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Dennis McAllister wrote on November 1, 2015

City and State: PAYSON AZ

Unit: 8247

Service or Relationship: Interested Person

Comments: I was doing research for the daughter of Nobuo Miyaji to see if he was entitled to any Korean service medals as he was in the Army during the conflict. During WWII he was a member of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and 100th Battalion MIS and he served two tours in Japan. One with General MAcArthur's Occupation Forces and one during the Korean Conflict. During the Korean Conflict he was in the 8247th 2nd Transport - Major Ports command and served as Master Sergeant.

The reason for this memo is to inform the members that during my research I found GO 31, 1955. For those men of the 8247th who served between 1 January 1952 and 20 January 1953 the Dept. of the Army in General Order 31, dated 9 May 1955 awarded the 8247th a Meritorious Unit Commendation in support of the Korean Conflict and the UN Mission in defence of the People of Korea.

Because the MUC was issued after the end of hostilities and many unit members may have returned home you may not know you were awarded this MUC. As far a I can tell you are entitled to wear the MUC badge and patch on your uniform. If anyone has a different conclusion from what GO 31 says please let me know.

P.S. I need to do additional research but you may also be eligible to wear the United Nations Service Medal - Korea because the MUC specifically mentions the units work in support of the UN's mission during the Korean Conflict and that may be enough for you to be able to wear that medal... The requirements for the UN medal are pretty vague as long as you were in a command that provided support or were in country before the Armistice was signed.

All other US Army Korean medals require the 30/60 days in country, air support or coastal waters support to be awarded a Korean service medal. Let me know if you have different facts about the UN SM-Korea.


Entry: 60311

Lloyd F. Miller wrote on March 11, 2007

City and State: YAKIMA WA

Unit: H CO. 38TH INF REG 2ID

Service or Relationship: Army Veteran

Comments: Looking for the family of SFC Joseph Lebow who was from Montgomery County, KS and who was KIA 29 Aug 1951. Sgt Lebow spoke of a son serving in a Port Co. in Korea. I have pictures of him in Korea to give to his family. I was nearby when he was killed.


Entry: 46241

Bobbie Jean Arnold wrote on October 10, 2004

Email Update Needed

City and State: MOUNTAIN CITY TN

Unit: PORT COMD 8247TH

Service or Relationship: Family Member

Comments: my father bobby eugene hull joined in jan.of 1954. i was wanting to know about what my father did there and try to find friends of his. it says trfd to usar tc and district or command n g mil dist.if im reading this right the of entry into active service was aug.7th of 1952.he spent 1 year 11 months and 7 days for srevice completed and 1 year 5 months and 21 days for foreign and or over seas service. i would like very much to find friends or any one who knew him while he was there.he has passed away now,dec.2001,and i am very interrested in finding out the things he did,the places he was,and the people he knew.please email with any thing you may,email at sweetbabyjean68#yahoo.com.thank you so much,a daughter in need of finding info on father,bobbie arnold

Keywords: daughter of korean vet

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