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Heartbreak Ridge

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Hal Barker

Thanks for dropping by the Korean War Project. We have been online since February 1995, providing a service to veterans, families, researchers, and students of military history.

The Korean War Project began in 1979 as part of a family history. The founder is Hal Barker, a photojournalist, writer, designer/inventor/ carpenter, a graduate of North Carolina State University in History, and founder and initial contributor to establish the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission.

He is the son of a Korean War Veteran. Barker traveled to South Korea in1989 as a guest of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Korea. He became the first foreigner since 1953 to stand on Hill 931, the main peak of Heartbreak Ridge.

In 1994, Barker accompanied a group of Second Infantry Division veterans to South Korea. The group traveled to Camp Casey, Panmunjom, Taegu, Chip-yong-ni, Chaun-ni ( Hill 1051 ), the Naktong Bulge, the Punchbowl, Taeu-san, Bloody Ridge, and areas along and near the DMZ including White Horse, Arrowhead, Jane Russell, Pork Chop Hill, the Chorwan Valley, and many miles along the fence line between North and South Korea.

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    "As Chairman of the Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board, I salute your efforts at laying the cornerstone of this magnificent project"

    General R.G. Stilwell, USA Retired


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    Hal Barker in the Republic of Korea, 1989. Photos by Tom Ryan and the Ministry of Defense, ROK.


    Ted Barker

    Photos taken in late 1967 at 32nd TRS - Intel OPS Section, 10th Tac Recon Wing, as part of Barker's selection as Airman of the Year. The 32nd TRS was located at RAF Alconbury, Hunts, UK. The squadron and Wing flew in support of a primary NATO mission. A secondary mission was the fulltime training of Air Crews in support of a demanding SEATO mission in Viet Nam.

    Presently, Barker performs historical research, database design and management for the Korean War Project.

    You may have seen Ted at the Korean War Veterans Memorial Dedication Ceremonies directing evacuation of several victims of the heat. In addtion, he spent the remainder of the Ceremonies passing out water to members of the crowd at the entry gate to the VIP area.


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    Ted Barker at Alconbury Air Force Base, photos by U.S. Air Force


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