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Murat Eron wrote on May 8, 2013

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Comments: I am interested in all facts related to the Turkish Brigade (North
Star) in Korea. Especially interested in hearing from anyone who
may have known the sole Turkish pilot who served and gave his life
there in a A-26, First Lt. Muzaffer Erdonmez, Vic. He was attached
to 729th bomber squadron of the 452nd wing.

Keywords: Battle of Wawon, Kunuri,Kunu-ri, North Star, Turkish Brigade,
Tahsin Yazici, Vic, Muzaffer Erdonmez 729th squadron, 25th
infantry, 8th army

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Hakan Akin wrote on September 29, 2012

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Comments: You know a Turkish brigade fighted in Korean War in 1950's.

Please visit and be member urr facebook group which name is Korean War and our KIA's in Turkish


Best wishes From Turkey


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Ender Serpen wrote on February 7, 2010

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Comments: 15.türk kore birliindeki arkadaslar1m1 ar1yorum.

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Erdal Inceoglu SR. wrote on August 19, 2008

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Comments: I lose all my military friends when I was in military 15th Korean Turkish army

Keywords: Marcoverticelli, Marco Verticelli, Erdal 0nceoglu, Semih Ugurcan, Tamer Durusu, Fredie Walley

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Turke in the War

On Mon, 12 May 1997 
A.M. Sabuncu Email address wrote:

I am really impressed with your Korean Project web site.  I am an
American, but my father is a Turkish veteran of the Korean War.  He in
fact has an Air Medal, with seven oak leaf clusters, awarded to him by
the American military.  His photograph is on your site, taken during the
dedication of the memorial! 

Turkish Bn at Korean War Veterans Memorial 1995

He is the second one from the left, w/ sun glasses.

It made me very happy to see this page, and to see my father's picture.
I congratulate you on all the hard work that is so obvious in this well
designed site.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to facilitate
communication w/ the Turkish Veterans groups; my father is very active 
in these organizations in Turkey.

He does not have access to the Internet, so I am printing the pages now
to mail it to him!

Thanks again for such a useful site.

Todd Sabuncu	


On Thu, 09 Oct 1997
A.M. Sabuncu" sabuncu@erols.com wrote:

Turkey contributed to the United Nations military effort in Korea
between 1950 and 1966.  For the first 10 years of this period, a full
Brigade was in service; thereafter, Company sized units were contributed
for the remaining 6 years.  Turkey maintained an Honor Guard Unit in
Korea until 1971. 

The Turkish Brigade totalled approximately 5,450 personnel.  The Brigade
had a full turnover after a period of one year service.  The Brigades
that served for the 10 year period were numbered 1 through 10.   Of
these, the first three saw action.  During the service of the 3rd
Brigade, the Korean Armistice was signed in 1953.  Thereafter, Turkey
continued maintaining forces at full Brigade level for another 7 years,
in accordance with United Nations agreements.

The Turkish Brigade that served as part of the United Nations effort in
the Korean War was specifically formed for this purpose by the Turkish
military, composed of selected units from the Turkish Army.  The
following was its composition:

 1. 241st Infantry Regiment, composed of three Infantry Battalions.
 2. 105mm Motorized Field Artillery Battalion, composed of three
Howitzer Batteries and a Headquarters Battery.  Each Howitzer Battery in
turn consisted of 6 guns.
 3. One Motorized Engineering Company.
 4. One Motorized Anti-Aircraft Battery.
 5. One Transportation Truck Company.
 6. One Motorized Signal Platoon.
 7. One Motorized Anti-Tank Platoon.
 8. One Medical Company.
 9. One Repair and Maintenance Unit.
10. One Military Band.
11. One Replacement Company, composed of various branch and
non-commissioned officers, and soldiers, such as Infantry, Artillerary,
Signal, Engineering, etc.

