Hal Barker on Hill 931, Heartbreak Ridge, 1989. Photo - Republic of Korea Army.

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Return To Heartbreak Ridge is the story of a sons' search for his fathers' past, and a series of letters received from Korean War Veteran SFC Seymour "Hoppy" Harris, a gunner with Company H, 23d Infantry Regiment, 1951.

The story of a war in Korea begins at Chip-yong-ni, February 13, 1951, and ends at Heartbreak Ridge in October, 1951. But the end of war for Harris is only the beginning of a permanent nightmare of war. The book explores a forgotten war, and the true story of the events which shaped the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.


Chapter One


Letters From The War Zone - Early Days

SFC Seymour Harris, 23d Infantry Regiment

 Chip-yong-ni - February 1951

 Death Valley

 May Massacre - May 1951

 Punchbowl - July 1951

 Heartbreak Ridge - September / October 1951

 On the Rim of Hell - Postwar

 Again A Proud Soldier