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19th Inf, 3rd Bn ('51-52)
Contact Name: Mr. B. E. Roberts
1325 12th St
McHenry, IL  61265-3066
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Nov 8, 1951

From: JCjim@aol.com
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 
Am interested in finding any details regarding my brother, 
Pvt Philip T McGowan killed in action in North Korea, Nov 8th, 1951.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Jim McGowan 

(contd from KWP)
Here is the NARA information. You may use the DD Form 180 to
request the full record from St. Louis. We reccommend that your
request be sent via your Congressman to expidite the request.

Mc Gowan, Philip T.
Svc#	US51058361
Grade:	Pvt.
24th ID, 19th IR. 

Gilbert Whitaker

From: Gafiremedi@aol.com
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 

I am looking for Arthur Gilbert Whitaker.  He died in the Korean War.
Age approx. 21.  I am looking for my Uncle's father. He does not have
any more information on Arthur.

4/2/96 Update from KWP

Whitaker, Gilbert
Svc#		15378625
Rank		CPL E-4
MOS		04812 
KIA		Hostile Action
CasDt		04-24-51
Unit		19th Infantry, 24th Div


My name is Brad Simcox, I am looking for several men. Their names
were Williams, Burch, and Gutschall. 

My father's name is Horace Burton  Simcox, he was in Pusan with 
24th Division, 19th Infantry. The pictures  I have are dated October
of 1956. 
Williams was from Tyler TX. and Burch was from Florida. Some other 
names are Russo, McKay, Brown, Nettesheim.

My Dads birthday is in June I would like to try to get in touch with
any I could so they might talk on the phone.

Pleas E-Mail me at tcsfwtx@onramp.net

Thank you very much.

William L. Tyler, Ms..

See also: 5th RCT
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 1
From: rushr@ix.netcom.com (Robert Rush )
Subject: looking for William L. Tyler


My name is John Rush.  I am looking for William L. Tyler of 
Mississippi.  I believe he was in the 19th Infantry Regiment, but am 
sure he was in the 24th Infantry Division in 1951-52.  

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.  I served with George 
Company 5th RCT 51-52.

John R. Rush

C Co, 3rd Platoon

See Also: POW
On Sat, 28 Sep 1996  
Jim Slagle  slagle@wave.sheridan.wy.us wrote:

My name is Jim Slagle and my Dad, Donald Lee Slagle,  was a POW for 32
months. He was in camp #5 24th division 19th Infantry Regiment Co. Third
platoon. He has been trying  to locate some of the guys he was in camp
with. I think it would do him a lot of good if he could talk to someone 
who knew what he went through over there. I searched your data-base and 
found out one of them, Peter Oles,  had died. I wish he had access to 
your page it is really great. 

Do you know of any other pages that I might hit to learn more about what 
he went through? 

He is also looking for a, Glenn House, 19th infantry 24th division born
in Boise Idaho.

Also a, Samuel E. Ward,  same infantry and division. 

Jim Slagle

----from KWP

Donald was wounded returned to unit and later wounded and captured.


Re: Don Slagle

 On Thu, 13 Feb 1997 WALLEN2@TAMPABAY.RR.COMwrote:
Where have you been? haven't heard from you since the reunion many
years ago.
We were together in Japan and later in Korea both were captured and 
spent time in camp 5. Have seen a lot of the guys over the years. 

We still have the reunions. Would write more if I had your address. 
There is a pow reunion in July in Knoxville Tenn.

Bill Allen C Co.
19th.inf. 24th inf div.

more from Bill:

 On Sun, 16 Feb 1997  WALLEN2@TAMPABAY.RR.COM wrote:

Korean War EX-POW
1052 Nine Times Road
Pickens, SC. 29671

Ted this is the head honcho of the group. Get on the mailing list 
of the EX-POW,s
The reunion this year in Knoxville Tenn. July 21-27.
Host Hotel- Holiday Inn,
525 Henley St. downtown 37302  
Ph. 423-522-2800.
Hope to get a chance to meet you.

I & R Platoon

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996 
John Green wrote:

8049 McClements

Looking for info re; 19th inf regt i & r platoon winter 51-52.

