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On Fri, 13 Dec 1996
CMCSM@aol.com wrote:

Mr. Barker

My name is CSM Cory McCarty, I am presently the Command Sergeant 
Major of 1st Battalion 23d Infantry at Ft. Lewis,Wa. My Commander and 
myself are presently trying to rebuild the history of the 23rd Reg. We 
have some of the historical artifacts back in the Battalion posession 

The last time the Regt, deactivated they did not do a good job of 
storing the historical artifacts of the Regt.

We do have the Korea Bowl and a lot of pictures ,which we are framing
and hanging through the Battalion HQ). As you are contacted bt the 
veterans of the 23rd Regt. Please let them know we are active and always
looking for historical info.

Our Headquarters is always open to vets of the 23d and please in your
correspondace let them know. If they are in Tacoma Wa they are 
welcome home in the 23d Headquarters.

Thank you ,

CSM Cory McCarty

ps:I have been talking to a Military Art dealer on the East Coast. He is 
checking if anybody would be interested in an Chip Yong Ni Battle print.

Several well known artists have shown interest in doing it. In your 
dealings with the Vets of 23d Inf and other units of Chip Yong Ni Battle,
 please mention it and see if they would be interested in this project.
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Current generation Servicemen give tribute

On Tue, 8 Apr 1997
Steve Deeb Email address wrote:

vetnovet: DMZ, Gulf War

comments: Hi,

 I was looking up some stuff on the Internet tonight and came across 
your page.

I commanded A Company, 4th Battalion 23rd Infantry at Ft Lewis from 
1988-1989 before moving on to the Ranger School at Ft Benning.  

I was with the 23rd in Korea for Operation Team Spirit in 1989.  The
maneuvers took us close to Chipyong-ni and Twin Tunnels.  Several of us
took some time, went over to Chipyong-ni.  We left a wreath at the
memorial before we departed.  

Thought you might like to know that the Regiment still remembers.

All the Best,

Steve Deeb

Discovery Channel filming

On Fri, 07 Feb 1997 
Chris Wheeler wheeler.chris@tci.com  wrote:
Dear Hal,

I spoke with you several weeks ago about a documentary on the Korean 
War that we are producing for the Discovery Channel.  We are moving 
ahead with our production, and I am very interested in interviewing 
someone from the 23rd who can tell us about their experience, 
particularly the battle of Chipyong.  

Can you recommend someone who we might speak to?  Thank you for 
your help.


Chris Wheeler
Great Divide Pictures
(303) 712-3276, fax (303) 712-3281


11 Aug 1997
Korean War documentary

Korean war vets and historians should mark their calendars for a
two-hour special documentary on the Korean War set to air on The
Discovery Channel 16 November 1997 at 9pm Eastern.

Included will be several Chosin Few survivors to include, James F.
Lawrence BGen, Robert Taplett LtCol, Alexander Haig Gen, 
Don Williams and others.

The Chosin Few, http://www.lava.net/~wardsway
The Korean War Project, http://www.onramp.net/~hbarker
The Discovery Channel, http://www.discovery.com/

Or, The Chosin Few
100 Mountain Spring Road
Waynesville NC 28786

--Reference Desk
   The American War Library
   Serving American Heroes since 1988

North Carolina Vet

Dear Mr. Barker,
I e-mailed you yesterday regarding a search on your database regarding a
Mr. Jonas Tucker. Mr. Tucker was part of the 23rd Infantry Regiment in 
Korea and was awarded a purple heart for wounds received at the battle 
of Heartbreak Ridge, of which he says he was one of 18 survivors. I am 
attempting to confirm this by a search on your database. I have not 
heard from you as yet and am writing to inquire as to your progress. I 
hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
James Gill
News Librarian
Wilmington Star-News
phone: (910)343-2309
fax: (910)343-2227
e-mail: jdgill@wilmington.net

Koryang - 1950

I am looking for men who served with my wife's uncle, Courtenay L. 
Barrett, Jr. He was a 2nd Lt., 23 Infantry, 2nd Infantry Div. and was 
KIA near Koryang (Pusan Perimeter) by an antitank shell on 9/27/50.

He graduated USMA Class of 1950.  He was the only brother of my 
wife's mother and was dearly beloved by her. 

Information I obtain will help keep his memory and sacrifice alive for 
our children. Thank you for your help.

Heartbreak Ridge

My father was one of the Heartbreak Ridge survivors from the Korean war.

My 12 year old son thinks of him as a hero, just as I did when I 
discovered old newspaper clippings. He never spoke of it until I 
questioned him. Even then he spoke of his military career with great 
respect and gave no great credit to himself, only to his fellow 

As a result of this, I am looking for any other veterans or
their children that may were involved. I would appreciate any responses.


Cheryl L Yurchison :   s0177358@cc.ysu.edu

Task Force Trombez, Chip Yong Ni

From: TankerDon@aol.com

I read the articles on the Breakthrough at Chip Yong Ni with interest.
I was with the convoy that broke thru to the 23rd  70th tank bn 
A company 1st Plat .I am proud to have been a menber of the convoy
it was quite an experience as a loader on a M4A3E8 tank.
I have since retired (1979).

Maybe you can help me I am trying to locate a poster of that run 
its a tank and the tank commander is firing and their is all kind of 
action going on in fact i really need two I want to frame then and give
them to my sons so they can have something to pass on the my 
two grandsons 

 If you can help me locate this I would apprecriate this. You can Email 
me any information  Tanker Don ,AOL 

C Co

Update: 1 Aug 2000 from Editors: we need a good email for Mr. Cooke
Dear Mr. Barker

I'am looking for any information you may have on my uncle Edward 
Clark. My records indicate he was Killed September 26 1950 in Korea.
He was a corporal in the U.S. Army.

I am our self appointed family genealogist, and am looking for
information on my uncle, Edward Clark K.I.A. September 26 1950. 

My records indicate he was awarded the Bronze Star with V  for heroic
achievement in action on 31 August and 1 September 1950 in the vicinity
of Changnyong Korea. 

 In particular I need facts on Company C 23rd Infantry under the 
command of Captain James G. Raney.  I have two letters regarding Edwards
Korean service one is a letter singed by Major General William E. Bergin
informing the family of his Bronze Star, and the other is singed by
Captain Raney in regards to his death.

Thank you,

William E. Cooke

(more from KWP)

You may get his military records by downloading the DD Form 180 from 
our pages. 
I strongly suggest that you send the request to your Congressman to 
expidite the request from St. Louis.

Clark, Edward
Svc# 		19336618
Grade		Corporal, E-4
CasDt		9-26-50
City		Los Angeles
Unit		2nd Div, 23IR

This is a coincidence. He was in the 23rd IR and my brother Hal is the 
unofficial historian of the group. He is standing here over my shoulder, 
let me introduce you.....

Hal here:. I'm an Honorary Life Member of the 23d Infantry Regiment
Association, Korean War Branch,

Naktong - 9/1/50, C Company

Note from Ed. Updated info needed to contact Pat...

Mr. Barker,
I am requesting any information available on a Francis Joseph Rochon.
U.S. Army, 2nd Infantry Division, 23rd Infantry Regiment, Charlie Co.  

He left Fort Lewis, Washington and headed for Korea in 1950.  He was a 
cook and later transferred to the Heavy Weapon Section.  He is thought 
to have been killed on September 1st, 1950 by the Nak-Tong river.  His
leader's last name was Florez.

Frank was born in Belknap, Wisconsin.  He had either just turned 19 
or was about to when he was killed.  We communicated with his 
grandmother in Wisconsin for several years back in the 60's but lost 
track of her.  Frank was declared missing is action but his body was 
never found.  Any bits of information about Frank would be greatly 

I am requesting this information for my ex-husband (we're good 
friends) who was his best friend and was shipped over to Korea at 
the same time.  His name is John D. Hardman and was in the same 
division and regiment.

Many thanks in advance/
Pat Schrader
North Bend, Wa.

---response from KWP----

Rochon was indeed MIA on Sept 1, 1950 among 106 others KIA from the 
23rd IR. He was from Douglas County, Wi.

More on Rochon

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998 
Lavon T McDaniel Email addresswrote:

Naktong, 9/1/50, C Company from patcom@nwlink.com. I could furnish some
information but this screen name apparently is no longer any good.

John D Hardman -- Was an original member of Charley Company. On 7
September 1950, his status was duty to Hosp NBC in line of duty.

I was the supply sergeant of Company C 23d Inf during the years 1949/50
(captured on 1 Sep 50)

CSM Lavon T McDaniel US Army Ret

Charlie Company, another question

Hello Hal,
I wrote to you months ago about Frank Roshon for my ex-husband John 
Hardman.  I have a couple of questions.

Do you have any records of the following vets attending any of the 
reunions?  And can you publish the names of those soldiers who went 
back to Korea with you in '95.


All three of these vets were from Charlie company 2nd Infantry Div., 
23 Infantry Regiment.  John remembers these three as survivors of the 
Sept. 1, 1950 bloody massacre at Nak-Tong River.

He doesn't remember first names, Pittman was awarded the Silver Star 
at that time and later received the Congressional Medal of Honor (as 
he understood) It would be interesting if these names could be traced 
to get further info about other soldiers who were missing or died that 

Thanks for any info you may have
Pat Schrader
patcom@nwlink.com  (North Bend, Washington.)

----from Hal Barker, KWP-----


I knew Mr. Pittman until his death recently. He indeed won the Medal
of Honor. He last lived in Greenwood, Mississippi.

I don't see Cunningham or Graham listed on my roster.

We are putting the final touches on a database which can identify
all losses on that day. I'll send a message to my brother who is the 
keeper of the data.

More Later.


1994 Trip to Korea

Lt. Col. Floyd Lee Butler, Brandon, Mississippi 
     Louis C. and Imolee J. Buck, Buckskin, Illinois 
     Thomas W. and Barbara Ann Daley, Jr., Marlton, New Jersey 
     James W. Ditton, Lincoln, Nebraska 
	     John E. and Lee S. Dunn, Stow, Massachusetts. 
     Harry G. Emigh, Jr., Westminster, Maryland 
     Curtis H. and Marjorie M. Halvorson, Ft. Collins, Colorado 
     Joseph I. and Rosemarie Hess, Tiburon, California, Tour Leader 
     Gerald McCambridge, Belmont, Michigan 
     Laveral Pieper, Green Bay, Wisconsin 
     Arthur J. Serpa, Tracy, California. 
     Leonard Stinar, Bagley, Minnesota 
     Hal Barker, Dallas, Texas - Honorary Life Member, 23d Infantry 
     Regiment Association, Korean War Branch. 

More on Charlie Co

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999 
Lavon T McDaniel Email addresswrote:

Hal, here is a little more about the messages, requesting info on 
Francis Rochon.

John D Hardman -- Was an original member of Charley Company. On 7
September 1950, his status was duty to Hosp NBC in line of duty.

Kenneth Cunningham -- Was an original member of Charley Company. On 16th
September 1950, his status was KIA near Changnyong, Korea.

John A Pittman -- Joined Charley Company in July 1950, in Korea. John 
was evacuated to hospital in September; rejoined the company in October;
wounded again and did his deed to cause the award of the Medal of Honor
on 26 November 1951. Returned to his home in Greenwood, Mississippi, to
make a life. Had a couple of strokes that left him disabled - speach &
walk. Hosted Charley Company reunion in 1988. I last saw John at a 
reunion in McClenney, Florida in 1992.

Harold L Graham, MSG - Was an original member of Charley Company.  In
August 1950, he wanted a battlefield commission and took command of a
platoon. When the enemy hit on 31 August 1950, Hank and his platoon was
decimated. Badly wounded he told his men to leave him and get to safety.

He staggered into friendly lines after 12 days behind the enemy lines.
Evacuated to hospital in Camp Atterbury, Indiana, where I last saw him.

Later retired from service and went to work at the Granite City Army
Depot. On 6 February 1968 he was involved in an auto accident and killed.

CSM Lavon T McDaniel US Army Ret

C Co

On Fri, 12 Mar 1999
Homer Lane Email address wrote:

I am looking  for additional infornation on Lavon McDaniel; he was a
supply sergeant in the C company, 23rd regiment, 2nd infantry. I would
like his email address. (see above, provided to Homer-KWP)

I am also trying to locate the email address of Henry Lind of the same
company and infantry.

I served in Charlie Company, 2nd infantry, 23rd regiment in 1950.

