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This section adds to our attempts to put people in touch with each other. As we get the core information that will help identify units and the correct person, those will be added to the query. When a successful contact has been made, we will footnote that connection for all to see.

The official Form 180 and Form 180 INSTRUCTIONS to request Military Records is available online for anyone to download and send off to the proper records facility. You will need an Adobe Portable Document File reader, Acrobat 2.0. Download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

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Vietnam Veterans of Brevard

 On Tue, 31 Dec 1996  Edward Barry  ebarry@aug.com  wrote:
I recently contacted you about our 10th Annual Vietnam Veterans
Reunion. The Vietnam Veterans of Brevard have set up a reunion home page. I
would appreciate any help you can give us on spreading the word about this
site. :)

(under construction and changing daily)



I am searching for any information on a Thomas Lynn Poole, SGT, US 
Army.  KIA Cambodia,  23 June 1970.  Service # 544-76-9045. HOR:  
Hawthorne Ca. 

Thank you

Michael E. Hakala
Cpt,  FA

US Air Force

I am researching a relative named Cassavant who apparently died while 
serving in the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam.  Can you send me a list of 
Cassavant's who died in the Vietnam War?  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thomas A. Badgwell

Thomas A. Badgwell Ph.D., P.E.  ! phone: (713) 527-8750 (after tone) 3510
Dept. of Chemical Engineering   ! fax:   (713) 285-5478
Rice University                 | email: tab@rice.edu
P.O. Box 1892                   | URL for Rice Chem. Eng. WWW home page:
Houston, TX 77251               ! http://riceinfo.rice.edu/~dek/CENG/index.html


Mr Barker,

  I would like to know how I can access your Casuality Database.  
 I am doing research into the case of my Father, Capt. Joel R.Birch 
U.S.A.F., who was lost while serving as a crewmember on an AC-130 
Gunship.  His aircraft, tail #56-0490, was downed near Pakse,Laos on 
Dec.21,1972. Two crewmembers were rescued from a total of 16.  All 14 
other crewmembers are offically "accounted for -KIA- Partial remains 

  Please let me know if you can provide any assistance,
                              Charles L.Birch   Houston,TX.

US Marines - DaNang


I'm trying to gather information about my dad, Sgt. Major of the 1st 
Marine Division in DaNang Vietnam who died in-country on July 12, 1967.  
Any help would be most appreciated.

 It's John Harry Johnson.

Sandi Johnson Glendinning


Hello.  When will my friend and I be able to access the Vietnam Casualty
Files?  His brother is Don Priest, from Leesburg, Ohio and was KIA  (68-69?).
  Thanks for the info.
dave blackwood

199th L Inf. Brigade

While in Vietnam and serving with the 199th light infantry brigrade 
company E 4 12.  I lost my 1st lieutenant on July 4,1969 I can not 
remember his name could you please help me or direct me to someone who 
can help me.                                                             
              Thank you 
Joseph Yania 
my E-Mail address is reddog@apk.net

Unknown Unit

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 20:24:46 +0000 
From: garygriffin@ichange.com (Gary Griffin)
Subject: Carl Fisher, KIA
To: tbarker@kwp.org

Hi, I am having a problem with my on-line service. I hope this gets 
I am researching the death of my cousin, Carl Fisher.  I only know his 
no servive, dates, etc.  I am the family genealogist and was wondering 
if you
could give me any information with just the name.

I was told he was KIA in Vietnam and buried in Vietnam (but doubt that).
Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance....

Gary Griffin

(more from KWP)

Got some information for you, I believe it to be the correct Fisher.

Fisher, Carl Nelson, Jr.
Svc#	392-36-6858
US Army
Rank	Capt O3
MOS	1193
Tilden, Ne.
CasDt	4/27/70

Hope this helps.


5/2 Arty (AWSP)

Living Vet

I am searching for a good buddy David Williams who served with D 
Battery, 5/2 Arty (AWSP) US Army on Dusters in Vietnam from Feb? 1969 to 
Apr 1970.  David was from Atlanta, Georgia.


