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William Smock

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997
George Smock  george_smock@aafes.e-mail.com  wrote:

2410 Cypresswood Tr 101 
Arlington, TX 76014
Telephone:	214 312-3021
Fax:	214 312-2754

I served in Korea in 1990-1991 with the Combined Field Army PAO at
Camp Red Clouid, Uijongbu, Korea.

My father served in Korea during the Korean war with the US Military
Advisory Group. I believe he was also with the 2nd ID.

He said he landed at Inchon, went up to the Chinese border and back
down the east coast of Korea. He spent some time working with Korean
engineer units and went to Japan and Fort Lewis after the war.

I'd love to hear from anyone who served with my father, William S.
Smock, Sr. in Korea. People who served with him can call me at the #
listed above or e-mail me at george_smock@aafes.e-mail.com.


Taegu 1952

On Thu, 09 Jan 1997  
Max Hale  Email address  wrote:

I am a veteran of the Korean War.  I was in Taegu with KMAG in 1952. 
I understand there is a program through which veterans are hosted for
visits to Korea.  I have not been back to the Land of the Morning Calm
and would like to do so.  If you have information that would help, 
Iwould appreciate it.

Max Hale
1114 9th Street
Aurora, NE 68818
email maxhale@hamilton.net

Reunion ?

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997 
paul shelton Email address wrote:

looking for a possible reunion of veterans who served with the
korean military advisory group (KMAG).  i worked in kmag hqs during


paul shelton

KMAG Signal

On Sun, 14 Jun 1998 
Sean Haffner Email address wrote:

KMAG Signal

My father (George Haffner) served with KMAG Signal on Chejudo from Oct.
1951 to Jan. 1953 as a cryptographer.

He is searching for other vets who may have served in that area during
that time.

If anyone has any information on others who served on Chejudo during
1952, please e-mail me at SeanHafnr@aol.com.


On Sat, 4 Jul 1998 
MAURICE MOSS Email address wrote:

phone: 1-540-957-395

I am looking for any KMAG's who serve on the K-6 PYONGTAEK AIRFIELD
during the year of 1953-1955. My friend mother said she had meet a
person who station at the Pyongtaek, this was a KMAG.She said she only
know his last name is WHITE my friend mother name is JUNE she is
korean. If any KMAG who know this story please contact me at once. 

My phone no.1-540-957-3950

ROKA Ord Depot

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998 
Joann VanHorn Email address wrote:


You and I exchanged emails a couple of weeks ago. I am looking for
buddies of my deceased dad's.  In your email to me you asked what unit
he was in. I still don't have much of an idea, but I found just one
letter from him from August 1956(what a miracle).

The address was: Karl U. Oliver
                            ROKA Ord Depot
                            Det F, KMAG
                            APO 59
Can you tell by that where he was and what "unit" he was in.  I think
at that time he was a civilian working for the ACE, but I'm not sure,
cause I was so young then, just 9.

Also the return address has no rank designation, just his name.  Please
see what you can find and email me back.  Many THANKS

Joann Van Horn
Daughter of Karl U. Oliver 10/8/15 - 11/28/64

KMAG Signal Co

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 
Jim O'Driscoll Email address wrote:

12605 Scharber Street
Minneapolis, MN 55374-9534

KMAG Signal Co

datein: 1953 dateout: 1955

"Tony KMAG' the 12th ROK Division

On Mon, 27 Jul 1998 
"Allan W. Ahlberg" Email address wrote:

I was a radio operator with "Tony KMAG' the 12th ROK Division on the
west coast near "Lukes Castle" and the "Punchbowl. in 1952 - 53. 

Wonder if any of my buddies are still around.


On Wed, 8 Jul 1998
EVERETT, WILLIAM E. Email address wrote:

datein: 1949 dateout: 1951


KMAG and 69 TOPO

On Sun, 01 Mar 1998 
Harvey Caplan Email address wrote:

Any info regarding Korean Military Advisory Group or the 69th TOPO
Battallion, part of the 24th Corps in Yong Don Po, Korea 1948-1950?

Looking for anymore of us who are around. We are new to the net and
maybe we overlooked the proper place to look. Thanks for your patience
and help.
Harvey Caplan  e-mail to tcaplan@earthlink.net

Rat Killer

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998
sherman clarke Email address wrote:

no where can i find a mention of operation ratkiller early 1952 i was
there with korean companies and kmag support but i can not prove there

even was such an  operation is there any one out there that knows or was
there i cann't remember where or when?? it took place south of K5 and
north of pusan. way back up in some valley. 

i was with a sending and receiveing radio team for support don't know 
what happened but it all went to hell in a hurry.can any one out there
fill me in 


john clarke


On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 
 Raven Email address wrote:

My Dad (Bill Fikes RA `46-`67) served with the 2ID, 23Inf, Hq, 2Bn
and with KMAG during the war. I served with the 2ID, 702FSB from `86 to

I tried to locate the KMAG Patch for him while I was over there, with
no luck. I'd still love to locate one for him, or even a good photo of

I designed the Co. Commanders Coin while serving at Camp Stanley, still
have orig. coin dies if any one has interest.

Thanks, Billy L. Fikes Jr.
P.O. Box 878618
Wasilla, Ak 99687


On Sun, 24 Jan 1999 
Ken L Ostrum Email address wrote:

I served in Korea from April 1953 till Sept 1954.  Served with KMAG at
ROKA Training Center #2 outside of Taejon.  There were only about 90
Americans among the 30,000 Koreans at any one time.  

Wondering if any of them might be on-line or available elsewhere. Also 
was curious about photos [color slides] I took during my stay.  Mostly
countryside and local communities.  Does anyone think there would be any
interest in a "coffee table" style book of photos of the time?

Ken Ostrum

KMAG - Korean Military Advisory Group

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files