Thank You,

Homer Lane
P O Box 929
Cedartown, Ga 30125
Email:   laneklan@bellsouth.net

Howe Company from April 1952 until May 1953

From: Dr. Michael Pandich, Comm. Dept.

Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 

Can you help me?  I was surfing the net and came upon a home page 
that covered the Korean War.  I served with the 2nd, 23rd Infantry, 
Howe Company from April 1952 until May 1953.  I'd like to find out 
how to contact the division association and possibly learn the 
whereabouts of some of my buddies.

DUKE, Joseph J.

Mr Barker, I am interested in locating anyone who may have known 
and/or served with my uncle.

DUKE, Joseph J.
Sgt (ph)
Serial Number: 13032839
DOB: 21 June 1921
HOR: Richmond, VA
KIA: November 30, 1950.
23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division

I am also interested in learning more about his unit, i.e. complete 
designation & type of unit, as well as it's movements while in 

Any and all information you or others may provide will be greatly 

Bob Lythgoe
Glendale, AZ
e-mail kwkv02a@prodigy.com

George Co.

Date: Sat, 04 May 1996 
From: Alexander D. Lorenz di53999@goodnet.com
Organization: Arizona State University

Hi Ted!

I'm looking for a couple of soldiers on the casualty list from the 
Korean War Confilct.

Pls e-mail your response to: conchita@imap2.asu.edu.

Here's the folks I'm looking for and the info I have on them:

* Gabe D'Errico, 2nd division, 23rd regiment, 2nd batallion, George Co.

* Frank Spore, 2nd division, 23rd regiment, 2nd batallion, George Co.

* Jim Hurt, same local info as above
* Nick Savastio, same local info as above


Fox Co., 23rd IR and POW

Date: Fri, 03 May 1996 
From: brenda bennett tnbbenet@edge.net

Subject: Looking for POWs

My father, Aaron Bennett, served in the 2nd Infantry, 23 Reg. Fox Co.
in Korea from 1951 to 1953. He was a POW in Camp #1 and later moved to
Camp #3.  He is interested in finding any of the men he served with and
was inprisoned with, particularly any from Tennessee or the surrounding
states.  He was captured on Baldy in July of 1952.  Thanks for 
providing this important Web Site.

James M. Icard

From: RIcard7980@gnn.com (Robert Icard)

I am Looking for the infantry division that my father served in 
during the korean war. I hope that you can be of assistance to 

me.His name was James M. Icard and served in the korean war during 
50-53 I believe. As I remember, his pattch consisted of a indian 
cheif head in the center of a white star, if you could give me any 
help in finding out what division he was assigned to I would 
greatly appreciate it.  My father sustained substantial injuries 
during the war but was ablew to serve 24 years in the Army, he died 
in a car accident in 86 and I have been trying to find out where 
and for which company he served in korea. Thank you in advance for 
anything thing that you can offer me.

Robert Icard

----more from KWP----

His service number is: RA13359455


Rex Rice Hart, Company: C

From: MHart96@aol.com
Updated: 11/01/98
Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 

I am trying to find/verify information on my uncle who was believed 
killed on 1 Sept. 1950.

Known facts:
Name: Rex Rice Hart
Rank: Corporal
Service Number: 6965772
Born:  2 March 1920, 
Judson Mill Community, Greenville County, South Carolina

Possible information: (not sure if correct)

Company: C
Regiment: 23 rd Infantry

Rex was list as MIA on 1 September 1950.

Note: Rex was a WWII wounded veteran. He was wounded in France on
25 August 1944. He received many medals including: Bronze Star, 
Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, Army Good Conduct, American 
Campaign, Europe, Africa, Middle Eastern Campaign, and  WWII Victory. 

Thank you very much and if you can help with additional information or
corrected data on Rex please  E-mail me at: 

Thanks again:
Monte A. Hart

(response from KWP)

Monte is correct, and the date was the battle for the Naktong River.

More on Hart

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998 
Lavon T McDaniel Email address wrote:

Rex Rice Hart, Company C, May 96. I put some papers together and sent 
them by PO to Monte Hart (mhart96@aol.com).

I was the supply sergeant of Company C 23d Inf during the years 1949/50
(captured on 1 Sep 50), and knew most of the original (99 men) that 
went to Korea.  

CSM Lavon T McDaniel US Army Ret

Robert Waldman

From: MAAMTWO@aol.com

I am looking for the family information about Robert Waldman inducted in
Utica, NY KIA about 1951

--response from KWP----

Here is the information from the official KIA list.

Waldman, Robert E.
US Army
Svc#	12358180
Oneida County, NY
CasDt	51/18/51
KIA in South Korea
23rd IR, 2nd Div.

Baker Company

Date: Sun, 09 Jun 1996 
From: Paula Tibbetts  pegasus@moose.ncia.net

Dear Mr. Barker,

My father served in Korea from 1947 to Sept. of 1951. He was with the 
1st batallion-23rd infantry regiment-2nd infantry division-Baker 
Company. I believe this division was also called the 2nd Indianhead 
Division. He was lost behind enemy lines for 18 days during the Naktong
Perimeter battle. My father is alive and well today but he has always 
wondered what happened to three of his buddies who were also lost behind
enemy lines with him. They all served with the same division. I only 
have the first name of one of them but I do have all their last names. 
They are....Hugh Russell, a Mr. Schaffer and a Mr. Prust. If you have 
any info on these three men it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 
for this service that you provide.
Paula Tibbetts

Heartbreak Ridge

From: Jeremy Williams  jlwillia@pen.k12.va.us
Subject: Heartbreak Ridge

Mr. Barker,

My grandfather lost both his legs at Heartbreak Ridge, and is one of 
the few survivors.  I showed him a couple of printouts of your site, 
and he cried and said They remember.  Thank you for this monument 
so that others can remimber.

Reg. HQ


Just discovered your site. I served with the 23rd in Korea during an 
eighteen month period 1951-1953? Served at Regimental Headquarters 
during time when Stillwell was commanding. My service # RA11233102. 
How does your data base work? Can I check up on old buddies? For example
I am interested in a guy named Tim Smith, a Corporal who served with me.
I would appreciate hearing from you.

Brander (Bud) Pettway

E Co.

Updated 26 Apr 2000
From: Lloyd Roberts Email address
Subject: May 18 - May Massacre - Chaun-ni

I still vividly remember the morning of May 18 when a Marine Corsair 
strafing the Chinese to our north, was hit. As he came abeam our hill,
he bailed out as the flames errupted. I could clearly see him struggling
as he dropped.  His chute never opened. 

I was in E Co, 23d in Hqtrs area just below & east of 1051. We were 
bringing up the absolute tail end of the column that morning when the 
head of the column was hit.  We had no choice but to bug out accross 
the small river and into the low hills to the east, where many of us 
were captured in the late afternoon.  After that we were walked about 
225 miles to someplace north of Pyongyang..Along the way we were 
strafed & bombed almost day & night.

Unknown (but probably not large) numbers us were killed.  I don't think 
any one will ever find any of those poor devil's graves. On the way 
north we stayed a couple of days in a moutain village where we met an 
American soldier who said he was the only survivor out of 400 who had 
died in the previous Jan-Feb months.  He survived because he was given 
canned beef & rice in return for doing demolition work. That many bodies
might be located when the North Koreans self destruct. Then in camp, 
when we first arrived, men were dying at the rate of about 10 to 15 
per day.

The only thing that saved us was the start of the Peace Talks. Still 
there must be some 200 to 500 buried on a low hill just east of camp 
behind an old temple. I remember some of the other guys talked of 
places called  Bean Camp and Mining Camp where hundreds died. 

I have no idea where they might be. I hope some day we can locate some 
of these guys.  I talked to a few relatives and it's tough. 

I can't place Chaun-ni, but then half the time ,I didn't know where I 

My wife & I took a tour to Korea three years ago & we rented a car for 
one  day to drive up thru Hongchon to where my map indicated hill 1051 
was  located.  It looked very familiar despite the changes in the 
trees & roads. 

I wanted very much to get out & climb one of those hills, or at least 

Before going, I had read the 2nd Div History by Lt.Clark Munroe, & used
it's maps locate the area. Korea was without question the most traumatic
experience in my life, but for some reason I would still like to return 
one more  time to that POW  camp.  I envy you your trip up thru all 
those battle areas. 

My short trip only whetted my appetite. 

Lloyd Roberts Email address

John Willis Hoke Morrow

Co. C, 23rd Inf Regt - KIA 

On Thu 25 Jul 1996
John Morrow jdm1473@usit.net wrote:

Concerning the information in the KIA database about John W. Morrow; the
year of birth is incorrect.  My uncle was born on 1/1/32 in Jonesville,
SC, delivered at home by a Dr. Hanes.  In order to join the Army, He had
to lie about his age.  He was found on 9/20/50 by a John J. Serra that 
sent personal items to the family.  

His brother, my father, would still like to find out any information 
about his brothers death if possible.  My uncle was found with 8 other 
soldiers  near Nogton? River near changyong, Korea.  If you or anyone 
knew him or of him or any of the circumstances of his death, please 
e-mail me at jdm147@usit.net. 


More on Morrow

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998 
Lavon T McDaniel Email address wrote:

John Willis Hoke Morrow, Jul 96. I put some papers together and sent
them by PO to John Morrow (jdm1473@usit.net).

I was the supply sergeant of Company C 23d Inf during the years 1949/50
(captured on 1 Sep 50), and knew most of the original (99 men) that 
went to Korea. Fillers received upon our arrival in Korea were assigned
to platoons and went up on line, so I never knew them at all.

Co C 23d holds a reunion every other year. 1999 will be at Fort Lewis, 
WA, in June.

The former PW's that I was (a number being Company C men) with, 
The Namwon Bunch also hold a reunion every other year. 1999 is 
planned for Pasadena, TX, in September and in Leavenworth, KS in 
September 2000.

Have a good day
CSM Lavon T McDaniel US Army Ret

Heartbreak Ridge

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996
 robtevie@sunline.net wrote:
Personal information:

Comments ...

I am looking to see if you had information on how my
Uncle was killed in the Korean War. I was told it was at Heartbreak 
Ridge. His name was: Randall Gardien.

----from Hal Barker----

Dear Ms. Lucas,

Your uncle did indeed die on Heartbreak Ridge. September 17 was a 
terrible day on that ridge. We can't tell what battalion he was in from
the available records, or I could tell you exactly where he died. 

At least 23 soldiers lost their lives that day. In a fierce battle in 
the early morning  of the 17th, PFC Herbert K. Pililaau was posthumously
awarded the Medal of Honor. 

I am very familiar with the 17th, and the actions of that date.


3rd Battalion 23d

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996
Robert Shepherd  Email address wrote:

Telephone:	(719)392-7892
Area of Interest:	2 INF DIV

Comments ...

Excellant source of information, better than the KWVA which is always 
infighting amongst those chosen to represent us. Sad. The Colorado 
Chapter, KWVA, is dedicating a Monument to the Korean War,on July 27,
1996, 1000 AM, in Memorial Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and anyone
interested is invited to attend.

There will be a reception to follow at the Elks Club on N. Nevada.

Take Care. 

bobshep  shepherd@peaka.net

2nd BN, H Co.

William Hare
6684 Roosevelt Ave
Bath, NY 14810

I was in 2nd Div 23rd reg 2nd Bat. H co. Machine Gun Sec 
June 1951-Dec 1951.  I was there when Hoppy was there. 

 WHare95651@aol.com wrote:

Inje - June 51

On Fri, 08 Nov 1996
Bud Evans bud@sheltonlink.com wrote:

i just recently got on the net. i had a brother,henry earl evans, ra 
46046699 who was kia 3 jun 1951 in the area of inje,n. korea. a william
t. liffiton 1st lt. wrote the letter i would like any and all info.any 
one in his outfit or any one who was there. company E 2nd inf div 23rd 
inf reg he was a squad leader.

let me also say thanks for the work that has been done

bud evans
501 franklin blvd
kennett mo 63857

573 888 5615

KIA Aug 28, 1951

I am looking for anyone who may have served with my uncle while in Korea.
 Also, can you tell me how to go about obtaining his military records?
 Here's all the information I have so far:

Stanley Gundlach, PFC-E3
IDNO: 12343605
Army Infantry Reserve
MOS: 04745
Date of Casuality: August 28, 1951
2 INF DIV   Unit 23

I am also interested in learning about his travels while enlisted. 
Thank you for your time and efforts. 


e-mail: Bart142@aol.com

Glancy, Harold B.