I was tech sgt squad ldr, later in  S-3 under capt. patch,  Lt. Ambrose 
was S-2. 

Had memorable softball game during one reserve period, officers vs.men

more from John---

HQ & HQ Co

 On Mon, 4 Nov 1996 John Green wrote:

Vet 19th inf 24th div hq & hq co-I&R platoon sping-winter 1951
Last cmdr Col McKinney S-3 was Capt Patch. Is he living--son of WWII 
Gen Patch Buddy in 21s reg. James M.Daly was killed late, just before 
armistice He was BAR man.

I rotated out the week  he was killed.

Tommy Connolly - M Co

On Sun, 24 Nov 1996
Upated: 12 Oct 1999  
John Connolly  jonean@erols.com  wrote:

I am trying to locate anybody who served with my brother in Japan or 
Korea 1948-1951.  He was with M Company, 19th Infantry, 24th div.  He 
served in Korea with the first troops of the 24th until 1951. I am 
trying to put a family history together.  I lost my left arm in the 
battle of Chinaman's hat when I was with F Company, 23rd Infantr 
Regiment 2nd (Indianhead) Infantry Division.  45 yrs after I was 
wounded, I learned which battle I lost my arm in and who saved my life. 

Thanks for the availability of the data base.
Update Nov 12, 1997

John Connolly Home Page


1st Bn

 On Sun, 1 Dec 1996  Evert Moose Hoffman  mcbirh1967@aol.com
P O Box 643
Sunbury, PA 17801
Fax:	717-286-1696

Would like to contact former soldiers from all 
companies.   July '50- Jun '51 1st BN  19th Inf 

A Company

 On Fri, 6 Dec 1996  Teresa Hayden  jhayden@saturn.vcu.edu  wrote:

My father's name was Bernice Sherrill Hayden. He was born and raised
in Wise, Virginia.  He was in Korea in the mid 50's.  He was reluctant 
to talk about his experience in the military. After he returned from 
Korea, he attended East Tennessee State University. He obtained his 
degree in Business and became certified to teach. He taught elementary
school in Pound, Virginia for 25 years.

On my father's DD214 form, his most significant duty assignment is 
stated as CO "A" 19th INF REGT (Korea).  My uncle stated that my father
trained in Japan for duty with the mountain troops ski patrol prior to 
being sent to Korea.  

Apparently, daddy served 2 months in Korea in some sort of front
line activity. After this 2 month stint, daddy obtained a position as a 
morning report clerk.

My father died in 1985 of Cancer.  I would like to learn more about his 
experience while in Korea. 

3rd Bn, Item Co.

 On Sun, 15 Dec 1996   Doug  field@pwshift.com  wrote:

I am searching for Frank Schultz originally from Iowa he was in the 24th
inf div 19 inf reg 3rd batallion i company 1st platoon 1st squad 

doug field field@pwshift.com
wolcott, vt 05680

Medical Company

 On Mon, 6 Jan 1997   TankWill1@aol.com wrote:

I would like to hear from anyone who was with Medical Company 19th. Reg.
24th. Div.  July 1953 to Nov 1954 

 Bill Tankersley (Tank) Baltimore area

3rd Bn, Item Co

 On Wed, 8 Jan 1997   Gregwsps@aol.com wrote:

Doug Field of Wolcoitt, Vt contacted you concerning this on 12/15/96.  
We served in 1951 24th infantry Div. 19th infantry reg. 3rd bat. ,
i company 1st platoon, 1st squad.

Richard Stancliff
35 woodbine Ave Feasterville Pa 19053
( 215 )-355-0786

19th Infantry Rgt - POW

On Tue, 7 Jan 1997 Tina Hutto wrote:

5633 County Road 217
Hillsboro, AL 35643

Am interested in finding out more about POW in Korean War.  

My father was a prisoner in a holding camp near the 
38th paralell, he was in 24th Div., 19th regiment, Company
K.  He was put in a holding camp, because he had been
shot and was not able to make it to a camp site. 

I have very much enjoyed your articles.  My father does
not talk about this and I am very much interested.

