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Inchon Unit Roster

 On Fri, 17 Jan 1997  KVET1@aol.com wrote:

I was using your database very nice, had a problem.  While searching 
KIA/MIA the search  was primary inf reg, 7 div. Search turned up 
3475 matching records..

I appreciate your response and your offer of help. It has been
frustrating for me in my attempts to get information about the unit
I served in.   The 7th Reconnaissance Company 7th Infantry

I have been looking for my units history, a unit roster at the time 
of the 1950 Inchon landings, unit roster for September1951.

It has been along time since I served, memories have grown dim,
but now at this time in my life I need to remember.

I would appreciate any help you can give me, or any suggestions
you may have.

Sincerely    John O Weber
303 N 113th street
Milwaukee WI 53226
Fax #  414-476-0093
Voice  414-258-3181

Unit Roster: 

Wed, 11 Jun 1997

comments: Roster for 7th Recon as of July 31, 1950, just before Inchon.

Abel	Charles	F Jr	PFC	4733	
Adkins	Howard	E	PVT	4733	
Adkins	Jack		RAPFC		
Amann	Leslie	R		CPL		KIA
Arrington	Leon		PFC		KIA
Arthur	Melvin	C	SGT		KIA
Barber	Fred			PFC		
Bascom	Albert	W	CPL		
Batchelor	Harold	SGT		
Bates	Clinton	C		SFC		
Beck	Arthur	W		PVT	2 PLT	
Benoit	Albert	P	PFC		
Bentz	Richard			PFC	2 PLT	
Bloom	Glenn	O		PVT	2 PLT	
Bolduc	Robert	L	PFC		
Bone	George	J		PFC		
Bonilla	Felipe	V		CPL		
Brodt	Howard	F		CPL	2 PLT	
Castor	Richard	C	PVT		
Cates	George	F		PFC		
Cave	James	E		PVT		
Coleman	James	A	PFC		
Connor	Ray			PFC		
Crawford William J	PVT		
Caskan	Joseph	R	PFC		
Dodge	Bobby	L	CPL	2 PLT	
Doty	Thomas	E		PVT		KIA
Doucette Joseph J	PFC	2 PLT	SIW
Drozdzynski	Joseph	CPL		
Edler	Orlyn	L		     PFC		
Ely	Charles	M		    CPL		
Eustace	James A	    SGT		
Evans	Obert	J		    PFC		
Fercuson	Alexander  PFC		
Finley	Drexel	R	    PFC		
Fink	Jerry	E		    PVT	2 PLT	
Fisher	Edgar	A		   SFC		
Fletcher	Norman	R PVT		
Florie	Earl	E		RCT		
Franger	Vernon D	PFC		
Freitag	Edward	W	PFC	2 PLT	
Frye	Lawrence	C	PFC		
Futch	Mubertk			SFC		
Gianni	Alfred	M	PFC		
Glaze	Forrest	O		SFC		
Gnat	Albert	W		CPL		
Goodman	Jesse	C	CPL		
Grant	Albert	D		CPL		
Gragg	Harold	E	PFC	2 PLT	 (fixed sp)
Granthan Edward	L	PVT		
Grismmeyer	Leroy	PVT	2 PLT	
Gross	Edward			SFC	2 PLT	
Hafersat	James 	A	PFC		
Hann	Herbert	M	    	PFC	HDQT'S	(see below)
Henning	Kenneth	S	PFC		
Hensley	Ralph			PFC		
Hodge	William	D	PFC	2 PLT	
Holt	Charles	L		CPL		
Horn	Luther	J		SGT	2 PLT	
Hornzeck Rowland D	PFC		
Howell	Andrew	M	PFC		
Humphries	Dean	A	CPL		
Hundley	Diviars	H	SGT		
Hunter	Robert	E	PVT	2 PLT	
James	Bobby	L	PVT		
Johnson	Rex	C		PFC		