On Wed, 30 Oct 1996 
 REDuPONT@aol.com wrote:

Mr. Barker:

At the request of a neighbor, a surviving sibling of Subject, I am 
interested in determining if Subject's name is included on any listing
associated with the Korean War Memorial and the details of same.  

Thus far, I have been able to determine that Subject, ID# 111883971, 
U.S. Army, was KIA in Korea on/or about 1951/03/09.  

Any details concerning Subject or direction regarding further search 
areas would be appreciated.



Info on Task Force Trombez needed

On Sat, 23 Nov 1996
DUNK29@aol.com wrote:

I'm currently a tank commander at Fort Lewis, WA. which was resently
attched to Tf in Korea. They told of the the story how the 23rd held off
the Chinese. At they end the said a Tf of armor was sent in to save them
the lead tank was hit, on flames the driver and asst driver got the tank
thru the d-file.

I'm looking for info into the two soldiers, the driver and asst driver.
Any info  would be appreciated. 

SSG Dunkleman, Jeffrey L.
B. Co 1-32 Armor Bn.
Fort Lewis, WA

Walter E. Rodgers

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996
Updated: 19 Spt 1997
Bill Rodgers  rodgers100@sprynet.com  wrote:

I want to thank you for the KWP site.  I really enjoy the information
available.  My father Walter E. Rodgers served with the 2nd Division, 
23 RCT from the time the 2nd Division was sent to Korea until June 1951.

He received a battle field commission while there.  I am pretty sure he 
was in I company at the battle of Chipyong'ni.

He was a veteran of the second World War as well having served in 
the Pacific with the 25th Infantry Division.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who may have known him
while he was there.

Thank you,
Bill Rodgers

Henry Matthews

On Tue, 31 Dec 1996
Henry Matthews henry@mocty.com  wrote:

9 Sunrise
Warrenton, 	Mo 63383
A former member of 2/23 Inf


Mike Company

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997
Diane Roland  d_roland@wow.com  wrote:

Dear Mr. Barker

Leif Roland was in the 2nd infantry div and 23 rd RCT. He was on 
heartbreak ridge in Mike machine guns and later was a truck driver and 
instructor in service company.

K Co.

On Sat, 7 Dec 1996 
 Lucas61895@aol.com wrote:

My father in law served, USMC/ 5th MAREG and 
my Uncle, Henry W. Williamson served  in the K Co, 23Rmt, 2nd Div and 
went through hell in 1950.

K Company

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997
Updated: 9 Spt 1999
William Johnston bill934@aol.com wrote:
1804 Laurel Lake Dr
Waco , TX 76710
817 772-1929

Served with Co K 23rd Inf, 2d Inf Div. 

I am a member of the 23rd KWB and the 2d Div KWB and the 2nd Div Assoc.
have never been to a meeting, but now that I am retired I will try to 
make a meeting. The President of the 23rd KWB was a member of Co K 
during my tour.

I went to Korea at 18, and then chose to stay in the Army. I went into 
the AG corp and became a computer specialist in the  50's.

I stayed 20 years and left a Chief Warrent Officer. I went to work for 
the City of Waco as Director of Computer Services and stayed with 
them for 25 years.  

Chief Sgt Major Casey

On Wed, 8 Jan 1997 
Updated Nov 9 2003
Timothy F. Casey  
csmcasey@charter.net   wrote:

PO BOX 447
Telephone:	508-433-6727


Comments ...



C Company

 On Sun, 19 Jan 1997  
Riverman10@aol.com wrote:

My father is Mario Calabrese.  He was a corporol, but eventually an 
acting Platoon Sargent with C Company, 23rd Infantry, 2d Division.

He served in 1952-53 and was there at the end.  

Anthony Calabrese


Fox Comany - Old Baldy

- On Mon, 20 Jan 1997 Neil Livingston wrote:

6700 Cottage Hill Road
Mobile, Al 36695
Telephone:	334-639-3467
Fax:	334-634-1366

I need to find the medic whose hame was in McCalaster, Ok
who was my medic as plt. sgt of Fox Company,23 Inf. Reg
who relieved Dog Co. on Old Baldy, July, Aug. 1952.

We were under heavy machine gun and mortar fire.early morning we
took a lot of KIA's.  Most of the kidswere cooks and clerk's,  several 
KIA's. My medic was hit in the gut while checking my back for
wounds.Another kid with guts blown out, I took him down the hill to get
the hill to get another medic, Sat him up against tree and 
went to get another medic, was later wounded and evacuated.

I heard in a mash unit that my medic and a kid from Ill. survived. 
 At this time the regimental commander was Col. Klinginghaven. 

Any one remembers that battle that morning,that could help me 
get documents, Please E mail me at Deb187ab.aol 

Thanks for any help you can give me.


23rd Tank Company

 On Fri, 7 Feb 1997
 Charles Boyle 
pegchar@hotmail.com  wrote:
1 Millbrook Road
Newark, DE 19713
302 734056

Your site is to be commended.when i looked at the kia's it was sad 

I served with the 23rd tank co 23rd infantry reg 2nd inf div 
S/sgt Charles N Boyle Ra33356802.went over with division in 
1950 rotated june 1951 
During  WW2 served with 323rd inf reg 81stinfantry div.
thanks again for your great site .after Korea i left the army joined 
the air force .Retired sept 1964

B Company

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997 

DUTCHLAF@aol.com wrote:

I am looking for any information on my uncle Floyd J.McDonald.

He served in the Army , was a member of the 2nd division,company 
B, 23 infantry regiment. He was killed on Aug.31,1950,previously 
listed as MIA on that same date. He was 20 years old,born in 
Worth,Jefferson, Co.

He lived in fulton,N.Y.,at the time of his death. My father, his 
brother still lives at the old homestead, His name and address is- 
Robert McDonald 
RD#5 Owens Road,
Fulton , New York.

 I would apreciate any help you can give to me or my  dad. You may 
email me at dutchlaf aol or my address is
chris lafrate
361 broadwell ave 
fulton, new york 13069.

Thank You so much

I Company 3rd Bn

On Sun, 2 Mar 1997 
Dreamerdi@aol.com wrote:

My father is a veteran of the Korean War. His name is Fermin G. Rivera.
He is very interested in locating anyone who served in the 2nd infantry
23 infantry regiment, i company, 3rd battalion from 1950-1951.

Please contact me with any information you may have.  You may
also contact my brother at PRivera430@aol.com. Helping us locate 
any members of his battalion would make him a very happy man!

Thanks for your help.

Two men needed

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997
Cathleen Cooney  cathleen.cooney@clorox.com  wrote:

Dear Mr. Barker:

My father, John J. Cooney ia searching for a fellow veteran by the 
name of Arthur Hedeke.  They served in the 2nd Infantry,  23rd reg.  
Arthur was from the Chicago area.  

Another man, John C. Dempsey was my father's best man in his
wedding and he has not talked to him since that time period.  
If you could help me in locating Mr. Dempsey, we would be 
grateful.  Dad  told me he was originally from the Cleveland, 
Ohio area.


Cathleen Cooney

Albert Enger

 On Mon, 24 Mar 1997 
John Enger Email address wrote:

I'm researching my Uncle, Albert Enger. He was killed on 2/15/51.

In his letters home, he spoke of a friend from Wadena, MN. No 
name mentioned. He was in Unit 23. 2 INF DIV. 

Your help is appreciated.

James Francis Walker

On Sun, 13 Apr 1997
MRS LORI A LANE  ytqy49a@prodigy.com  wrote:


My Granddad's name is James Francis Walker.  I was told he died in 
Korean War.  I was told his B-Day is 10-3-18.  FW had a service # of 

Records show that he died 11-7-52. 

Thank You,
Lori Lane

Dog Co

On Sat, 12 Apr 1997 
William R. Smiddie  kyles@frognet.net  wrote:

33450 Myres Rd.
Pomeroy, Oh 45769
(614) 698-3415

I was in 23rd. (Indian Head) Dog Co.  Machine gun. I never meet anyone 
who  was there at anytime. 

I was there during Old Baldy, July 1952 to end of war.  I rarely think 
about it.


George Co

From: mypower@webtv.net Melvin Ernster
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 14:13:35 -0700
I was with george co, 9th regiment hill 894 to the left  o f 931 the 
23rd regiment  my serial ng 27359200 i was a machine gunner. Keep up 
the good work

See Also: 9th IR

Charlie Co

On Mon, 5 May 1997 
Chuck Wingate A9thCav66@aol.com wrote:

I am a member of the Chosin Few.  I served in Korea from the Inchon 
landing to rotation about a year later.  I was a member of HQ's X Corps 
and C Co 23rd Inf Regt, 2nd Inf Div.

I joined C Company just prior to the battle of Chipyong-ni in Feb of 51.

I remained with the company until rotation to the states in about 
Aug/Sep 51.

You have done a super job with this page.

Chuck Wingate

B Company

On Wed, 14 May 1997 
Ronald Unger  christine@spacelab.net  wrote:

I am lookiing for anyone who served with the 2nd division 23rd infantry
regt. company B  in November of 1950. a friend of mine Ernie Reale died
of wounds, November 30th 1950 around the village of Kuni-ri.

Anyone knowing Ernie please get in contact with my daughter at 
Christine@spacelab.net  (she will forward the information along) 

I was with the 40th division MP and the 7th division MP's in the 
Kumwha Valley and the Chorwon Valley in 1953-54.  Anyone who 
knew me, SGT Ronald J. Unger, please contact my daughter at 

Marco DeLucia

On Tue, 20 May 1997 
MBDelucia@aol.com wrote:

I am trying to locate a korean War veteran for my father who served in 
the 2nd Infrantry Division in 1953.  His name is Marco DeLucia and 
he is from New Haven, CT. 

He is searching for a Louis Molnar who served with him.  His last 
known address was 1208 Park Hill Cleveland, OH.  Any information 
you can supply will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you
Mari-Beth DeLucia 

2nd Bn HQ Company

On Sat, 24 May 1997 
Melvin Saltzber   Melxmd@aol.com  wrote:

i was in korea in the 23rd inf regt of the 2nd inf div from pusan to the
yalu river and back. 

i was at chip yong ni when we were surrounded by 5 chinese armies. 
then we were rescued a few days later by tanks.

i was in the 2nd batllion hqs of the 23 inf regt. i was a radio operator 
and switchboard operator.

i was there from 1950 to june 1951. when we were sent back to the usa i 
ended up in a military hospital with malaria. and was discharged
sept 1951.

i want to find ralph ferrero (spelling?). we were good friends. i was 
his best man at his wedding on long island, ny. my friend ralph probably
spells his name  ferreiro. if someone can help me locate him, i'd 
appreciate it. thanks.

i see that someone is selling posters of chip yong ni in the KWP. i 
would like to buy one. do u have any idea of how i can get one?


B Company Old Baldy

On Mon, 9 Jun 1997
Dr Floyd A Ventress wrote:

797 south arroyo parkway
pasadena, ca  91105

telephone:	818-796-9206
fax:	818-796-0434

seeking survivors of old baldy 7/18/52, b company, 
23 rd. regiment 2 nd. infantry division.

would welcome any input.seeking john flynn,karl brock, 
kline, hlavaty, shelly, thompson,et. al.

Sonny Zecchini

On Sun, 8 Jun 1997
Feliciano  feliciano@worldnet.att.net  wrote:

My uncle's name was Ralph E. Zecchini.  He was reported MIA on 
15 Feb 1951.

He appears to be the only Zecchini listed in the database.  He was 
known by the nickname Sonny.

My brother, Ralph, was born 22 Jan 1951.  My mother's letter telling 
her brother of the birth, and that she had named her son after him, was
returned unopened shortly after her family received the telegram 
informing them of his MIA status.

My grandmother kept the letter, still unopened, until her death in 1982.
I believe she intended to give it to her son when he finally returned.

Thanks again.

Linda Feliciano

Tank Company

 On  Tue, 1 Jul 1997 
DThorneShr@aol.com wrote:

Just discoverd your web page-great job. I served in the 23rd reg. 
Tk. Co. 2nd. Div. from 52-53. I've been trying to locate a 
Lt. Les Brown, that served with me during the same time. 

Any info would be appreciated. 

