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58th Fighter Bomber Wing

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58th Fighter Bomber Wing

58th Fighter Bomber Wing

On July 10, 1952, the 58th FBW activated and absorbed the personnel and equipment of the 136th FBW. The 58th had some assets in Japan and some in South Korea until August, when the entire wing moved to Korea. The 58th FBW tested a "reinforced wing" concept in the spring of 1953, taking on the support and administrative functions of the 49th FBW while exercising direct control of both the 58th and 49th FBGs. In three-months, the reinforced wing flew 10,422 combat sorties and delivered more firepower than two separate wings with a full complement of personnel.

Itazuke AB, Japan, July 10, 1952; Taegu AB, South Korea, August 1952-.


49th Fighter-Bomber Wing attached March 16-31, 1953
474th Fighter-Bomber Wing attached April 1, 1953
49th Fighter-Bomber Group attached March 16-31, 1953
58th Fighter-Bomber Group
474th Fighter-Bomber Group attached April 1, 1953
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On Sun, 22 Nov 1998
Updated: Spt 21, 2004
Don Putnam donput@juno.com

DESCRIPTION: 58thFtr Grp(ww2) 58th Ftr-Bom Wg.(Korea)

Note: following by Bob James

The reunion of the 58th was started by the people who were the first
cadry when the 58th was formed in WW11. They later included us from the
Korean era and now we include anyone who ever served in the 58th and the
three squadrons: 69th, 310 and 311. Also included are those currently on
active duty serving in any of the units.

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Wing Operations

 On Sat, 7 Dec 1996  HBaker1432@aol.com wrote:

I was in the 49th, and 58th Fighter Bomber Wing.
I spent most of my time at K-2 in Wing Operations.

Pilots were flying F-84's over targets on the Yalu River, Long time 

Hal Baker--Cary

Background on Wing

Regarding your request - I was assigned to the 69th Fighter Bomber 
Squadron, 58th Fighter Bomber Group, based at K-2, Tageu, (sp?),
Korea.  I arrived there in the first week of July 1952.  The 58th 
had just been reactivated, replacing the 136th, a National Guard 

On my 71st combat mission, I was hit and downed by an anti-aircraft 
gun on January 15, 1953.  

We were part of a max effort, three or four day series of raids 
against the bridges at Sinanju.  I ditched in the Chongchon river 
and was caught less than a half hour after I went down.  

On September 5, 1953, after 235 days in Communist hands, 
I was repatriated at Freedom Village.

I attended the dedication ceremonies for the Korean War Memorial.  The
memorial is a very, very impressive sight - a must see for anyone visiting
D.C.  Being an '84 pilot, I was a little disappointed to see only a few '84
etchings on the wall.  While I was there, there were 2 F-86 outfits, 1 F-80
outfit and 3 F-84 outfits.  The '84s were doing the lions share of the
interdiction and close air support.  As the Korean War is often termed the
Forgotten War, the F-84 is the forgotten airplane.

Roger Warren wrote:

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58th Fighter Bomber Wing

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files