1st Bn/ 19th Infantry Rgt

The following is from a letter to the KWP
Nov. 12, 1996

I would like to hear from you (read anyone out here- ed note) concerning
the Korean War. I was in the Korean War from Oct 2nd 1950 until
Sept. 1953.

I was with the 24th Infantry Division, 19th Rgt, 1st Bn. and my 
serial number was # 17293766.

I hear so much about the Viet Nam war but never anything aoubt 
the Korean War, it was a war wasn't it?

I think we should be known as well as the rest, as we defended our own
country also.

Thank you,

Marvin Smyser
25 Speyer Ct.
Lander, Wy 82520

B Company 19 IR

On Sat, 8 Feb 1997
Deb  seneca104@aol.com wrote:

My dad served in Korea, 24th Infantry, Co.B, l9th Regiment,
Purple Heart recipient.  He is active in veterans issues and stays in 
contact with people he  served with.  I am interested in anyone 
with any information pertaining to the company my dad was in.  

His name is Raymond, (Buzz), Cooley, Tiffin, Ohio. I forward any
mail or information I gather to him. I treasure my freedom and am
grateful to all who served and fought for it.

Thanks, Deb

Easy Company - 19IR

On Thu, 13 Mar 1997 
Thomas J. Thiel tjthiel@aol.com wrote:

19147 Park Place Blvd.
Eustis, FL 32736
(352) 357-3943
I served in Easy Company, 19th Infantry Division from May 1951 
to Feb 1952.  Would like to hear from anyone even remotely related 
to that unit.

Drafted in Nov 1950 at Toledo, OH; native of Upper Sandusky, 

A Company - 19 IR

On Sun, 2 Mar 1997
LODGEPOLES@aol.com wrote:

My father was in Company A, 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry 
Division.  He is Looking for a friend named Richard (Dick) Perrin and
a friend named Ronald Wierick.

Because of my father along with all of our vets my family and I  are
free and If I could reunite him with just one friend it would be my 
way of saying thank you to him.  My father's name is 
Delbert Eugene Massey.    

B Company - 19 IR

On Mon, 3 Mar 1997 
Raymond Cooley seneca104@aol.com  wrote:

Tiffin, OH

Interested in hearing from anyone who served with 
24th Infantry Division, 19th Regiment, Co.B from;
7-50 through 4-51, Korea.

Heavy Weapons Co

From a letter 

Michael R. Bailey
982 Rill Road
Reading, Pa 19606

I am interested in receiving any information concerning  your 
organization. My father served in Korea from the outbreak in
June 1950 until the war's end. He was with the 24th Inf Div,
19th IR Heavy Weapons Co. 

He was captured and made a POW in November 1950. My 
father's name: Robert D. Bailey, Jr USA Ret.

I am interested in the history of the unit and Division.

1st Bn

From Letter to KWP:

I would like to hear from you (anyone) concerning the war. I was
in the Korean War from Oct 2n 1950 unitl Sept 1953. I was 
with the 24th Inf Div, 19th IR 1st Bn.

I think we should all be known as well as the res (other wars) as
we defended also.

Marvin Symser
25 Speyer Dr
Landon, Wy. 82520

19th IR - POW - Died in Camp

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997   
Lisa Warren  lwarren@greene.xtn.net  wrote:

Hello! I'm a reporter with a small newspaper in East Tennessee. I'm 
looking for any information at all on a Korean POW from Greeneville, 
Tennessee named Delmar Ray Ward. His name was among those listed in 
the Tiger's Survivors List, which was kept by Wayne "Johnnie" Johnson 
and written about in a recent article in Reader's Digest.

The only thing I know about Mr. Ward was that he was 19-years-old 
when he died in a POW camp in 1950. He was in the 24th Infantry 

Anyone out there who may have ANY information at all ­ or may know 
how I can access this information, please e-mail me at 


If you wish, you can call me at our newspaper at 423-638-4181 and ask 
for either me (Lisa Warren) or Bob Hurley, another reporter who is 
also working on the story.	THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

----from KWP----

Mr. Ward was declared a casualty:
Date of Cas: July 16, 1950 

19th IR

KIA: July 16, 1950

On Thu, 20 Mar 1997 
Barry Boecher  wrote:

3780 Broadmoor
Beaumont, TX 77707-2420

Looking for information on my cousin Edward Matchett, who was 
killed in Korean War.