My e-mail address for any response is: DThorneShr@aol.com. 

Thanks Dave


On Wed, 30 Jul 1997 
Robert McAvoy 

5548 Bear Road, Apt 28A
North Syracuse, NY 13212

My brother, Cpl Harold Elmer McAvoy, was killed in Korea by hostile 
enemy action during the Korean War on September 19, 1951. 

So far, I have been unable to find details surrounding his death, such 
as his organiztion, where he was killed, etc. 

I checked your Korean War Project KIA Database and apparently his 
name is not in your database. I would really like to know.

Thanks in Advance 

Bob McAvoy

from KWP:

Name is spelled Mc Avoy in the database

Item Company - POW

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997 
Rebecca Perry wrote:

datein: POW 5/51 dateout: 8/53

I am entering this information for my Dad: Bobby Perry - 2nd Div. 
23rd Infantry, Reg I Co..  He was a POW from May 51 to Aug 53.  

This is the only information I have on him.  He doesn't talk about the 
years he was in the service or about the POW camp he was in. If 
there is anybody out there who remembers him, would like to get in 
touch with him and/or would like to give me more information on him.

Please email me!  

Thank you,
Rebecca   email:  hrcamel@qtm.net

Son of vet

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997 
Bill O'Neill  wrote:

26 1/2 charter st, apt 1
boston, ma 02113

i have always been interested in the korean war as my father is a vet 
from the 23rd inf regt., 2nd inf div. i would love to know more and 
would support any effort to provide the korean war vets with the 
recognition and thanks that they deserve, but have, for the most, been

Earl Sanders

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997 
Mica Sanders   wrote:


Read with interest your pages on the 23'd.  My father was part of this
unit and fought at heartbreak ridge, chip-yong -ni... I believe he said
he was with the 1st battalion, company A. His name is 
Earl B. Sanders, and if you would like to coantact him let me know,
he has lots of intersting stories about Korea.


Paul A. Sanders
2320 Central Avenue
Augusta, Ga. 30904

e-mail: psanders@groupz.net

Company L

On Thu, 21 Aug 1997 
Mary Aguayo Colletti maryagu@ix.netcom.com wrote:

4305 Leona St.
Tampa, FL 33629
fax: 813-835-6430

datein: 1948 dateout: 1951

I am trying to fine someone who knew my father, Master Sergeant Richard
Aguayo, RA12156292.  He was awarded the Silver Star posthumsly 
for gallantry in action on September 16, 1950 in vicinity of Changnyong,
Korea.  According to Major General Ruffner in the statement of award:

Company L, which had launched an attack against well-entrenched enemy
positions, was halted by intense enemy fire.  Sergeant Aguayo,
disregarding the heavy fire, led his men in an assault upon hostile
machine gun positions.  The first attempt was unsucessful due to the
heavy volume of machine gun and sniper fire directed on the squad.

In the course of the action, he exposed himself constantly in order
to maneuver his squad into more favorable positions.  When his squad was
pinned down by the heavy enemy fire, he singlehandedly assaulted an 
enemy gun position and killed three of its crew with rifle fire....

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997 
Ralph and Irene  desoto1@gte.net  wrote:

How can I get more ingormation on my brother KIA in Korea 1950,Sept 16,
Master Sargeant Richard Aguayo RA12156292 Co L,23rd Infantry Reg 
2nd Infantry Div .

Thank You
Ralph Aguayo

HQ Co, 3rd Bn

On Sun, 24 Aug 1997
Rex and Lori Foster IRIELDY@AOL.COM wrote:

For the past several months I have been researching my husband's family.

His father died in June of 1964. My husband was only four at the time 
and has no memories of him. Until I began the search all he knew was his

His father's name was Rex Day Mason and he served in Hq Co 3rd Bn 23rd
Infantry Regiment from May 1951 until Feb. 1952. He was wounded on
May 18, 1951 only about a week after arriving in Korea. He received the
Purple Heart. 

I have the following info on him:

Social Security #:  521-24-1878
Serial #: 3734075
Birthdate: November 24, 1923
Birthplace: Colorado

I believe he was a Master Sarg. We would love to contact anyone who
served with him and has stories to share.

C Company

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997
James Horine wrote:

2301 penn st
st joseph, mo 64507

Telephone: 86 364-2267

I was with C Company, 23rd infantry, 2 Infantry Division, was promoted 
to Master Sergeant while with them at the age of 19, was attached to the
French Battation for a short time also. Received two silver stars while
with C Co and the French Cordeguie while attached to the frenc. Great 
job you folks are doing.

E-mail address HORINEJR---we need the rest of his email

Collecting Station

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997 
William Anderson wrote:

3703 winding hollow dr.
fredericksburg, va 22408
540 891-1758

interest in 23rd. reg. people  collecting station.

L Company

On Tue, 23 Sep 1997 
James Henkel jim@fbo.com wrote:

321 No. East 4th St
Newport, OR 97365


datein: 1945      1950  dateout: 1947       1953

Was a member of Love Company of the 23rd from Feb. to Sept of l951.  I
have compiled a list of all the men who served with L Co. from July 1950
to Jan 1952.  This list also included the Casualty report for Love Co.
whole war.   WIA, KIA,MIA. ect. Would be willing to share information
with anyone that had some connection to Co. L of the 23rd. 

Tank Company

 On Wed, 10 Sep 1997 
Ronald Kellis kellisr@usarc-emh2.army.mil wrote:

Personal information:
12 Clark Road
Milford,NH 03055


I am trying to help former Corpal Elvar (AL) Henry Jenson, R.A. 17250967
locate any surviving members of the 23rd RCT Tank Comapny, 2nd PLT from
FEB '51, in particular a SGT D.C. Miller who witnessed his rescue of a
Larry Isaacson under enemy artillery.

Al was wounded and sent home. SGT Miller promissed to put him in for an
award but as is oftern the case he may have been killed or simply got
busy trying to survive himself. 

I am in the Army and am trying to help him obtain his award.
MAJ  Kellis

1st Bn, HQ Co.

On Sun, 12 Oct 1997 
kenneth gabor kgabor@webtv.net wrote:

I served in Korea with the 2nd Div,23rd Inf,1st Bat Hq co. My tour
was from 1/51 to 12 /51.Am looking for Richard Kotite. 

He was my CO and friend.All I know is that he was from California.
I know that is not much to  go on but I keep trying.

Thanks, Ken

KIA July 28th 1953

On Thu, 14 Aug 1997 
Dean Clifton  cliftond@infinet.com wrote:

I have been searching for information regarding a cousin who was
killed in Korea. I have recently found a copy of the Statement of
Death from the Adjutant Generals Office. The date of death is 28 July
1953, which would be the day after the signing of the armistice.. 

Would  those killed after the armistice been recorded differently than
those  killed before?? Since my cousin is not listed as a Korean KIA,
should he have been??

His full name was Franklin Milo CLIFTON, on his birth certificate. On
the Statement of Death from the AGs office it is given as:

Milo Franklin CLIFTON.

Your input in this matter would be appreciated..


Dean Clifton  cliftond@infinet.com

Note from KWP:  we shall be including all deaths from past the
Truce date on a revised issue of the KIA database to honor those who 
died in the war effort. A separate DMZ hostilities database is under 

G Company

On Sat, 4 Oct 1997 
Lauritz M. Juliussen [Julie] Email address wrote:

4684 Old Clyde Road
Clyde, NC  28721

phone: 704-627-8166
fax: 704-627-1828

datein: 1951 dateout: 1952
I'm submitting this for my father who went to Korea in 1949 & was
attached to Com. G, 23rd Reg.-1949-50 & then continued on with Com. F,
38th Inf. 1951-52, both belonging to 2nd Division. 

He is especially interested in finding a friend by the name of Joseph A.
Magnant who was with Com. G 23rd Inf. Anyone else that could have known
my father, please contact him @ above address. Thanks.


On Tue, 14 Oct 1997 
Robert Bradley rbradley@smtp2.wstf.nasa.gov wrote:

P.O. Box 8198
Las Cruces, NM 88006


23 Reg. Spec. Unit Bn. 3rd. platoon

My father served in the Korean war as well as 3 tours in Vietnam, His
time in korea is a mystery to me as he (as most) really did not want
to talk about it.

He passed away in july of 1981 and we miss him very much, he did not
leave a journal or a diary, and I'm just trying to fill in some of the
gaps that he never talked about while he was alive.

His name is RICHARD J. BRADLEY and I beleive at the time he was a e-5
or e-6, served as best I can gather in the 1949-50 time frame, he was
with the U.S. Army 23 INF.Reg. Second I.D. and thats about all I know
of his Korean War connection, Although I've heard that he may of been
a prisoner of war at some time, that's all I know.

He also served in Vietnam in 1965/66 1968/69 and in Laos for 6mo. around
1970 during the war.

He retired at Fort Carson Colorado in 1975 with 26 years and the rank
of E-8.

I also served 14 mo. in Korea ( I served with HHC 1/31 Inf. Bn) 2nd.
I.D. Camp Howze. rk. Spec-6) 1980/81 time frame, as mentioned my father
passed away while I was in Korea, what a thought provoking expeience
reflecting on my father and the possiblity he may have walked down some
of the same paths I just walked over or that I may have been to some of
the very places he had.

If I can Contribute in any way In the name of my father or the gallant
soldiers who served please let me know.

Thanks. Robert E. Bradley

Arthur R. French 23rd and 9th IR

On Sun, 26 Oct 1997 
Kenneth E. Page (Ken is now deceased) wrote:

I have been searching for a relative of Arthur R. French, KIA 3/2/51. 

He was a member of the 23rd inf. reg., 2nd inf. div. when he was wounded
in action on 9/1/50.  he returned to duty with 2nd inf. div., 9th inf.
reg. and was KIA in South Korea.

While i was checking your site I found a message from PFC French's
nephew.  I called him and learned that PFC French's brother lived in
NH.  PFC French's name is on the bronze plaque on the Rensselaer County
Korean War Memorial.  I am trying to obtain a photo of PFC French to
reproduce for our records (NENY Ch. KWVA) and to send on to DC for the
KWV Memorial's computer data base.  Thanks - kenpage@aol.com

MIA on Nov 19, 1950

On Sun, 19 Oct 1997 
Jearl Ballow bballow@inw.net wrote:

83 Roundtable Road
Springfield, IL 62704 

Seeking info on Cpl Edward Buddy Gude, 23d Inf, 2nd Div. 
Believed killed in Sep 50 but body was never found. We grew up together
and was very close to his family. His mother still believes he was taken
POW and has never given up the search for Buddy. 

Her info has him in the 101st Inf but I believe this is errouneous. I
had just received a letter from him in the 23d a few weeks before 
he was allegedly killed. 

My duties at that time took our team all over Korea and I was scheduled
to be in his area and could hopefully get to see him. I was told he was
killed while on patrol.

Would like to hear from anyone that has definite info one way 
or the other.

Old Baldy - Baker Company

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997 
William Alkire wrote:

1217 Castlemont Av
San Jose, CA 95128 


Looking for anyone who was in on the assualt of Old Baldy on August 1,
1952 and was a member of Baker Co., 23 Rgt., 2nd. Inf. Div.

HQ and HQ Co

On Wed, 24 Dec 1997
Merwin Gene WinemillerE-mail wrote:

1445 Jahn Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Telephone:	707-546-9765

I was a member of the 2nd Infantry Division, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 
H-Q and H-Q company, RCT April 1951-March 1952.

I would like to find out if there are any reunions for 2nd Infantry
Division members from that time period. 

Please send an e-mail to my daughter with the  information at:


On Sun, 16 Nov 1997 

Clifford Lundblad bonnielund@aol.com wrote:

Rte 7 Box 1155 RFD2
Dexter, ME 04930

Fax: 207-924-6273

korean war vet 23 inf reg hqhq I&R 1949-1951/have pictures in
combat/punchbowl/heartbreak/and more

jerry mac fitzgerald

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997 
katie fitzgerald katiefitzgerald@hotmail.com wrote:

2 caroline lane
pisgah forest, NC 28768

phone: (704)884-3444

i am searching for more information on my grandfather, 
his name is jerry mac fitzgerald.  currently i am a sophmore 
at brevard high school, and i am doing a report on the 
korean war for my english class.  

if you have any information that would be beneficial to me
please e-mail me the information.

thank you, 
katie fitzgerald

George Co

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997 
charles l crosswhite clcross@access.mountain.net wrote:

p.o. box 93
slanesville, wv

phone: 304-496-8811

datein: aug 1950 dateout: july 1961

served in george company from april 49 thru july 1951 and 
would like to locate sgt stiffler (calif) and sgt louis 
rachel (louisana). 

