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On Sat, 10 Jul 1999 
Updated Aug 18, 2000
"Anthony J. Sobieski" Email address wrote:


Quick update for you. My book is coming along nicely, and am now doing
phone interviews with some of the men. I have just finished interviewing
1st Lt Joe Adams Jr. from Baker Battery 213th FAB. He was the FO on 
White Horse when they got overran (OP Love), and he called in fire on 
his own position.

I also just finished interviewing 1st Lt Jack Callaway, who was the FO 
on OP Roger (hill 284) during White Horse and called in a constant
devastating fire on the the CCF. Fascinating stuff. Both men received 
the Silver Star for their actions.

proud son of 2nd Lt Henry J. Sobieski, FO, Baker Battery 1953

Records search

On Tue, 18 Mar 1997 
Tony Hafen  thafen@infowest.com  wrote:

I was in Korea in the years of 1951-52, but can find no record 
anywhere on the internet. Wondering if you could tell me where 
to look for records that old. 


Tony Hafen
2416 East 3580 South
St. George, Utqh 84790
email, thafen@infowest.com

213 Armored Field Artillery Bn IX CORPS

Updated Oct 28/98 
Updated: Aug 18, 2000
ANTHONY J. SOBIESKI  Email addresswrote:


phone: 215-281-3382


Searching for anyone who served with the 213th Field Artillery Battalion
in Korea 1951-54, all Batteries. We have a data base established for
'found' members, with over 260 names of 213th 'Red Legs'. 

Also currently collecting information and photographs about the 213th 
for publication of an updated, more complete unit history.

Contact Anthony J. Sobieski at sobieski@gateway.net or write;

213th Field Artillery Battalion
Anthony J. Sobieski
4432 Ernie Davis Circle
Philadelphia, PA 19154-1751

phone 215-281-3382

Tony Sobieski,
Proud Son of Henry J. Sobieski, F.O., 2nd Lt, Baker Battery, 213 FAB

Charley Co

On Wed, 6 May 1998
Updated: 3/08/99 
Rjokerr Email address wrote:

I was in the inactive reserve in 1950, and was called back. I served in
the 213th Field Artillery a National Guard unit from  Utah, from
Sept. 1950-Sept. 1951. I was in Charley Company. If you have any
addresses of anybody in the unit, would appreciate getting them.

The 213th Armored Field Artillery Battalion was made up of three
companies of 105 self propelled howitzers, and a headquarter company.

Each company had six self propelled howitzers. They were a National
Guard Battalion from Utah. 

They were activated in about August 1950, and were at 75% strength, 
made up the difference with reservists and draftees. I joined them at
Fort Lewis, Wa.

In October 1950. as a reservists. We went to Korea in January 1951 on
the troop ship General Meigs. I came home and was discharged in Sept.

Jack Kerr
1004 Racine St.
Bellingham, Wa. 98226

90 Tramps

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998
Bud Sawyer Email address wrote:

The 213 th FA Battery A captured a large group of North Korean Infantry
late 1950 or early 1951 south of the Yalu.

A 90 mm gun crew using direct fire shot bunkers beyound the MLR, 1952. 
Were assigned to HQ 23rd RCT. Called "90 Tramps". Lt Mundalow was 
Officer. Any help identifying these soldiers will be appreciated.

The 213 th FA was originally a National Guard Unit that was activated I 
think from Orem or Moab Utah. I was one of the first draftee's to be 
assigned to this outfit Sept 1951. Stayed till November 1952. Was part 
of a "Volunteer" group that made up the crew of a 90 MM gun that was 
activated to fire direct fire on North Korean Bunkers in front of 
the MLR.

I'm a Whitehorse veteran, he "Greatest ARTILLERY battle in history".

More: I was too late for Heartbreak, but did shoot Pork Chop and
Whitehorse and was invited to go with several other "volunteers" to 
stack remains in the truck, afterward.

Our OP guy Pete Mundalow, a former WO commissioned Lt. called his own
number, the so called no fire line, on White Horse. We couldn't believe
it at the time, he had Chinese inside his own OP bunker. The small arms
fire that resulted in a single round passing through his helmet was 
fired by a Chinese Officer and Pete nailed him with his 45. This same
night I vocally directed our entire firing Battery (6 x 155 Howitzers) 
because we had our telephone wires destroyed.

Bud Sawyer

Baker Btry

On Sun, 11 Jul 1999
Micah Berman  Email address wrote:

Korean War Project Guest Book Entry

Micah Berman	
4712 Corsaire Ave.  #1
Las Vegas NV 89115
Phone: 702 644 8708
Fax: 530 231 3907
Email: a4twos@worldnet.att.net

 Your Unit: Baker  213FAB IX Corps  '53 - '54 


I'm looking for photos and people that Iknew in Korea.  

213th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (155MM)

1999 and Earlier Legacy Files