On Sat, 31 May 1997 
Barry Boecher wrote:


In studying my cousins death in Korea, Edward Matchett, who was with
the 24th Infantry Div and killed July 16, 1950 I find that his funeral 
was not until Aug 28, 1951. A memorial service was held in Oak Park,IL 
with internment in Paw Paw, MI. A Fort Custer Detail performed the 
military rites at the grave site.

Lewis W Bratton 19 IR

On Tue, 11 Mar 1997 
Jimmie Evans evansj@12fmpo.rnd.aetc.af.mil  wrote:

165 Palisades Dr #1208
Universal City, TX 78148

My grandfather, Louis Bratton, died while a prisoner of war during the
Korean War 

Louis Bratton
Danville, IL (or Georgetown, IL)
US Army
Was Captain (or Major) and reenlisted in Army with the rank of Master

I would also like to know if he is in a burial site, be it a mass
burial site, or what?

Your consideration and help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Lt Jimmie L Evans II

Rgt. Supply Company

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997 
Tom Thomas  spotwood@qni.com  wrote:

My father was in Korea from January 1951 to early 1952 with the 24th 
Division, 19th Infantry Regiment, Regimental Supply Company. I recently
did a watercolor painting for him for Christmas of the truck he drove 
while he was there. 

I found a picture of it in a box at home and he said I could have it.
The truck originally belonged to the 34th regiment, and after they were 
wiped out, the truck was assigned to him. 

I would like to have you dedicate it to my father, Cpl. John C. Thomas, 
and the men who kept the supply lines flowing for the war effort. Please
let me know if you decide to use it, so I can show it to my dad. 

The name of the painting is  ..."Service 16"

Thank you for your time.
Tom Thomas
Spotwood Studio
Holt MO   

KIA July 16, 1950

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997
Barry Boecher  icthy@sat.net  wrote:
Dear Sir,

I am doing research on my family and am seeking information on my
cousin, EDWARD W. MATCHETT, who was killed in Korea 16, July 1950. His
rank was SFC, Service # 46019935.

Thank you for your time.

Barry Boecher

Anti Tank Plt

Updated 3/05/99 by editor
On Sat, 3 May 1997 1
Joyce Masher  Email address wrote:

A friend of mine is trying to locate a person who served with him in the
Korean war. info that he has at this time is as follow:  name:
Benjamin Taranto, etc. not sure.  he lived in flatbush,
ny at the time.

19th regiment, 24th infintry div, anti tank mine platoon. Ralph Lapore 
from (Exeter, pa.) is looking for him.  nickname was Benny.  or info on 
how to find if this person is still alive.

Thank you,

Joyce Masher

Update: On Tue, 2 Mar 1999 John and Helen Taranto Email address wrote:
Dear Ted:
John (Benny) and Ralph Lapore were reunited on 3/01/99 thru your 
website. In the last 24 hours there have been so many communications
between Ralph's friends who posted the message, Ralph and John.

We are expecting pictures to be e-mailed to us at any time.

Again, many thanks to you.

Best Regards,

John & Helen

Earl Nugent

On Mon, 10 May 1999
Joyce Masher Email addresswrote:

I would like to add a message that Ralph Lepore, of Exeter, Pa.is 
looking for Earl Nugent, Buffalo, NY, from the 19th regiment, 24th
infantry, anti tank platoon in the Korean War.  Any one knowing of his 
where abouts would be greatly appreciated.  

thank you,
Joyce Masher

HQ Company

On Sat, 24 May 1997 
Charles Hull  wrote:
611 Washington Ave
Hagerstown, Md 21740

datein: july 1950 dateout: sept. 1951

Looking for Carmen Pegaliarea. Last time seen at HQ.Co. going back 
to his re outfitwhich was the 19 th Infantry.

He was fron Boston Mass. Last known address was 
201 Thatcher Ave.

Death March

On Tue, 27 May 1997 
Paul Knapke paulk@aiinet.com  wrote:

Re: Kum River engagement

My uncle, Cpl. Anthony "Ank" Knapke, was captured in Korea less than 
three weeks after he landed in July(?) 1950.  He had served in Japan
after WWII and reupped when the Korean war started. 