Medical Co

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997 
Brian La France blafranc@linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us wrote:

My father was with Medical Co.  23rd Inf. 2nd Inf. Division.  

He passed away three years ago.  He received a Silver Star
and a Purple Heart.  I believe he was at Chipyong-ni.  I would 
like to hear from anyone in his unit.  

His name was George A La France.  He was decorated as a
Corporal and got out of the Army as a Sergeant.  He finished
his Army days working at the dispensary at Fort Lewis.  

Thank you for your posting.  I appreciate it greatly.

Brian  La France

H-Q and H-Q company

On Wed, 24 Dec 1997 
Merwin Gene Winemiller ervin@netunlimited.net wrote:

1445 Jahn Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Telephone:	707-546-9765

I was a member of the 2nd Infantry Division, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 
H-Q and H-Q company, RCT April 1951-March 1952.

I would like to find out if there are any reunions for 2nd Infantry 
Division members from that time period.

Please send an e-mail to my daughter with the information at:

Richard C. Gossilin MIA Pia-Ri, NK B Company

On Fri, 26 Dec 1997 
Updated Mar 1 1999
Ivan Desrosiers ivan.desrosiers@the-spa.com wrote:

datein: 1951 dateout: 7/7/51

Pvt Richard C. Gossilin #RA11198941 (Frenchy) MIA Springfield, MA

Before the internet we were trying to get  information as to when and  
where he was reported MIA. It took us over 40 years to find out that 
he was recognized MIA at the Honalulu Ware Memorial.

Was never given any details  on battles etc. Would love to know more 
about the 23rd infantry and 2nd Division. 

Any bit of information would be greatly appreciated.


We have just received a letter dated March 17, 1952 from his parent
that was obviously lost throughout the years. It read in part as

 Your son has been missing since 28 September 1951. He became missing 
in action in the vicinity of Pia-Ri, North Korea, while his company was
under heavy mortar barrage by the opposing forces. 

Sure like to know where Pia-Ri is located.

More from KWP:Ivan,

Pia Ri was a small village in a valley just south-south east of Hill
931, better known as Heartbreak Ridge. 

By chance, I was at Pia Ri in October 1994 while on a visit to the DMZ.
I didn't realise I had been there until this past weekend.

The forward aid station was at this village, along with other forward 
headquarters of the 23d Infantry at Heartbreak.

The village is due east of Bloody Ridge and due west of the Punchbowl,
just south of the DMZ.


More from Ivan:

Attached says the following: Co B, 23rd Inf Regt  28 Sept 1951, Co B 
23rd Inf Regt, was located in the vicinity of the village of Pia-ri,
DT164352, MS 6828 IV (see overlay).

A heavy enemy mortar barrage was encountered by Co B, as the enemy
launched an attack against the Co's position. The enemy was engaged in 
an intense automatic weapons fire fight, which continued until Co B, 
23rd Inf Regt, was releaved by elements of the 2nd Bn, 23rd Inf Regt, 
Co B then moved to an assemble area in the vicinity of DT 164268, 
MS 6828 IV.

F Company

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998 
William Poupard poupardw@sowega.net wrote:

PO Box 356
Leslie, GA 

I was a member of Co F, 23rd Inf Regt.

I was half-way back from a tour in Okinawa when the Korean War
started.  I was assigned to the 2d Inf Div and went to Korea
with the Division.  I rotated back to the states in May 1951

E Company

On Sun, 4 Jan 1998 
Bob Bartlett wrote:

1521 Nancy Circle
Porterville, CA 93257-1144

Telephone:	209-784-2528
2id Co. E. 23 RCT 9/1951 to 8/1952

May Massacre

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997 
Marilyn Galoff Email address wrote:

225 N Public
Elmwood, WI 54740

Phone 715-639-2533.

Have been trying to find some information on my Uncle who was killed
while a POW.  His name was Cpl Denton K. DeLong.

ed note: the KIA records show that Denton died of wounds sustained at 
the May 18, 51 battle of the May Massacre - ed


As for my Uncle being killed on 18 May 1951, this is what I have heard
from my family.  He was killed by friendly fire while in the hands of
the North Koreans.  Apparently, they were being marched at night, and
were kept inside during the day.  I have a Statement of Death from the
Department of the Army that states he died on 29 May 1951.  He was not
declared dead until 25 Feb 1954.  It also states that he was Killed as
the result of an aerial attack while in the hands of the opposing

I hope this helps some.  

L Co

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997 
Joseph A. Talotta Email address wrote:

P O Box  8684
Lacey, WA 98509

364 456-2436

I have just started from what I have seen so far very intresting.

 I originaly joined the 2nd Div in July 47 I was assigned to Co A 23rd
then went to Co B 23rd when they activated the 3rd Bn was assigned to
Co L 23rd Inf, that was the unit I went to Korea with.

my last assignment with the 2nd Inf Div was 1967 when I was assigned
to the 1st Bn 9th Inf on the DMZ. Left Korea Jan 1968.
Joe Talotta         

John E. Purple KIA

On Wed, 31 Dec 1997 
Steven Purple wrote:

11772 W. LOTT RD.

Telephone: 815-947-2514
Fax: 815-947-3080

I found information on my uncle, John E. Purple, Jr., who was KIA on
4/9/51.  I never knew much about my uncle since my father was only 10
when he was killed.  I would like to learn more of his time in Korea
and would like to even contact some veterans who may have known him. 

Your site has given me these possibilities.  Thanks.

Old Baldy

On Sat, 24 Jan 1998 
Lyonel WisenewskiEmail address wrote:

3307 Richards Rd
Wausau, WI 54401

My father served with (I believe the 23th Reg't) the 2nd Inf Div.
and was wounded during the battle for Old Baldy in the Ch'orwon
Valley on July 17th, 1951.  Are any of his former comrades out there?


D Co

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998 
Bonnie Ann Spafford Email address wrote:

I am looking for anyone that knows my father,  Edward Spafford.  He
was in Korea around 1950,  2nd Div. 23rd Inf.Re, D-company.  He has
been unable to find anyone that knew him.  Please respond if you
know him.

Ernest Martinez KIA

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998   
VVillan562 Email address wrote:

I am trying to locate some info on an uncle that was killed in
action in Korea. I dont know where to get any info if there is even any
available. After all these years my family is still curious as to how 
and where he was killed. I will give you some info on him and if you can
locate anything on him it would be greatly appreciated.

His name was Ernest L Martinez birthdate is feb 1933 hometown Phoenix AZ
death date we think was feb2 1951 service no 19368444 he was in the US
ARMY once again thank you so much.

Fran K R Martinez

HQ Company

On Mon, 30 Mar 1998 
Dan Bimler Email address wrote:

66 Barker Ave
Sharon Hill, PA 17907

phone: 610-586-3157

datein: 1950 dateout: 1951

I was with Pvt Marvin L. Molter, RA 16 294 169, Hq Company, 23rd IR,
2nd Division when he was KIA in 2/51.  Please call me for details of
the action.

More on Bimler aka Lazar

 My name is Ed Bimler and I entered the above message for my brother
Dan who was with the 23rd IR.  I was with the 8th Fighter-Bomber Wing
and met up with the 23rd several times in those early months of the
Korean War.

I don't know whether or not Dan has attended any of the 23rd Reunions.
Incidently, his street address is the same as your last name.  Info 
for your data bank...Dan enlisted underage using a friends birth 
certificate.  The friend (now deceased) was John Lazar.  None of this 
came to light until the real John Lazar turned up in the same unit as 
brother Dan and the real John Lazar was wounded.  Then the CO, etc., 
wanted to know who Dan was.  To sum up, they allowed Dan to complete 
his time in Korea, changed his name to Daniel K. Bimler, and he
finished his enlistment at Ft Indiantown Gap, Pa.

Ed Bimler

Imjin Scouts

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998 
Thomas Miller Email address wrote:

2446 turner road
Windsor, On	n8w 3k8

Telephone:	519 2560863

Was with imjin scouts 3 23 2nd inf div many patrols between fence line
and op burell op yiik some good hits but i imagine its still there lit
up a 2 man foxhole one cold nite when i spilled gas on the small stove
we had . 

my buddy from california didnt mind. Do you remember the turkey farm?

Howe Co - Machine Gun

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998 
Jerry A Carnes Email address  wrote:

188 Raymon Finch Dr
Prosperity, SC  29127

datein: Mar 1951 dateout: Apr 1952

Even after all these years, I still recall to mind how proud I am to
have served with such fine people . Brave people.

I was only 17 years and most of the people I served with and under were
only a few years older but I still remember them as heros. I don't
remember most of their names but I still remember their fortitude
during the May Massacre, the Punchbowl and especially those 30 days
getting to the top of hill 931 known as Heartbreak Ridge. 

I am proud of them.  Each and every one. My favorite memories are of my
personal hero, my squad leader and then my section `leader and he
became the platoon leader when we ran out of officers, he was Sgt.
John Amy Ambrose. Howe Co 2nd Bn 23rd Inf Regt 2nd Inf Div
Machine gun platoon.

More from KWP:

Dear Mr. Carnes,

Great to hear from you. I know many veterans from Howe Company.. SFC 
Seymour Hoppy Harris, Joe Melton, Bob Sheldon, and many others. 

I've been up to the Howe Company positions at the May Massacre twice, 
first in 1989 and again alone in 1994. You know the ridge up above 
Chaun-ni. The fighting holes are still there.. The characteristic 
horseshoe shaped hole with the raised point for the machine gun. 
Nobody goes there. Except me. 

I was able to get up to 931 in 1989. Inside the DMZ. Amazing 
experience. Check out Return To Heartbreak Ridge on our main home 
page. It is the story of H Company.

Great to hear from you!!!!!

Hal Barker
Honorary Life Member 23d Infantry Regiment, Korean War Branch
Founder - Korean War Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C.

A Company Medic

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998 
Kathy Brewer Email address wrote:

datein: 1951 dateout: 1952

In response to Cheryl Yurchison I tried to e-mail but it failed.

My father (Sgt.Thomas Garner) was also a survivor of Heartbreak Ridge. 
He was the combat medic for A company, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd
Division and was wounded October 3, 1951.

He too was proud of his military career, yet did not speak often of the
good things he had done, but of how he was not able to help more 
survive.  He also spoke proudly of how selfless his commrades were, how 
many of them told him to tend to someone else who they felt were worse 
off than themselves.  In fact he told a story of a man who had both legs
wounded and was dragging himself to the aid station.  The man refused a
stretcher, saying to save it for someone who couldn't move himself 

According to his 2nd Infantry Division Bio, he was wounded October 3, 
not September 1, and after spending 89 days in a Tokyo hospital he was
assigned to the 568th  Ambulance co. 8225 MASH.

Momma said that the day he was wounded, he was answering a call for
MEDIC when the mortar hit his foxhole/bunker just as he exited, 
killing the radio operator and wounding Lt. Miners.  He continued 
tending the wounded, when the Medevac got there and they were loading 
the wounded, the pilot asked him if he was boarding.  Daddy asked
why and the pilot informed him that he was wounded too. Daddy had
thought the blood on his pants legs was from the other guys.  How could 
he not have known or felt the pain??

When Daddy became ill in 1995, and required surgery he told me that if 
he didn't make it, not to bury him at a national cemetary, because he 
had heard those men screaming on the battlefield, he couldn't stand 
hearing them for eternity.   We lost him on May 31,1995 just a few 
weeks shy of the dedication of the Korean War Memorial.  He was so 
proud that his commrades were finally going to be recognized for what
they had done.  My mother went to the dedication in his stead, attending
a ceremony at Arlington where the Second division planted a tree in the
memory of their recently departed commrades.

I too think of my father as a hero,  I would like to think that there 
are many other families are out there able to think of their fathers 
that way because my father was there for them.

Thank you for allowing me to share my feelings.

E Co 2nd Bn

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998 
Lyonel D. Wisnewski Email address wrote:

phone: 715-845-7661

SFC Donald J Wisnewski US#55201958 Co E/2nd Bn, 23rd Regiment, 
2nd Infantry Division.