Johnson	Robert	E	SGT		
Johnson	Raymond E	SGT		
Jones	Darrell	W		PVT		
Joyce	Edward	W		CPL		
Keonn	Herman	R	PVT		
Keirnan	John	D		SGT		
Kilmer	Lonnie	L	SFC		
Kirkbride	Loren			MSG		
Klien	Karl	G		     PFC		
Klowsky	Robert	L	PFC	2 PLT	
Kump	Lester	V		CPL		
Laflair	Alvin	J		PFC	3 PLT	
La Plante Roland H	SGT	2 PLT	
Leegard	William	M	PFC		
Lavine	Rodger	A	PVT		
Lewis	William	V		PFC		
Light	Darrel	D		PFC		
Littlefield	Wilbert	PFC	2 PLT	
Lockwood	Theodre	PVT		
Long	Lawrence	L	PVT		
Lopez	Grecorio	L		PVT		
Marcum	Ronald	W	SFC	2 PLT	
Marks	John	L		PFC		
Marriner	Wilbert	J	PFC	2 PLT	
Maupin	Billie			PFC		
Mc Carcar	Robert L	CPL		
Mchale	David	A		PVT		
Melvin	James	M	CPL	2 PLT	
Meyer Frederick R	CPL		
Miller	Arthur			PFC		
Miller	LLoyd	E		    PFC	2 PLT	
Mills	George	E		CPL		
Mitchell	Howard	E	PFC		
Moore	Arvell	A		PFC		
Moody	James	F	PFC		
Morrow	Duane	V	PFC		
Muela	Antonio		PFC		
Mullins	Milliard		PFC		
Murphy	Harrison	M	MSG		
Middleton Robert	T	PFC	2 PLT	
Myers	Joseph	C	PFC		
O Malley	William	D	SFC		
Nicoll	Robert 	A		PVT		
Page	Mc Duff	W		SFC		
Palmer	Russell	E	PFC		
Parr	Henry	H		    CPL	2 PLT	
Partelow	Robert E		PFC		
Parker	James		PFC		
Penney	Thomas	L	SFC		
Phillips	John	W		PFC		
Potter	Allie	B		PFC		
Quick	Wilburn	A		PFC		
Ray	Acie	E		    PFC		
Reed	Kenneth			PFC		
Reinhardt	Z	V		MSG		
Reeves	George	D	PFC		
Reynolds	Owen	L		SGT		
Rhodes	Anon	A		PVT		
Richards	Millard	T	PFC	2 PLT	
Robinson	Daniel	J	PFC		
Roberts	William	H	PFC		
Robinson	Robert	B	PVT		
Ruzon	Frank			    PVT		KIA
Sage	John	P		    PVT		
Salstron	Melvin	E	PFC		
Sandoval	Raymundo	PVT		
Sauls	Harry	V		    CPL		
Sawicki	Georces		PFC		
Sayers	Sinon	E		SGT	2 PLT	
Schreux	Arthur	F	PVT		
Sexton	Gerald	D	PVT	2 PLT	
Seybold	Roger	A		CPL	2 PLT	
Shoemaker	JosephL	MSG		
Smith	Jack	A		    PVT		
Speir	John	P		    PVT		
Sprong	Charles		PVT		
Steen	Raymond	C	PFC		
Stiles	Jay	D		    CPL	2 PLT	
Taguotnty	Lee	D	PVT		
Trainman	Kenneth	E		MSG	2 PLT	
Trevino	Eliud			PVT		
Vinson	Mose	Jr		PFC		
Wacner	William	Jr		PFC		
Walters	James	C		PFC		
Weber	John	O	RA 16321465	PVT	2 PLT	
Wesling	Herman	R		PVT		
Wilt	John	T		CPL		
Wise	Walter	A		PFC		
Wring	Ulyess	E		PFC		
Wyatt	Carl	D		PVT	2 PLT	
Young	William	J		PFC

Harold E. Gragg

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997
Updated: 21 Spt. 1998
1.Loretta Barnett Email wrote:

2. Robert E Gragg 

My grandfather and I are looking for anyone who remembers him. His
name is Harold E. Gragg and he was in the 7th recon 7th division from
nov. of 48 to nov 51. 

He was at the Yalu river among other places during the war.  We would 
appreciate it if anyone who knew him would get in touch with us.  