He died in a death march, probably not long after that.  I believe his 
name may be on the "Johnson's list" or "Tiger's list" mentioned in the 
January Readers Digest article.

Does anyone have information about my uncle? Also,   I am looking for 
information on several men of the 19th regmt. 

Edwin Ryan, a chaplain's asst. was a buddy of my uncle before the 
Korean War.  Ryan survived the war.  I would really like to contact him.

I am also interested in contacting the family of Rev. Herman Felhoelter 
who was killed July 16th at Taepyong-ni.

I also would like any info on Eugene Gawlick, who may also have 
been a buddy.

 He started in Co. A, but ended up in Head & Head Co.  He was captured 
at the Kum River on July 16, 1950 and died in the Death March on 
November 4, 1950.  Edwin Ryan was a kind man who sent some very welcome
letters to my grandmother when Anthony was MIA.

More:I have also pursued this line of questions through the
Tiger Survivors organization.  A man named Shorty Estabrook gave me
some info.  The only difference is that according to him, Johnson's
list shows my uncle as dying on a death march between Mampo-jin and
Chung'gang-jin North Korea, not in Camp 5.

Medical Company

On Thu, 5 Jun 1997
"Dudley R. Spears"  sjdur@wku.campus.mci.net  wrote:

Dudley R. Spears
phone: 502 781 4947
fax: 502 842 7880

I have a friend who was with the 19th Infantry, medical corps, stationed
north of the Imgin River by the "Freedom Bridge." 

He is interested in finding out more about some his unit. I searched to 
see  if there is a reunion, but found none planned.

Also, is there a reunion planned for the 6148th TAC that was at K-47,
near Chunchon, Korea that you know about?

Thanks in advance

Rayford Harper

On Tue, 3 Jun 1997 
D.L. Harper wrote:

Attalla, AL 35954

I am the cousin of Rayford H. Harper killed 04-26-51. I vividly recall 
the funeral and How his death affected   his family,Especially my 
uncle Kelly,Rayfords father.

They (father and son) Had a petty argument over the loan of the family
car just prior to Rayford's being shipped to Korea and my Uncle greived 
over it until his own death a few years later.

I am seeking information concerning Rayfords death and\or anyone who 
may have known him. I believe he recieved the Silver Star  and am 
wondering about that also.His remaining family is in poor health and 
have very little helpful information themselves.

D.L. Harper
no email listed with msg - ed

James Harrington POW

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997 
JB10385@aol.com wrote:

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is John W. Bush and my great Uncle died in a POW camp in 1950.
I have tried to find his name using the Search but there is never a
match. I was wondering if you could help me in any other way in which I
could find some information about him.
His name was James A. Harrington, born in 1919 and the Government said
he died October 4, 1950. He was in the Army, Regular Infantry, from
Brooklyn N.Y.

Thank you for your help,

John W. Bush

EMail Address- JB10385@AOL.COM

POW Died in Camp

On Fri, 13 Jun 1997
Ross R McGrath souls@accessin.com.au wrote:

63rd FA Bn Sv. Bty 24th Inf Div

I am looking for anyone who may have known my Uncle Ross R. McGrath.
He was captured in July, 1950 and died on a POW force-march in 
November 1950. Although he was not with the 19th InfReg, many of 
the men who died like and with him were. 

My family still does not know how my Uncle died. I would very much
like to correspond with anyone who may have know Ross, or witnessed
 his death.  If you survived these terrible times and just want to talk 
to someone who is beginning to understand just what you were subjected 
to, please contact me.

I am so sorry you were there, but my heart soars like an eagle to 
know you survived.
Ross R McGrath

B Company

On Sat, 28 Jun 1997 
Hal Ethridge   wrote:

1300 Northwoods Drive
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Looking for survivors of B Co. 19th Inf. 24th Div.  from the time 
period July 1950 thru May 1951!

Gary R. Wilson - KIA

On Sun, 3 Aug 1997 
Note: 5 Spt 1999 the KWP needs a good contact for Richard Thompson:

Richard Thompson   wrote:

Gary R. Wilson (maybe called Richard, his middle name) was listed as 
Killed While Missing 04/23/51. 

