Dedicated To Arthur Donald Delacy, 1st Lt. USMCR, MIA 10/07/1951, Heartbreak Ridge, Korea

Twin Tunnels - 1994

Second Indianhead Division Tour Led by Joe Hess

The following series was taken during a stop at Twin Tunnels by 13 Korean War Veterans in October, 1994.

It was rice harvest and several of the Vets pitched in to help. The main battle for Twin Tunnels occurred in early February, 1951. The unit was the 23rd Regimental Combat Team, with French Battalion attached.

Credit: Hal Barker, 1994, All Rights Reserved. All photographs from the Second Indianhead Division Tour are single frame video captures from Hi-8 tape using a Sony VX-3 3-chip videocam.

Tour Group - From the 9th Infantry, 38th Infantry, and 23d Infantry Regiments

  • Lt. Col. Floyd Lee Butler, Brandon, Mississippi
  • Louis C. and Imolee J. Buck, Buckskin, Illinois
  • Thomas W. and Barbara Ann Daley, Jr., Marlton, New Jersey
  • James W. Ditton, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • John E. and Lee S. Dunn, Stow, Massachusetts.
  • Harry G. Emigh, Jr., Westminster, Maryland
  • Curtis H. and Marjorie M. Halvorson, Ft. Collins, Colorado
  • Joseph I. and Rosemarie Hess, Tiburon, California, Tour Leader
  • Gerald McCambridge, Belmont, Michigan
  • Laveral Pieper, Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Arthur J. Serpa, Tracy, California.
  • Leonard Stinar, Bagley, Minnesota
  • Hal Barker, Dallas, Texas - Honorary Life Member, 23d Infantry Regiment Association, Korean War Branch.

Copyright 1996, by Hal Barker All Rights Reserved.

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