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Kojedo Prison Unit

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 
From: Lester Robinson llrobin@earthlink.net

Dear Ted,

I really do appreciate your answer to my query about the Chinese POW 

My question, Is it possible for me to contact any of those people you 
know who were stationed at the prisons. An e-mail or snail mail address,
doesn't matter. I don't expect anyone to write an essay about what 
happened, though I would gladly accept it. 

Maybe someone would have an old newspaper or magazine clipping that 
would give a good description of the riots. Needless to say I would
certainly be glad to get a copy of whatever there is.

My brother's name was Robert E. Robinson. He was about
28 or 29 years old at the time. He held the rank of Tech Sergeant I 
believe, 3 chevrons top and 2  on bottom. 

I knew of the riots only from  his letters. I  was never able to talk 
to him in person since he was killed in an automobile accident shortly 
after he arrived back in the states.  His two sons were very small when 
he died. 

My brother's widow is now deceased. Each of his sons are fully grown, 
married and have children. I tell my nephews the horrible stories that 
he wrote to me. 

To them the stories sound fictitious. That is why I am asking for help 
to prove those events really did happen.  Thank you very much,


Lester Robinson

Update 1998

On Sat, 24 Jan 1998 
"Lester L. Robinson" Email address wrote:

phone: (313) 453 1187

comments: Kojedo Prison query, RE: SFC Robert E. Robinson 

I was recently given a letter with new information about my brother 
SFC Robert E. Robinson. In this letter he informs his brothers and 
sisters that he now has a new address which is now, SFC Robert E. 
Robinson, 9th MP Service Co., APO 59, c/o PM, San Francisco, CA. 

In a letter dated 22 Feb 1952 he states that he is now in PUSAN and on 
his way to the 9th MP SV Co on Koje DO (sp). 

In another letter dated 10 June 1953 he writes "I received my assignment
to Camp Drake in Japan today where I will be assigned to another unit." 

Lester L. Robinson, llrobin@earthlink.net

8070 MPEG POW Proc. Co.

On Mon, 6 Apr 1998 
"William G. Mahar" Email address wrote:

80 Forest St.
South Weymouth, MA 02190

phone: 781-337-3556

datein: 1949 dateout: 1952


8070 MPEG was made up primarily of Sugamo Prison & 8th. Army Stockade
personnel.stationed in Japan and sent to Korea Aug. 1950 to open the 
first POW Camps in Pusan & surveyed & opened Koje Do POW camps later. 

The 60th Gen. Hospital(POW) was located at the Pusan camps. Camps 
actually in Tong Nae beyond Hialiah Circle on the road to Taegu on the 
right back of a large silk mill where the troops bathed in the big silk
vats of hot water. 

Koje Do was a WW2 japanese mini submarine base at the
opposite end of the island. Koreans used to dive for sponges off the 
high cliffs.

It was made up of MP's from  the 8th. Army Stockade and Sugamo prison 
units in Japan Parts of the 8070 sent to Koje-Do were redesignated as 
the 8220th. MPEG which was part of the 94th. MP Battalion. The overall
command of Koje-Do was the 60th. general depot. As the seriously
sick/wounded interrogator of all POW's I was well aware of the 
machinations leading up to the POW riots.

See Also: MP Units on Army Looking For

Book in progress

 From: Frank Email address
  Subject: Korean War Information
  Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 19:52:03 -0800 
  To: tbarker@kwp.org, hbarker@kwp.org

When it's possible to do so, would you please add this to your Korean 
War page for the Second Inf. Div.:
"I am doing research for a possible book about the Koje-Do Island POW 
insurrection in which the 2nd Inf. Div played a role in putting it down.

If you have memories, photos, etc. regarding this incident and would 
like to be interviewed, please contact me, 
CAPT Robert Kuchem, USNR(Ret)
5 Elena Court
Novato, CA 94945
Tele: 415-898-2075."

Koje-do Prison POW Camp

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files