Richard Shand

Viet Nam era 8th Cav men

Also posted in Korean War 8th Cav section.


Mr. Barker,
As a hobby, I put out a newsletter to men who served with
D Company, 2nd Btn, 8th Cav, 1st Cav Div from 1965 to
1972. So far, my mailing list is about 450 who served in
the Company from 9/65 to 6/72. I have a listing I call the
"Honor Roll," with names of Company members who are on
the "Wall." The list is far from complete. Is there any way
I can find the names of KIA'S of men who served in my
Company? I am especially interested in the listing for:
May 10, 1972 when one entire Platoon, the Company Com-
mander and his two RTO's were killed in a chinook heli-
copter crash. I would appreciate any help you could give me. You are 
doing a fine job with your web site. Check out
our site at: http://pages.prodigy.com/AIRCAV
Thanks. Ed Regan
Keep an eye on our D 2-8 webpage (you can click directly off Simon's 
Vietnam page). I'm going to send Mike McGhie an updated
"Honor Roll" of D 2/8 in tomorrow's mail. There are 50 names from 
1965 to 1970. Mike wants to post it on the web site. Stay tuned.
Keep up the good work. By the way, do you have any historical 
information on the Battle of Unsan in Nov 1950 when the 3/8 Cav
got wiped out; the 2/8 Cav lost about half; and the 1/8 Cav held the 
back door? There is an 8th Cavalry Regiment Association whose
Secretary lives in Cleveland. The group is mostly Korean War Vets. Ed.

5th Cavalry, 3rd Squad, Troop C

I am trying locate anyone who served with the 5th Cavalry, 3rd Squad, Troop C
in Vietnam during the period January - March 1968.  I am particularly 
interested in anyone who might have known:
		Sgt. Bert Austin Keeler
		Hometown:  Weldon, Iowa
		KIA Quang Tri 30 March 1968

Any information or referrals would be most appreciated.

B. Lee March, Ph.D.
Young Harris College
P.O. Box 456
Young Harris, Georgia  30582
1-800-241-3754 x5143


KIA list for 3rd Batallion 3rd Marines 3rd Marine Division

From: Dan Montgomery 
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 96 21:18:45 -800

Subject: KIA list for 3rd Batallion 3rd Marines 3rd Marine Division 
Status: U

Dear Reader;
    I am trying to acquire a KIA list for 3/3 . 
If you can supply me with a KIA list or advise where
I might acquire one , I would appreciate it. I have
written the Marine Corps Historical Center in Washington
with no success.

                                     Semper Fi,
                                     H&S Co. (S-2 Scouts)
                                     3/3/3  1967-68

1st Btn 12th Cav Nov-Dec 1969

I was in Tay Ninh, RVN  1st Btn 12th Cav Nov-Dec 1969.  Looking for anyone
who remembers me Keith "Okie" Watkins.

Please E-mail  ShirlJo@aol.com


Gundaker, Frank Joseph

Hi Ted

	My friend is over and I was showing him how I found info about my uncle 
Gerry.  He was just at the Vietnam Memorial, and there was a A name of Major 
Frank Gundaker.  Spelled like his.  Which this name is very rare.  How could he 
find out info on this particular person to find out if it is a relative.  Thanks 
again for all your help.

Your Friend 
Wayne M Millette

(from KWP)

Hi Wayne,

I am doing a search on the casualty list now.

Gundaker, Frank Joseph
Svc#		088083
Rank		Major, O4
CasDt		08-01-66
Home		Newark, NJ.

Red Beach in I Corp

Updated: 10 Jun 2000
Dear Sir:
Where would I go to gain information and a company roster for my unit in 
Vietnam during the period 3/1/68----3/1/69? The unit was the 15th TC 
Battalion of the 1st Cavalry Division based at Red Beach in I Corp 
April thru October, 1968 and at Bearcat near Saigon November thru 
March,1968-1969. Thanks for your good work.
Best Regards, 
Dan Austin


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