Some of the Important Battles Fought by the first three Turkish

The Battle of Kunuri:

It is recognized that the efforts of the Turkish Brigade in the Battle
of Kunuri allowed the U.N. forces to make a safe retreat to Pyon-Yang
out of a situation where they were taken by surpise by an outranked
Chinese force.

At the time, the Turkish Brigade, located at Kunuri, was acting as the
reserve for the 9th U.S. Corps. The Brigade participated during the
worst of the fighting, from November 26th through 29th.  The Chinese
overcame the U.N. forces in Kunuri, and were about to block them from
all sides.  The Turkish Brigade saved the eastern flank of the U.N.
forces and gave it a chance to make a retreat to the North Korean
capital of Pyong-Yang.

An example of the fierce and unpredictable nature of the Kunuri battle
is the fact that only half a day prior to the battle of Kunuri, the
Turkish Brigade had received orders to help in the Central Front at
Tok-Chon against the Chinese attack and was on route.  It then received
a second order to head back to the Kunuri area.

The Battle of Kum-Yang-Jang-Ni:

This battle marks the first offensive action of the U.N. forces under
the leadership of General Ridgeway after he took power over from General
McArthur.  As a result of this battle, the U.N. Forces were able to gain
the upper hand.  The Turkish Forces were instrumental in this success, a
fact also recognized by the citations it received afterwards:

1. Distinguished Unit Citation from the U.S. Congress.
2. Presidential Unit Citation from the President of Korea.

A personal account of teamwork between the U.S. and Turkish Forces
during the Battle of Kum-Yang-Jang-Ni:

By Ret. Col. Ertugrul Sabuncu

I was Army Pilot Lieutenant flying for artillery reconnaisance and
spotting.  Lt. Chapman of the U.S. 25th Division Artillery was the
Liason Officer to the Turkish Artillery.  During the Battle of
Kum-Yang-Jang-Ni, the Turkish forces were tasked with taking three
locations, the town of Kum-Yang-Jang-Ni, and Hills 156 and 185 in the
western front.  During the Infantry attack, the Turkish Artillery was
moving, and therefore was unable to fire.  I saw this from the air, and
radioed Lt. Chapman.  I asked him for help, and gave him a target on
Hill 156.  As a result, a fire using 155mm Howitzer was made by the 90th
Field Artillery Battalion, the General Support Artillary of the U.S.
Division.  This proved crucial in the period until the Turkish Artillary
settled in place and was able to start firing.  The Direct Support
Artillary of either the Turkish or the U.S. Artillary would have been
unable to reach the target Hill, as they had the shorter range 105mm
guns.  The General Support Artillary of the U.S. forces was therefore
the only solution available in this situation.

Chosin Reservoir Support

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996 
102435.443@compuserve.com wrote:

Need to find out about turkish efforts in the kinali pass (spelling?)
in support of the Marines out of chosin. I have a friend who's wife
lost 2 brothers there.  They were part of the turkish forces.  

Can anybody help? Please call 714 855 6023 and leave a message.  


Hugh Speed

Unit Info wanted

On Fri, 30 Aug 1996
Gokhan R. Karahan  kramazan@sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu  wrote:

Dear Mr. Barker:

I would like to have information about the Turkish contribution to the
UN force in the Korean War and encounters between the American troops 
and Turkish troops, if any. Thank you very much for your help.

Tuesday, February 25, 1997
From: HAKAN IKIZ  hakan@magnet.com.tr

Subject: Korean War
I need some documents about :
Clay Blair : The  Forgotten War : America in Korea 1950-1953
New York Yimes Books 1987
S.L.A. Marshall : The River and the Gauntlet : Defeat of the Eight 
Army by  the Chinese Communist Forces November 1950
In the Battle of the Chongchon River Korea 
Russel Sparr : Enter the Dragon
China's Underlared War Against the U.S. in Korea 1950-51

If you can help me to obtain more documents about this history I
will very  happy.  If possible can you send them to my post adress.

Thanks for your attention.

Dr. Galip BAYSAN
Mithatpasa Cad. 400/3
35280 - Kucukyali - IZMIR