I would like to receive any bit of information anyone may have. Private 
Wilson was my namesake and I'm hoping that someone remembers him.

He was from Rock Hill, SC and 20 yrs old in 1951. 

More on Gary R. Wilson

On Fri, 2 Jul 1999
Ray Steck Email address wrote:

I saw the name of Gary R. Wilson as I was looking in "Looking For".

I was in the service with a Gary Wilson from Rock Hill., S.C.
I have 2 pictures of him.  One at Aberdeen Proving Ground and One on the
ship to Korea.  If you have Mr. Richard Thompson address or E'mail
address, I would like to send him these pictures and I would also like 
to get in contact with him.

Thank You,

Ray Steck
167 Burmon Drive
Orchard Park, New York 14127


Heavy Mortar Co.

On Sat, 02 Aug 1997 
David Hendry  wrote:

Dear Mr. Barker,

I served with Heavy Mortar Co. 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry
Division from 1949-50.  I was shangied at the beginning of the Korean
War to Heavy Mortar Co. 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division,
was WIA August 19th 1950.  

Thank you for the Korean War Project.

David V. Hendry, CWO, USA(Ret)

Medical Company - Kum River

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997 
Roland Watson wrote:

6 Northway Circle #2
Dover, ? 03820
603) 749-1157

I am submitting this information on my fathers (Roland V. Watson)behalf,
he would like to hear from you - please feel free to send any response
to my e-mail address - sigw@ctron.com - thanks

My father went to Korea in June of 1950, he was with the 19th Infantry 
at Kum River. He was with the Medical Company 19th Infantry, 24th
Division. He started in the 19th Inf. Regt. Band and later was assigned
to the Medical Company.

Anyone in Kum River (Korea) in June of 1950 PLEASE respond 

F Company MIA

On Sun, 02 Nov 1997 
Kenneth Lester  Email address

Looking for information on my uncle cpl.darrell duff ra 17252955.

Served with 19 infantry regiment reported missing in action 16july 1950.

Any information you may provide is app. hammer@spiff.net.com


On Tue, 16 Sep 1997 
William Ferguson billcaro@idt.net wrote:

I am searching for any info on KENNETH N HANDY. What does REFNO 9982 
mean? What does UCODE 17024:60:0019 mean? What was the 'death march' 
11/4/1950? Any other info you might have. Trying to find out how he died 
and where in North Korea. 


Bill Ferguson

Note: the KWP has answered many of Bill's questions, but if you knew
Kenneth, do chip in.--ed

34th and 19th IR Vet

On Sat, 11 Oct 1997 
Home1boy@aol.com wrote

I was in the Korean war from Jul. 1950 to Dec. 1951
I was in the 34th Inf Reg 24Th Div until the 34Th inf Reg was changed to
the 19 th Inf Reg, then I was in that.

I am on line with many other Korean vets and they seem to know what
battles they were in and the dates of the battles. I can only remember
very few of the names of the hills and towns in which I took part in

How can I get information that places my outfit in these places. I want
to join a club (The Chosin Few ) But I have to know if I was in the
Battle  of the Chosin Reservoir. 

You would be of great service to me if you can help me compile this

Thank you,

Richard White

Fox Company

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997 
Marilyn Rainey rainey@triton.net wrote:

Holland, MI 49423

datein: 1950 dateout: 1952

I am searching on the behalf of my father, Monroe Childress, 
for anyone who might have been in 19th Ingfantry Regiment, 
24th Division, Fox Company.

My dad would like to hear from you.  Also, if anyone has any
information regarding a movie that was produced by Columbia pictures
(Forty Minutes with Fox Company) we would like to try to obtain a copy
of it. Please send any information to my email at mrainey@triton.net.

One last thought:  Thank you to all of you who gave everything you
could to fight in this war.  All of you have a special place in my
heart, as I have seen pictures of what it was like.  Although will
never know the true hell of it all.