Served from: 10 April 1952 (Arrived at Inchon)via USS General RL Howze
             16 May 1953 (Returned to Seattle, WA)

Joined the company just after Heartbreak Ridge; saw action on Old 
Baldy, Pork Chop Hill, Alligator Jaw, Yung dong Po, Koje-do(North 
Korean/Chinese PW Compound).

Currently reside at 
R363 CHU
Edgar, WI  54426

Phone (715)352-2280.

Looking for:  Victor Victorino (HI), Earl Snowden (Macon, GA), Sam 
Hattey (MI), LaRaga (CA), Woody Wooden (LA), John Ward (NC),or 
anybody else from the regiment.

Master Sgt. Aubrey Hershel Smith

On Sun, 31 May 1998 
Randall Smith Email address wrote:

phone: 713-439-5493

My father served in Korea Master Sgt. Aubrey Hershel Smith U.S. Army, 
Company E, 23d Infantry Regiment, 2d Infantry Division.  He was some 
how involved in the write-up of 235th Medal of Honor Winner Jr. D. 

He also served with a man named Eugene Bond, my namesake.  My father 
is not very willing to talk about the war (he is still alive and doing
well).  I would like to know more about my father and his tour in Korea.

He was known as Red or Bugger Red. Hope you can help.

Randall Eugene Smith

Sgt Jr D Edwards, Co E Medal of Honor

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999 
Gary Long Email address wrote:

I am trying to do a book on Iowan's In The Korean War and want to
include a Chapter on Sgt Jr D Edwards (Co E, 23d Inf Rgmt, 2d Inf Div) 
who was awarded the CMOH for his actions at Changbong-Ni on 2 January,
1951.  If possible, I would like to talk to any survivors of that 
action.  Could you help me try to locate some?

I have made several contacts with friends of his from his home town on
Indianola, IA, and will meet with them next week.  He is buried there,
and they have some kind of memorial set-up.

I was a gunner on B-26's and flew a tour out of K8 in 1952 with the 90th
Bomb Sqdn, 3rd Bomb Wing.  We have a site on the web.


Gary Long

Sponsor of the Korean War Project

Sylvester Rogers KIA

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998 
R.W. Rogers Email address wrote:

Request for information concerning death of Sylvester Rogers.  Army 
infantry pfc casdate 19500910. 2nd INF DIV 23rd.

Thanks again,

R.W. Rogers

Current Serviceman

On Fri, 23 Jan 1998 
John D. Dalbey Email address wrote:

202 Dial Street
Fort Benning, GA 31905

phone: (706)685-1013
fax: same as above

70/72 Tank Bn

datein: 23 JUN 87 dateout: Present

Friends,Family and Members of the 23 Infanty Regt, Thank you for 
keeping our country free.  I am a student in the Infantry Officers
Advance Course and am writting a battle analysis on the Battle of
Chipyong Ni.

I would appreciate any information or references (books or periodicals)
or personal accounts which would be helpful to me in focusing on a
company or battalion sized element for the period leading up to and
through the completion of the battle.  I am interested in Armor as well
as Infantry units.  Thank you for your help.  1LT John D. Dalbey  


On Sat, 09 May 1998 
Updated: 5 June 2002
Carroll G. Everist Email address  writes:

Allen Byron Wilkson served with L.Co. 23rd Inf. 2cd Inf Division
He wrote a book called UP FRONT KOREA by Pilot Books. He was there at
Chip-Yong-Ni Feb 1951 this is where  L.Company 5th Cav Regt and 1st Cav
Division (TASK FORCE CROMBREZ)came to the rescue the French and his

Was trying to send him letter or Email  He lives in Flordia,
Fort Lauderdale.  

Carroll G. Everist
5th Cav Rgt


B Co

On Tue, 21 Jul 1998 
DR. FLOYD A. VENTRESS Email address wrote:


phone: 626-796-9206
fax: 626-796-0434

datein: 1951 dateout: 1952





F.A. VENTRESS---626-796-9206  FAX 626-796-0434
SWEDE ANDERSON---978-373-2614

KIA Jan 1, 1951

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998 
sally martin cooley Email address wrote:

could you please help me find out any information concerning my father,
vernelle thomas martin. born in michigan,left wife and children in ky.
reported dead jan.1951 baried in ky. please give any imformation you 

thank you, 
sally martin cooley

L Co

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998 
RONDA GEDDINGS Email address







Jay M. Gano KIA

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998 
Jay Gano Email address wrote:

Great work! I am looking for info on my Dad Jay M. Gano died 10/10/51
heartbreak ridge. I will return and explore your site later.

Thank you very much, Jay M. Gano Jr.

Francis J. Fullam

On Tue, 29 Sep 1998 
ALLAN TULP Email address wrote:

I am a navy veteran of the the Korean war and a bohood friend of mine
was I believe killed during the so called May massacre with the 23 regt.

His name was Francis J. Fullam and came from Jersey City NJ. Although I
knew that he was killed in Korea I did not know the details of his death
until reading about it on your web site.

How might I learn the whereabouts of my friends gravesite? When I was
discharged in 1954 I tried to contact his family but to no avail. You
may contact me by e-mail.

Update: Allan has found the gravesite in Jersey City, NJ and will be
visiting it on 10/02/98 - ed.

Allan Tulp   
lineman extraordinaire

Harry J. Krey

On Tue, 08 Sep 1998 
bhalla Email address wrote:

I have visited your page several times and found much useful and
previously unknown information about my wife's uncle, Harry J. Krey, who
died in Korea in 1951.

However, my wife's family claims they never knew what really happened
to Harry when he died.  I have deduced from his date of death and the
maps provided by your site that he must have died while participating in
Operation Thunderbolt.  His Regiment is listed on the map and the dates
coincide with his death.

Is there any way of finding out what really happened?  Any address to
write to for more information or an account of what happened to the 2nd
division of the 23rd infantry?  Mr. Krey received a Purple Heart
posthumously for his actions in Korea and it would be a shame not to
know more about him.

I can be reached via e-mail at: tbarber@acsu.buffalo.edu

Thank you,
Timothy Barber

F Co

On Sun, 07 Mar 1999 
bob currie Email address wrote:

I am currently researching my father's participation in the Korean war
as a member of Co. F, 23d Inf Reg, 2ID.

His name is LTC. James D. Currie.  Could you please let me know how or
when I might be able to see your information on the unit history.  Many

bob Currie  email: sinar@erols.com

March 8, 1951

On Sat, 20 Mar 1999 
Robert Walsh Email address wrote:

I am trying to help Mr. Thiessen.  I need the orders for his Purple 
Hearts. I have a certificate showing he was wounded 8 March 51 while 
with the 23rd Inf. Reg.  He does not come up on a search.  Was wounded
three times.

any ideas/comments?

Bob Walsh
(616) 962-9693 

Naltong River

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999 
Updated 27 Jun 2004
James E. Carner Email address wrote:

My Cousin Frank Carner was wounded at the Naktong Battle while in the 
23rd Inf Regt. You list this info on your WIA/KIA site. I talked to him
the other day and he said he was never personally awarded the Purple 
Heart and that he has no official documents to reference the fact that 
he was wounded. He was over there the same time I was (50-51).  

First off , how did you obtain the WIA information on him, and how do we
obtain it?  He now lives in Daytona Beach, Florida, is 67 years of age,
and still works in his Son's Restaurant.

During the Battle of the Naktong he was blown out of a hole. I believe
this is probably connected to  his hard of hearing problem. He has never
thought to file through the VA for any disability primarily because of 
his lack of documentation. To me this is letting the VA off the hook 
from their just obligation for monetary compensation and medical

I don't know who his Congressman is but I would hope whoever he/she is
that they would see that he be Officially awarded his Purple Heart and
begin to get his long over due compensation. Looks like Frank is another
victim of the Army's inability to post and keep records current. 

Jim carner    

E Co

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999
Kevin Huber Email address wrote:

I am doing some research on my fathers service in Korea. His name was
John Huber, he was a 2nd Lt in Company E, 23rd Regiment, 2nd Infantry.

He was decorated with the Silver Star, Bronze Star,Wharing Medal with
Gold Star, CIB, and the Purple Heart.I would like to find out which
battles his company fought and get information on other members who may
remember him.

I have been going through his papers as he recently died (4/11/99) and 
am interested in some historical accounts of the war.He didn't talk much
about Korea, but from what I read he was a good commanding officer who
was respected by his Superiors and those he commanded.Any info you can
provide,or direct me to would be appreciated.

I was able to get the following info.2nd Lieutenant John Huber was
wounded near Chorwan on 10/16/52 on Hill 198.He was promoted to 1st
Lieutenant when he received his Silver Star and Purple Heart. I also
found a picture that would appear to be his Platoon with the following
names on the back; V. Schultz, J.Bell, E. Norman, W. Crosby(sp?) , J.
Thibodeaux,R Dominguez.

Kevin Huber
16101 N. Ray Rd.
Lodi, CA 95242
(209) 369-9390

SFC Oren Silas Cooper

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999 
virsy Email address wrote:

I am looking for anyone who knew SFC Oren Silas Cooper,  KIA 06 Sep50
he was present during the heavy Battalion loses at th Naktong River,31 
Aug 1950.His Platoon Leader, 2nd Lt Frank H. Gardner, Commanding Officer
Capt Melvin R. Stai. 

Thanking you, I remain,
Oren S. Cooper Jr. 
email virsy@gate.net

Oct/31/1952 WIA

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 
CHRIS & SHEILA NICHOLSON Email address wrote:

My name is Chris Nicholson and I am 30 years old, came across your site
because my dad served in the 2nd Division, 23rd Infantry, I'm not sure
what days he was acutally their but I  am pretty sure that he was in the
battle of Old Baldy some where around 1950 to 1952, he was wounded 
in a battle and sent home with a Purple Heart his name is James Martin
Nicholson of Muskegon, Michigan. 

He has recently been in contact with his unit and is going to be 
attending their reunion in Branson MO. 

Also I would like to add that I served in the USN with Helicopter
Antisubmarine Squadron 6  from 1987 to 1990. Both my father and
I wore the same indian head patch to signify our units in the military.

Thank you.
Chris Nicholson
(4everus@prodigy.net) my e-mail address    

Heartbreak Ridge

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999
Updated 28 Aug 2003
Carlos Smith Email address wrote:

     FIRSTNAME: carlos
      LASTNAME: smith
        STREET: P. O. box 723261
          CITY: atlanta
         STATE: GA
           ZIP: 31139
       COUNTRY: u s a 
         PHONE: 770-436-3949
           FAX: 770-805-0303
          UNIT: Fox co. 23rd Regt., 2nd. div.

KEYWORDS: heartbreak ridge, 23rd inf., punchbowl, bloody ridge.   
may'51-march '52

COMMENTS: Would like to talk to anyone who participated in the 
ice cream party at base of heartbreak about sept. 15, 51

Carmen L. McKinney

On Sun, 15 Aug 1999 
LeShan Email address wrote:

Dear Mr. Baker,

My father Carmen L. McKinney was in the 2nd infantry the 23rd IR. He is
currently in long term care in Cromwell CT. I wanted to see what that
division did, where did they go? 

I also would like to know if there are any surviving members of this
rgt so that he could talk to them. I am sure he would enjoy that.

RA13257490 is the number that my mother used to use to be able to write
him letters. I hope this is some help to you or me as the case may be. 

My father currently has Alztimers disease, alchole dimentea, and has
suffered a stroke. 

Thank you,

23 Tank Co

On Sun, 15 Aug 1999 
Mashall W. Hardin Email address wrote:
    FIRSTNAME: Marshall W.
      LASTNAME: Hardin
        STREET: P.O. Box 1420
          CITY: Clarendon 
         STATE: TX
           ZIP: 79226-1420
       COUNTRY: U.S.A.
         PHONE: 806-874-9026
           FAX: 806-874-5006 
          UNIT: TK. Co 23rd Inf Reg 

friends with the 23rd inf reg and especially the 23rd tank co serving 
from 1950 through 1952 I joined the tk. co 9-25-51 left korea 2-25-52 
if possible would like to contact a man named Gore was driver on my tank
sept 1951 we made several runs to 702 Ord with tanks for repair would 
like to contact him and the co clurk who was in the co at that time he
also lived in the tx panhandle 

Truly yours,
Marshall Hardin

I Co 23rd Inf. Regt. 2nd Inf.Div.