Thank you 
Loretta Barnett  

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998 
Wendy Email address wrote:

I would like to let you know that my grandfather Harold Gragg got to
meet someone he was in Korea with a couple weeks ago.  We found Him
through Herb Hann who is on you 7th division 7th recon looking for page.

He got to talk to him for a couple of hours before the gentlman left. 
He was extremely happy to see him and get to talk to him. I belive this
gentlman has meet Herb, but I am not positive.  I took pictures for both
of them and he was going to send copies to Herb when he got home and got
them developed.  I can't remeber the guys name unfortunatly or I would
let you know what it was.


 On Tue, 15 Apr 1997 
Michael Wallace mikeandbj@theonramp.net  wrote:

2102 Oak Forest Dr.
Norman, OK 73071

My dad is a Korean War Veteran. He was there from 1951 to 1953 in the
7th Recon Co. of the 7th Division Infantry. He is very interested in 
finding as many of his army buddies as possible. He does not have 
access to the internet but please feel free to contact him through my 
email address.

Any information concerning the 7th Infantry Division 7th Recon Co. 
will be greatly appreciated! 

God bless all of you that fought for our freedom! 

Herb Hann

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997 
Herb Hann Email address wrote:

1325 Old Zion Road
Egg Harbor Township, NJ  08234-7638

phone: (609) 601-9549

The information above is for my father. He served in the 7th Recon 
from 1950 to 1951.

Dave Hann


On Mon, 13 Jul 1998 
LAWRENCE HILLA Email addresswrote:

PO BOX 101 

phone: 830-769-2087

datein: JULY 1950 dateout: JAN 1951


JULY 13,1998

M. Kenneth (Buddy) Horn

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998 
"Paul A. Flynn" Email address wrote:

Buddy Horn

I'm interested in hearing from anyone who served in Korea with my uncle,
M. Kenneth (Buddy) Horn.

Buddy arrived in Korea May 30, 1952, and was killed in action Nov 2,'52
I  know he was killed while manning a machine gun in no man's land, but
I'm hoping someone survives who knew him.

I believe that Buddy was killed while manning a machine-gun in a out 
post or listening post that was over run by the Chinese. I also looked
up other Army personnel KIA the same day as Buddy. They weren't in the 
AR recon. Could they have been put in a listening post together?

Do you have any ideas about how I may find the names of survivers from 
his unit? I have heard that a man who was his best friend in his unit 
was also from Quincy, MA, But I don't know his name.  

Appreciatively Paul Flynn

More on Kenneth Horn

On Sat, 01 Mar 1997
Steve & Deb Silva Email address wrote:

My uncle, M. Kenneth Horn, was Pvt 7th Recon, 7th inf. div. KIA 11-2-52.

Buddy as he was called by our family was killed before I was born. He
was from Quincy, MA. I would like to know more about him from anyone who
served with him. I believe he was killed in a machine-gun outpost and
his last letter home stated "everybody set to the machine guns...no-one
has come back, now I'm going". Uncle Buddy didn't come back. 

I would very much appreciate any help locating friends of my uncle or
any information regarding his service record. 

Please contact me at Paul Flynn 24 Observatory Way Marshfield,MA
02050, or Email me at this site.

Thank you.

Yalu River

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998 
Updated 26 Aug 2010
Larry E. La Flair  Email address wrote:

My brother, Alvin J. La Flair, RA12283411, was with the 
7th Reconnaissance Co, 7th Inf Div at Inchon and then to the Yalu River.

A lot of people think that the 17th Inf Reg was the only US unit to get 
to the Yalu. Not so. After the evacuation of Hungnam, he was transferred 
to HG & HG Company, (IR Platoon), 31st Inf Reg and subsequently 
seriously wounded on 2 June 1951 at the Hwachon Resevoir.

I am a retired US air Force CMSgt. 

Larry E. La Flair 
Sponsor of the Korean War Project

James E. Cave

On Wed, 16 Dec 1998 
Mark Brezler Sr Email address wrote:

We are seeking any one having knowledge of  Corp.James E. Cave 7th Inf.
7th Recon Co. Cave was reported KIA in Jan. 1951. There were conflicting
stories by the army.

You may either E mail or phone. 

7th Armored Reconnaissance Company

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files