Second Indianhead Division Tour of Korea - 1994

All frames in this section were taken from Hi-8 Videotape using the Play, Inc. "SNAPPY" frame capture device.


Credit: Hal Barker, 1994, All Rights Reserved. All photographs from the Second Indianhead Division Tour are single frame video captures from Hi-8 tape using a Sony VX-3 3-chip videocam.

Tour Group - From the 9th Infantry, 38th Infantry, and 23d Infantry Regiments

  • Lt. Col. Floyd Lee Butler, Brandon, Mississippi
  • Louis C. and Imolee J. Buck, Buckskin, Illinois
  • Thomas W. and Barbara Ann Daley, Jr., Marlton, New Jersey
  • James W. Ditton, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • John E. and Lee S. Dunn, Stow, Massachusetts.
  • Harry G. Emigh, Jr., Westminster, Maryland
  • Curtis H. and Marjorie M. Halvorson, Ft. Collins, Colorado
  • Joseph I. and Rosemarie Hess, Tiburon, California, Tour Leader
  • Gerald McCambridge, Belmont, Michigan

  • Laveral Pieper, Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Arthur J. Serpa, Tracy, California.
  • Leonard Stinar, Bagley, Minnesota
  • Hal Barker, Dallas, Texas - Honorary Life Member, 23d Infantry Regiment Association, Korean War Branch.