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999
Arthur E. Lajeunesse Email address wrote:
       YOUR EMAIL: alajeun314@aol.com  

       FIRST NAME: Arthur E. 
        LAST NAME: Lajeunesse  
           STREET: 73 Broadway  
             CITY: Latham,  
            STATE: ny   
              ZIP: 12110
          COUNTRY: U.S.A.
        TELEPHONE: (518) 783 8564 
        YOUR UNIT: I Co 23rd Inf. Regt. 2nd Inf.Div.

Comments:  I was with I co. 23rd from Sept. 1951 to August 1952.

Honoring: Honoring ROBERT L BOURDEAU,   Robert L Bourdeau was my cousin.
When he was killed he was a member of Fox Company and I was a member of
Item Company of the 23rd Inf Regt. 

In the late fortys we played for the same semi pro football team in the
New England football league. The years of 1947,1948, & 1949.    

Sponsor of the Korean War Project

F Co, Frank Petrone

On Mon, 02 Aug 1999 
John Petrone Email address wrote:

    Street: 26942 Preciados Drive
      City: Mission Viejo
State Prov: CA 
       ZIP: 92691
   Country: USA

     Phone: 949-855-9547
     Email: jppetrone@hotmail.com


My Uncle Sgt. Frank H. Petrone was a member of the 2nd Division, 23rd
Infantry Regiment, Company F. He was declared MIA in July, 1952. No one
in my family has ever been given any details as to the dissapearence of
my Uncle. He was later declared dead, but no remains were ever returned
or found. If anyone has any information regarding my Uncle or his 
company during this period of time please e-mail me. 

More:  Dear Ted,

I would appreciate any information you could find out. In a couple of
weeks I will be attending graduate school at Georgetown University in
Washington DC. 

I will try to find out more info on my uncle Frank while I am down 
there.  I did find out that my uncle was reported MIA on July 17, 1952.

Where can one view the unit command and morning reports? I would like
to know if I can access them.

John P. Petrone
e-mail address is: jppetrone@hotmail.com


On Thu, 11 Mar 1999
Brian Berry Email address wrote:
           STREET: 6 Chicory Place  
             CITY: Newtown  
            STATE: PA   
              ZIP: 18940
          COUNTRY: USA
        TELEPHONE: 215-504-0507 
        YOUR UNIT: 

    Casualty Date: 5/18/51        
             Home: ERIE COUNTY   
  State/Territory: NY    

Family:  I am the nephew of Richard Berry, who died in Korea. My father,
Richard's younger brother Dan, has been researching the occurrences of
Richard's death for some time.  I don't believe he has accessed this 
data base.

If anyone out there has any information or would like to get in contact
with me and/or my father, please contact me.

Thank you.       

213rd FAB in Support

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999
Bud Sawyer  Email address wrote:

Some time in 1952 a group from the 213th FA of IX Corps was assigned to
HQ Co. for Rations and Quarters. The reason they were there was to use
their 90MM Gun to shoot direct fire on some Bunkers that were supposed 
to harbor enemy artillery.

Is a morning report available to inquire as to the names of these
personnel? Where would you start to look?

I have some pictures of a 23 rd RCT parade that included ( I think) the
2nd Division Band and the French Batallion. I am happy to share these
pictures that were taken by me April-August 1952 at a place unknown to 
me that was said to be HQ & HQ Co 23rd RCT.

Bud Sawyer Former member of the 90 Tramps

A Co

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999
Harlon Nothstein Email address wrote:

    Street: 212 North 7th. St.
      City: Lehighton
State Prov: PA 
       ZIP: 18235
   Country: USA

     Phone: (610) 377-1660
     Email: cell@ptd.net
 Your Unit: Co. A  23rd.RTC 2nd.Div


C Co

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999
Don Larsen Email address wrote:

First Name: Donald H. 
 Last Name: Larsen	
    Street: 1 Sleepy Hollow
      City: Athens
State Prov: GA 
       ZIP: 30601
   Country: USA

     Phone: 706 583 9446
     Email: dhlaml@aol.com
 Your Unit: Co. C, 23rd Inf


E Co

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999
Leland McCaslin Email address wrote:

   Street: 627 Boyer Rd.
      City: Grants Pass,, 
State/Prov: Oregon 
       ZIP: 97526
   Country: USA

     Phone: 541-472-9144
     Email: doylemc@wizzards.net
 Your Unit: E Co, 23rd Regt, 2nd Div
How you heard about us?


For Hoppy Harris re: Chip-yong-ni

On Tue, 20 May 1997
 Drery@aol.com wrote:

Hoppy: Just read your note on the battle there in Feb.  I was there as
well with the 37th FA. Bn.  Since I was not on the gun crews, I was
assigned to an infantry co but I don't recall which one.  It was just a
hundred yards or so from our guns.  That was one hell of a battle that
took place during those three or four days.  

I had just turned eighteen and don't remember names but I can still
picture the carnage that took place there, and the sight of all the
tracers across the night sky.  Like you said, It was beautiful but very
deadly.  It sure was great to see the tanks of the First Cav. coming in
the distance.  I spent fourteen months there with the 2nd. Inf. Div. and
left in Oct. 51.  It sure was nice to get back home intact. 

Chip-Yong-Ni WIA

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999
Eduardo Fernandez Email address wrote:

First Name: Eduardo 
Last Name : Fernandez	
    Street: 4415 Monaco Drive
      City: San Antonio, 
State/Prov: TX 
       ZIP: 78218
   Country: US

       Fax: 210-653-6388
     Email: E9Ed@aol.com
 Your Unit: 2ID


Saw combat in Korea (Chip-Yong-Ni), got hit there, was sent for 4 years
to hospitals & 76 surgeries ... never have been well after that.  Lost
lots of my good friends.

F Co

On Sat, 30 Jan 1999 
Ernest Blaum  Email address wrote:

Could I get some info on a man named Arthur Ziggler. 23 RCT. F.Co.
Understanding he was wounded around Aug. 19th 1950.  He hails from the
Chicago area. If anyone has information I would be grateful.
Ernest F. Blaum

Task Force Zebra

On Wed, 5 Feb 1997
Erick Larsen Email address wrote:

I was Battalion Surgeon task force Zebra 18 May 1951. I was rescued and
evacuated to hospital in Pusan . i was reasigned to 1st MASH as surgeon
and served there until rotation home to Camp Carsen Colorado Army

I would like to find the two 2nd Div. Infantry GI's who made my rescue
possible. I believe Brandt was the name of one .  
Can you help me? I don't know the ropes to track them down. Please help
me.  This has been on my mind for many years.  

Thanks, Erik

H Co

On Mon, 30 Nov 1998 
Debbie Email address wrote:

Hi! I am looking for information on my father Ira Lee Pemberton Jr ( he
was called Jr. by his friends). On my fathers service records it states
that he was in Co. H 23d Inf. 

My father, Ira Lee Pemberton Jr. ( called Jr. by his friends) passed 
away in 1963, at the age of 34. I was a baby, so I have no memories.

Thanks for all your help!

Hvy Mortar Co

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999
Harold Hamel  Email address wrote:

   Street: 3118 NE 123 ST #36
      City: Seattle
State Prov: WA 
       ZIP: 98125
   Country: USA

     Phone: 206 368 0174
       Fax: same
     Email: hhamel9@idt.net
 Your Unit: Heavy mortar Co. 23rd Inf. Rgt.

PFC Carl A. Tenke

On Mon, 12 Apr 1999 
Howard Tenke Email address wrote:

    Street: 1019 S. Washington St. #427
      City: Seattle
State/Prov: Washington 
       ZIP: 98104-2777
   Country: USA

     Phone: (206)292-9152
     Email: Howten@aol.com


I came here looking for information on my father, PFC Carl A. Tenke, who
was wounded in Korea 2 Sep 50.  He was an infantrymen  with the 23 Reg.
2nd Div..  

I am now serching for anyone that may have served with or remembers my 
dad during the war. Please write or call me if you have any information.

Thank you

Howard Tenke

B Co

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999 
John B Knight Email address wrote:
           STREET: 1811 N 5th St  
             CITY: Sheboygan  
            STATE: WI   
              ZIP: 53081-2841
          COUNTRY: USA
        TELEPHONE: 9204528371 
        YOUR UNIT: 23 Inf, B Co


Chinaman's Hat

On Tue, 10 Dec 1996
Harold Davidson  Email address wrote:

My name is Harold Davidson and I was stationed in Korea from August 1950
through November 1950.  I was wounded on the 16th of September, 1950 and
again on November 26, 1950 at Chinaman's Hat (or so I'm told).  I am
looking for a friend of my that  was in the 38th Infantry Regiment (I

I served with him at Camp Roberts, California until my discharge in Oct.
1952.  His name was Levi Arcement.  He was from the New Orleans area.  I
can be E-mailed at the following address:  landjjohn@aol.com

Would really appreciate any information.  Thank you.

K Co

On Fri, 23 Apr 1999
Matthew Levine Email address wrote:

    Street: 6610 CUTTY SARK LANE
      City: NAPLES
State/Prov: FL 
       ZIP: 34104
   Country: USA

     Phone: 941-353-2222
     Email: LEVINE2222@AOL.COM
 Your Unit: CO K,3d BATTALION, 23d INF REG, 2d INF DIV


On Sun, 18 Jul 1999
Lloyd E. Williams Email address wrote:

Korean War Project Guest Book Entry

First Name: Lloyd  E. 
 Last Name: Williams	
    Street: 5526  Robertson Ave. Suite B
      City: Carmichael
State Prov: Ca. 
       ZIP: 95608-3728
   Country: USA

     Phone: 916-488-6875
       Fax: 916-488-6875
     Email: lloyd.williams@zdnetmail.com
 Your Unit: 2nd.Inf.Div.23 Reg.2nd Bat.Hdq.


Sgt.Lloyd E Williams 2nd.Inf.Div. 23rd.RCT 2nd.batallion Hdq.
Communications NCO July,1950-July 1951


On Thu, 15 Apr 1999
Wick Lobo Email address wrote:
           STREET: 25222 Adelanto  
             CITY: Laguna Niguel  
            STATE: CA   
              ZIP: 92677
          COUNTRY: USA
        TELEPHONE: (949)495-5656 
              FAX: (949)495-5003
        YOUR UNIT: 

             Unit: 23 INF RGT 2 INF DIV

Family: Casualty Date: 9/1/50  My name is Wick Lobo, Arnold was my
brother.  He was 21 years of age when he was killed.  I would like to 
hear from anyone who may have known him during his tour in Korea.     

Combat Medic

On Sat, 9 Jan 1999
Updated 26 Apr 2000
Melody Wahl  Email address wrote:


My dad, Doc Wahl, served in the 2nd Infintry Division at Bloody Ridge,
Hearbreak Ridge, MungDung-Ni, from 1950-52. He was a combat medic for 
the 2nd engineering battalion, and attached for a while to the 23rd
regiment as a PFC Corporal Sargeant with the 2nd battoon Dog Company. 

He was hospitalized 3 times. He also served in the Punchbowl with the

George Donald Bolton

On Fri, 28 May 1999
Michelle Black Email address wrote:
           STREET: 1651 Knollwood Drive  
             CITY: Mobile  
            STATE: AL   
              ZIP: 36609
          COUNTRY: United States
        TELEPHONE: 334-662-0122 

Family: I am George Donald Bolton's niece, he was KIA 14 years before I
was born. His parents are both deceased now, but my Grandmother talked
about Uncle G.D.(that's what they called him) so much, I felt like I 
knew him. 

He has two sisters that are living, my Mother Sara Bolton Black resides
in Mobile, Al her e-mail address is M562@aol.com, or you can send it to
my e-mail address here at work michelle_black@fin.qms.com and if anyone
knew my Uncle, we would love to have any information you could supply us

My Aunt, Edell Bolton Cartee also lives in Mobile, AL

A Co

On Sun, 9 May 1999
Charles Main  Email address wrote:

    Street: 8009 Lakeridge Dr SE
      City: Olympia
State/Prov: Washington 
       ZIP: 98503
   Country: USA

     Phone: 360 491 0744
     Email: mindymain@aol.com
 Your Unit: Co A 23d Inf, 2d Inf Div


Chongchon River area

Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 
Subject: William J. Cusick, INF RGT UNIT 23 DIV 2 INF DIV

I have been searching for information on my uncle.  He was in the Korean
War, his body was never found, he was pronounced by the government in 
1950 as being MIA, in 1953 he was declared dead.  No dog tags were
ever found.

