vessels sunk were the minesweepers Pledge, Partridge, Pirate, and
Magpie, and the tug Sarsi."

Your list of ships mentions Pledge and Sarsi, but not he others.

I hope this is of some help.

Thank you for your project.
Ronald S. McCuiston

Ship info needed for casualties

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998
Updated: 25 Spt 2000
George Cornell Email address wrote:


I found no listing for this ship.It was sunk off Hungnam, China. 

Are you able to provide info on any survivors. I left the ship at noon
with two others for discharge. The ship was sunk that night while on

My log shows that the Sarsi was sunk by a floating contact mine at
approximately 11:40 PM on the 27 August 1952. As I know it there were 92
in the crew of which 5 were lost. Two were trapped on board, one swam
toward shore and was shot, the Chief Qtr Master in cardiac arrest and a
drowning. The ship that I was on returning to Japan for separation was
the USS Platte AO 24. Other ships in the area at that time were the USS
Mount Katmia and the USS Boyd DD544. It was the Platte picked up the
survivors and returned them to Sasebo.

Thank you very much,

George Cornell


On Sat, 9 Jan 1999
Updated: 25 Spt 2000
George Cornell Email address wrote:

Thanks for your help. I have found the people of the USS Sarsi ATF 111.

They have formed a survivors group and have met a couple of times. Once
on their own and once with the National Association of Fleet Tug 
Sailors. They can be reached at www.NAFTS.com or NAFTS@Linex.com. 

NAFTS publishes a magazine quarterly called TOWLINE. Membership costs
$25.00 a year. The magazine has a lot of good info and stories from and
about the Tug Navy. I'll stay in touch.

George Cornell

Bolster Relief

From: LRMBJB@aol.com 
To: George Cornell
Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 
Subject: USS SARSI - ATF-111

George, I do not have any info on the Sarsi or its crew.

However,   I was a seaman on the USS Bolster, ARS-38 and we went up to
relieve the Sarsi and it was gone. Wish I could help more.

Best wishes and good luck.
Bowling Green, Ky.

Help on casualty files

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999 
Tom Wilbeck

1. Email address
2. Email address
I am working on verifying the men who either were listed as dead or
missing from the sinking of the USS Sarsi.  I found and added the info
on CARTER, Hampton.  You noted the addition and acknowledged.

I was searching for another MIA, KUNSCH, Charles H., Jr. DC1, from
Omaha, NE.  I think your listing for KUNSON is him.  I can see where
someone transcribing would see CH and think it was ON.  

Do you have any way to check this out?  The service number given for
KUNSON in your database is 3176260.


Tom Wilbeck
Longview, TX

USS Sarsi (ATF-111)

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files