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USS Kermit Roosevelt ARG 16

On Sun, 18 Jan 1998 
Robert Simpson dzan@msp.infi.net wrote:

10136 Chicago Ave. S.
Bloomington, MN 55106

phone: (612)881-2436

Looking for former shipmates of the ARG 16 USS Kermit 
Roosevlet For an all Ship Reunion on September 27-30 1998 in 
St. Petersburg, Florida

S-3 Div

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997 
Harlan George Finch Email address wrote:

Harlan George Finch, SH1, USN, Ret.
544 Pacific Street, Apt#109
San Luis Obispo, California  93401-3906

phone: 805-544-5950

S-3 Div

datein: 23 Aug. 1951 dateout: 4 Dec. 1951

Looking for any one who was on the Kermit from Jan.1952 until
Sept. 1956. I was a SN in Supply Div. S-3, Laundry-Ship's

I would love any pictures that I could get.

Also: I'm looking for Pictures of the USS Kermit Roosevelt (ARG-16) and
USS Henderson (DD-785) and USS Tolovana (AO-64) and USS Ashtabula 
(AO-51) I was on all ship's from Jan 1952 untill Aug. l971 

Thank You,

H. G. FINCH, SH1, USN, Ret. 
544 Pacific St. Apt109 
San Luis Obispo, California 93401

Thank You.

Ed note: Mr. Finch's personal archives were destroyed and he is attempting to rebuild them, piece by piece.

Support of Pledge and Pirate

On Sun, 26 Apr 1998 
"Donald R. Potter" Email address wrote:

datein: Jun 49 dateout: aug71

I served on the Kermit from Jan 50 till sometime in 53.  I will be very
interested in hearing from anyone that was on the ship at that time.  

I got a brief history of the ship off the web a few nites ago.  They
mentioned our support of minesweepers in Oct/Nov 50 but did not mention
taking the survivors from minesweepers Pirate and Pledge when they were
sunk by mines. 

Tour history

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998 
Don Potter Email address wrote:


Finally got my stuff together (read found my diary) so here is what the
Kermit did during Korea while I was aboard:

Our primary mission all the time in Sasebo and Korea was supporting the

8 Oct 1950  Arrived in Wonsan to support Minesweepers and were there
until 17Nov 50.  During that time the USS Pirate and the USS Pledge were
sunk in the inner harbor at Wonsan.  I don't remember about deaths but 
we did take the survivors.  They hit mines within minutes of each other. 

Also during this time a Japanese wooden (we call it a bumboat) boat hit 
a mine and killed whoever was aboard.  Another happening was one 
destroyer ramming another destroyer.  I don't remember their names but
they did a pretty good job. I have a couple of pictures and the bow of 
one was pushed back till the forward 5inch was hanging in the air.  The
other can had a pretty good gash amidships. 

We put on temporary repairs and they left.

On a humerous note -  We were a little paranoid about drifting mines and
one of the lookouts spotted something in the water right after the movie
one evening.  We went to Genral Quarters put the searchlights on it and
fired a lot of rounds from the twenties, forties, rifles, and pistols 
and never touched it.  It finaly bumped up against the side of the ship
and it was an empty five gallon milk container.  Good thing it wasn't a

The night before the landings on Wonsan some of the guys put a sign on
the beach saying "The beach is yours courtesy of ComMinRon3."

From 13 to 23 Dec 50 we we were in Hungnam North Korea assisting in the
troop evacuation.

Guess that is the extent of my knowledge about the Kermit and Korea. 
Thanks for the opportunity to submit this.  Been a long time since I 
have actually sat down and thought about the Kermit.  Considering that I
was just 18 when I went aboard and 21 when I left you might say I grew 
up on her. She was a slow (9.2 knots),  round bottomed blunt nosed ugly
old lady but I have very fond memories of her.

Don Potter 

Picard looking for buddies

On Tue, 7 Jul 1998 
Jackie Picard Email address wrote:

1950 to 1953

 My dads name is Howard J. Picard. He was a diver aboard the USS KERMIT
ROOSEVELT from 1950-1953. He was on a diaper cruise. 

Do you have any tips on how I can go about finding 3 shipmates my father
served with on the USS Kermit Roosevelt from 1950-1953? Any help would 
be appreciated. I have e-mail the three list on page about USS Kermit
Rossevelt, but don't know if this will give me any leads.



I forget his rate, but will ask him. I have already got info on reunion
from Jim Ruffle. My dad is trying to find twins Frank and John Pittman.

They are twins and he believes they came from Idaho. I have been 
searching the internet trying to locate them with no luck so far. He was
also looking for a William Cory from New York. I found a listing and 
wrote to him, but no response. They all served aboard during them 
same time.

USS Kermit Roosevelt (ARG-16)

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files