My mother told me a government official came to my aunt's home (now

I have sent email messages out but nothing except from Shorty and Marty
(Tigers). I would like very much to be able to locate just one of his
buddies who may have known the last days of my uncles life.  

From KWP: Nov 26, 1950 MIA


On Thu, 29 Jul 1999
Melissa Eckroth  Email address wrote:

    Casualty Date: 11/30/50  
   Service Number: 13265848
             Unit: 23 INF RGT 2 INF DIV
       YOUR EMAIL: mroth46@hotmail.com  

Family: Hi!  My name is Melissa and I am hoping someone knows Francis 
and will contact me. My address is mroth46@hotmail.com.  I'm looking
forward to hearing from you.

Thank you 

A Co

On Fri, 16 Apr 1999
John Jackson Email address wrote:

    Street: 4201 Larksquare
      City: Houston
State/Prov: TX 
       ZIP: 77051
   Country: USA

     Phone: 713-733-6544
     Email: neal@PDQ.net
 Your Unit: A co. 23rd Reg 2nd Div (4.2 mortor)

 Oct 52/Oct 54 Basic at Camp Roberts, Cal. I would like to hear from any
of the guys I served with. Tom Hicks, Adolphos Finley, and David Todd 
are a few of the names I still think of. I am active with The Lone Star
Chapter of the Korean War Veterans Assoc.


On Mon, 12 Apr 1999
Oren Cooper  Email address wrote:
Family: Casualty Date: 9/6/50  Would like to contact anyone who served
with SFC Cooper.  I am one of his sons.

Name: Oren S. Cooper Jr.
email virsy@gate.net      

Cliff R. High

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999
Sid Shown Email address wrote:

Looking for Cliff R. High, Army PFC at Heartbreak Ridge, later received
battlefield commission.  Was part of 2nd Inf Div at that time.  Was my
Company Commander in basic training in 1959.

CW3 Sid Shown, U. S. Army (Retired)
3428 Glen Raven Road
Cedar Hill, TN  37032-5104


On Sun, 31 Jan 1999 
William A. Tubbs Email address wrote:

First of all I want to thank you for your efforts to heal the wounds of
so many who were lucky enough to return HOME.

I have a faded newpaper article which was published in the Clearfield
Progress (Clearfield Pa.) sometime after February 17,1951 titled BATTLE
FOR CHIPYONG MAY MAKE HISTORY by combat correspondent 
Cpl Bruce L. Williams with 2nd Div, Korea.

Cpl William A. Tubbs
Service Company 23rd Regimental Combat Team 
2nd (Second to None) Inf. Div.Korea   July 1950--Aug 1951

William A. Tubbs
Apt # 402  19050 Fuller Heights Road
Triangle, Va.  22172    Phone 703 441-9466 

Link to news article: coming


On Sun, 28 Mar 1999
James Miles Email address wrote:

    Street: 16 Merry dell Dr
      City: Savannah
State/Prov: GA 
       ZIP: 31419
   Country: USA

     Phone: 912-927-3162
     Email: lmiles622@aol.com (Son's email)
 Your Unit: 2d, 23 Inf, HQ Co.

K Co

On Sun, 9 May 1999 
Charles Byron Williams Email address wrote:

Unable to find information on myself. I was in the 2id 23rd inf.regt
3rd bat. k Co. as a platoon medic. 

I was WIA on09-19-1950 just east of the Naktong river. I found my name
listed back in Feb. 7 1999, but no longer. My  full name is Charles 
Byron Williams RA18185906 E4,birthdae 10  Jan 1928 MOS:00409. 

I have thurley enjoyed  reading from your website and other web
links. Thank you for working so hard to bring us vets the 

F Co

On Fri, 25 Dec 1998 
Shermyonne Jones Email address wrote:

Subject: Need to find my medic!!

My father, Norman Bill Bailey, was in the Korean War from 1951-1952. 

He took part in the battle of Heartbreak Ridge, and at Old Baldy he was
injured and treated at a tent aid station which was said to have later
blown up.  His medic was a Sgt. Guy Mellott.  

My father remembers that he wore glasses, had redish blonde hair and was
built stocky.  He may not have been from the company F like my dad but
he was there on a number of occasions.  My dad has no proof of his
injuries and does not know how to find those type of medical records.

I suggested your database. My dad was in the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 
2nd Division, Company F.  

Please  E-mail me if you have any suggestions to help my dad.  He
is 70 years old now and rather ill.  But he was happy tonight when I
told him there were other people searching and remembering just like

Thanks Again.

George 'Mike' Hynes- Charlie Company

On Sun, 27 Dec 1998 
Robert L Elmer Jr. Email address wrote:

My grandfather was Sergeant First Class Mike Hynes. He was in Korea in
1952-1953.I was just wondering if anyone out there knew him. He's very
interested to know whether or not he knows or remembers any of you out

I would also like to know the specifics of your fatigue and dress
uniforms(i.e. helmets, rifles, boots, patches, and basically everything
else) because I want to start a Korean war living history group, and
would like to portray Charlie Co. 23rd I.R., 2nd Div. 

Thanks very much,
Dusty Elmer


On Mon, 1 Feb 1999
Randy Stutz Email address wrote:

My father is trying to help a sister of one of the men who served in the
Korean War. I was hoping that you may direct us in the right direction 
to find someone who may have been in the same company as he.  

His name is James M. Barton and he died after only 3 days at war on May
18, 1951.  He was with head quarters company 23rd infantry reg. 2nd
division.  His remains was brought back to the states in Feb. 1952. His
sister who is looking for him is a volunteer at the Day VA Medical 

We very much appreciate any help that you can give us. My father also
served with the Charlie Company 9th infantry 2nd division 1951-1952. 


Med Co Earl P. Glover

On Sun, 07 Feb 1999 
Theresa Giometti Email address wrote:

I am looking for information on my grandfather who was killed while
serving in the Medical Company of the 23rd Infantry Regiment, Second
Infantry Division in 1950, his name was Earl P. Glover.  

He died while cleaning his rifle.

My family knows little about him as my mother was very young when he 
died and my grandmother refused to speak of him.  Can you give me any
information about him? Maybe where he served, his duties or  someone who
may have known him?  Thank you.

Theresa Giometti

C Co - Twin Tunnels WIA

On Tue, 02 Mar 1999 
Updated: 06 Apr 2004
Richard Fockler Email address wrote:

My name is Richard Fockler,I was a member of C Company of the 23rd 
Infantry. I was wounded in action at Twin Tunnels on 1-29-51 and sent 
back to the States and did not return to the regiment. I was with the
regiment perhaps a week in all. I was a member of the squad that Rudolph
Scateni was in. Other members were Guillermo Untulan, Donald Miller,
Cenkowski, Richard Norman and Pablo Gonzales.

Gonzales did not go patrol the day I was wounded. Untulan and i were the
only survivors from our squad. My service number was 16224514.

More:  I gave you my list of squad members I omitted thename of Clement
R. Pietrishevich (sp). He was captured with me and later died while a
captive of the Chinese. 


K Co 49-50

On Sat, 3 Jul 1999 
Dave Gleockner Email address wrote:

We have been searching through your list of messages on your korean war
page and would like to know any information regarding people who were in
the 23rd regiment K Company 2nd div.  Do you have a list of names of
those who served during the time frame of April 1949 through March of

I served in that branch and got out in march 1950 due to economy
and government, then was called back in July 1950. Was sent to Austria
at that time and have lost track of those who I served with.  Those that
I served with went on to Korea, and I would like to find any information
on them.

Capt. Holmes was the company commander at the time.   

Any information that you can give me would be appreciated.  

My address is:
Dave Gleockner
344 West Lockhart Street
Sayre, PA  18840   or email: davejan@webtv.net

Thank you very much for your time
Dave Gleockner


On Mon, 12 Jul 1999
Robert E Morris Email address wrote:

Dear Sir:

Looking for information on my uncle, ARNOLD C. MON, COH 23rd INF REG.

Thank you.  My email address is Demarse@MSN.com.

Robert E. MOrris

Query on Gen Boatner?

On Sat, 24 Jul 1999
Art Lajeunesse ALajeun314@aol.com wrote:

Hal, When i served in the 2nd. Inf. Div. in 1951 and 1952 our Asst, Div.
Commander was General Boatner. I believe he was from Texas. During WW 
2 he served with General Joseph Stillwell in the China,Burma,India 
theater. I had the privlege of meeting him several times and it was 
always on the front lines. 

He had a saying that Boatner's the name & fighting's the game.Before i 
was rotated home the Army sent him down to Koje do Island Where the
Chinese and north Korean prisoners were kept, to straigten it out. THe
prisoners had rioted and taken two Generals as hostages. Bull Boatner
straitend their asses out damn quick.

What I would like to know is what became of him before he died. 

In regards to Heartbreak Ridge I remember Col. Craven and Col. Adams. 
When I got to Item Co. all i saw was a corporal and he handed me a BAR.

The 23rd payed a  dear price for that piece of real estate. The first 
time i saw Col. Adams was when i was going up and i saw this tall thin
soldier coming down from Heartbreak. I called out to him asking him how
it was going, calling him Strech. The soldier near me said that was 
Col. Adams. He had no rank on his clothing and he carried an M1 rifle 
with clipps of ammo on the sling. I beleive all the men of the 23rd had
the greatest respect far that soldier.Later after Heartbreak Ridge in
reserve in the rear we found out we were moving up to the front in 

The MLR ran across a valley  and the troops were dug in under RR tracts.
In the later part of November Col. Adams went up before we did to
reconoiter the area. He was standing near a small bridge that the 
chinese had zeroed  in and  they fired a round in and he was wounded
before the main force could get there to relieve I think it was 
the 25th div. but could be wrong.


Art Lajeunesse Item Company
73 Broadway


 On Tue, 14 Sep 1999 
Ken Pitlick Email address wrote:

     FIRSTNAME: Kenneth
      LASTNAME: Pitlick
          CITY: Evansville
         STATE: IN
         PHONE: 812-428-2290
          UNIT: 23 Infin. 2nd div.
       SERVICE: Army
        STATUS: Family Member

      KEYWORDS: 23rd Infantry, 2nd div., Chipyong-ni, Pusan, Chunchon 
River, 1951

COMMENTS: Just a note to let those out there know that Ken Pitlick from
Evansville, IN is still with you. He is my grandfather, and I have been
doing a little research for him, when I get the chance.

My name is Lori, and you may contact Ken and let him know that you too 
are still out there at 812-428-2290.  He would love to hear from anyone
who fought at Chipyong-ni in Korea!  I sure hope I filled in the info
correctly, but mostly hope that someone out there remembers PITLICK!!! 

He has a memory like a steel trap about Korea, detail for detail. Please
call him.

Hvy Mortars

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999 
harold hamel Email address wrote:

Hi Hal, I was also in the 23,  heavy mortor Co., from June 50 to May 51.
I was sent to Japan in May and got there just as the war started.  

From the picture on the website I don't recognize anyone. I was in the
19th Inf regt of the 24th Div. later. If remember right I ran across 
some the guys I knew fron the 23rd in Oct/Nov 50. I was a first gunner 
and FO for the Co.

Sincerely Harold K Hamel     ( Kurt )


On Tue, 10 Jun 97 
DON MCCLOSKEY Email address wrote:

hello hal

I would like to get some information about the 23 inf reg. I served in 
that reg in korea i forgot the war like so many other people but when i
saw this home page i thought i would take a look,it was great to see the
french again. 

I see the 23rd has it's own hat that looks nice never seen the 23rd 
crest. I would like to try and get a french hat i had about 3 of them in
korea but never brought one home.

It all seems like a bad dream to me if you could give me some 
information on any of this it would be great.

nice job you are doing never thought i would see aneything abought 

combat inf vet 23rd korea

E Co

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999 
Brian Scott Email address wrote:


I am trying to locate information pertaining to my father, Gerald

He was a member of the Second Infantry Division and was one of
the survivors of Heartbreak Ridge.  I was told, indirectly, that he was
commended for the Silver Star for some action related to the of taking a
North Korean bunker during this battle.  Could you tell me how I could
possibly locate more information.

I have always admired him and would nontheless like to pass down as much
detail about my father to my son. 

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Brian Scott

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