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Finding Aussie buddy

From: James Donahue 
Date: Aug 9, 1999

Ted, I was with the 67th TAC  RECON  SQAD, and got to know Dac Ramsey
(spelling) as a friend in the ausie club, to make a long story short he
took me for some very interesting rides in his airoplane on several
occasions, and for a few years we wrote to each other  and for some
reason we stop. There is a lot of fond memories, and if possible I would
I would like to have contact with my hero the flying SGT., K-14, Kimpo,

Thanks Jim 1951 to 1952

Info add

From: Daren Robertson Email address
Sent: Thursday, January 07, 1999 5:33 PM

Hi -
My name is Daren Robertson.  I am writing on behalf of my father.  

My father tells me that he served with the 67th Rec. Tech. Squadron
during the 1950's.

He flew out of Yokoda Air Base, Japan.  His full name is Ivan Eugene
Robertson, and held the rank of Master Sergeant (6 stripes).  He flew 
mostly E.C.M. missions.  If there is any information that you could 
send to me about this squadron, or possibly any information I may 
be able to send on to you, it would be appreciated.  

I have a number of photographs of my father while he was stationed 
in Japan during his 3 years there.  He tells me that he flew 
well over 300 E.C.M. missions.  

Thank you.

Daren L. Robertson (Nerad32467@aol.com)

67th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files