Recollections from the Front

Taegu, Korea - 1950

Untouched farmland - Korea 1950
Photo by
Jack Morris, Sgt., AF19328825

Military Medical Reminiscences of Three Wars

Treatment of the United Nations Wounded at Chipyong-ni

Written by Dr. Robert M. Hall, MD USA Retired. More to come.

We Remember a poem

MGarvey, a Viet Nam veteran wrote a moving poem for the Korean War vets last summer (95)
for the dedication of the memorial. It appears elsewhere on the KWP.

Korean Vignettes - Faces of War

A new book by Korean War Veterans Art Wilson and Norm Strickbine. Take a look at the
Faces of War.

The Air War- Pitch-up

From Don Paul a vet of the 154th F/B Squadron, 136th Bomb Wing. And several other stories from
the Flight Line.

7th Division, 7th Medical Battalion

Go with us to Korea for a revisit to a South Korean Home by a former vet from the 7th Med.
A wonderful story of finding a KATUSA friend.

67th & 363rd Recon Tech Sq, 1950 -1952

A Korean Adventure A continuing storyline from a Korean War Vet, Jack Morris.

HoneyBucket Express

War Zone newspaper - Nov - Dec 1950

Avoiding Chinese Bugles and Bullets

Korea, The Chosen Place, a poem

The following is a poem written by S/SGT Irvin V. Worden, on 14 December 1953,
while stationed in Korea.

176th Armoured Field Artllery Bn

This is a short history of Cpl. Alan Burl Caudle's tour in Korea.

POW Diary - Red Camp 1 - Chungson

A short, moving excerpt into Louis Harris' time as a POW in Korea. Louis was with the
5th Regimental Combat Team.

Overview of the Korean War

Taken from the Army History Series, Chief of Military History. Introduction to the events of the war.
A thourough history, while brief.

The Baseball Game

Robert Wills gets mistaken for his younger brother in this humorus glimpse at the 443rd Quarter Masters.

The Chinese Failure at Chosin

By: Patrick C. Roe, Major, USMC (Ret) Chairman, Chosin Few Historical Committee


The Story of Lt. Chales Garrison, Pilot, US NAVY, Stag Magazine submitted by his daughter, Jan.
You are not Forgotten, Lt. God Bless!

A Marine Says Goodbye

The Tribute to Pfc. Reuben "Bob" Fields - KIA, Yudam-ni -Dog Company 2d Btn. 5th Marines by
Ray Walker, former US Marine at the Chosin Reservoir

" The Capture "

The Harrowing Story of George Matta at Camp 1, Camp 4, and Camp 5 as a POW during the War,
by his son, George Jr.

Part I: Korean Tales, Unsung Heroes of the Korean Air War- 39 Installments

by Duane E. 'Bud' Biteman, Lt Col, USAF, Ret in honor and tribute to the fine
men of the 18th Fighter Wing - ed.

Letter to Capt. Flynn, 7th Cavalry

by Dave Hughes - K Company At Sea on the Oturu Maru out of Japan

" Return to Heartbreak Ridge "

The Story of Hoppy Harris told by Hal Barker. Includes prologue by Hal.

A Letter Home From Korea

The Racine Journal Times: The letter was written by my father when he was 19yrs old.

I thought you may find it interesting. My father was in the 5th cav HQ company I&R platoon.

Foxy Few 44th Mission

The 12th Fighter Bomber Squadron: A story of one of my interesting missions in Korea, Dick Gruber, LTC Retired USAF

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