Eddie Wallace KIA

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997 
Charles Ellis wrote:

3702 Scenic Dr.
Eugene, OR 97402
Telephone:	(541) 461-0414

My uncle Eddie Wallace joined the Army when he was 15 using his dead
older brother's birth certificate his name was Emil Wallace.

Eddie was killed in combat in Korea and even today is still buried under
his brother's name.The reason this was never corrected was because my
great grandparants used his G.I. insurance to buy a house.They were
afraid to report the wrongfull death of this boy.

Anyway,my greatgrandparents are dead so they face no charges.Please
contact me to help this boy truly rest in peace.It would be a shame to
let this brave hero continue to be ignored.

Thank you.

Everett Pendarvis

On Sun, 4 Jan 1998 
Jim Pendarvis lpendo@cjnetworks.com wrote:

TOPEKA, KS 66611-1924
Telephone:	785-266-4440
Looking for anyone who might remember my father, EVERETT PENDARVIS, who
was assigned to the 24th and was KIA in Korea on 20 July 1950.  I was
four years old and don't remember much about him.  Would love to hear
any stories that anyone might recall.  Thanks.

Heavy Mortar Co

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998 
"Robert D. Bailey Jr." exeterpd@talon.net wrote:

780 Lincoln Rd.
Birdsboro, PA 19508


datein: July 1950 dateout: armistance

My name is Robert D. Bailey Jr. I was stationed in Beppu Japan prior
to the outbreak of the Korean War with the 19   th Infantry Regiment
of the  24 th Division. I served in the heavy mortar company. 

My unit was sent to Korea in the  beginning of July 1950. I was made
a POW in November 1950 in the area of Unsan. 

I am looking for a few of my buddies. They are; Richard Y.N. Leu
(Hawaii), Floyd Held (Mo.), Hank Grabowski (Pa.) & Edward J.
Sheganoski (Pa.).

If anyone has any information as to thier whereabouts or what became
of them please contact me. Thank you.

Alfred J. Leger Jr. KIA-Korea-1951

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998 
Ken Leger duane@gntech.net wrote:

datein: 1950 dateout: 4/30//51

Would very much like to make contact with anyone who served with my
brother during the period of 1950-1951. He wrote in last letter not to
write anymore because he was ready to rotate but never made it.

It would be nice after all these years to talk to someone who served
with him . Thankyou

Ken Leger

Kenneth Nelson Handy

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998 
Chad Bloom AFFOLKS@aol.com wrote:

117 Oak Terrace Dr
Crestview, FL 32539

phone: 904-682-5545

datein: Sept 1950 dateout: Nov 5th 1950

I am searching for information concerning my Uncle, PFC Kenneth "Nelson"
Handy, KIA on 5 Nov 1950 while assigned to the 24th INF DIV/19th INF REG

Would like information concerning the Units movement the first week of 
Nov 1950. I understand he may have been KIA in the vicinity of the Yalu.

I am looking for any information concerning his unit's location during
contact and the events that led to the abrupt casualty rates. My mother
has letters that he wrote home  from Japan while in route to Korea and 
one while he was aboard ship. These do not allude to an awareness of 
what would befall him shortly after his arrival in Korea.

Also trying to determine the duty description for MOS 04812. Thank you.

Chad Bloom

G Company

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998 

William G. Roseboro WROSEBORO@WEBTV.NET wrote:
605 Marlboro Street
Hamlet, NC 28345-2306

Website: http://community.webtv.net/wroseboro/GCompany19thInfantry

I am trying to compile a history of G Company, 19th Infantry during the 
Korean War. I am looking for James T Cooper,from Helena and/or Lambrook
, AR; Lowell E Jones, from Ada , OK: Marvin Bryant; Clyde Bryant,or 
anyone who may know or know of them. Also anyone who may have known 
Paul C Bryant,KIA 24 April 1951.

All help with this, and any other info on George Company, will be 
appreciated. Thanks.

Bill Roseboro  2nd Platoon  Dec 50-Jul 51 

Note: from KWP; Mr. Roseboro and James T. Cooper made a reunion in Jan
of 1999 per Jim.

Capt. Anthony Dannucci

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998


Eight Army Gen. Ord. No. 194, 7 Apr 1951, awarded the 
Distinguished Service Cross (posthumously) to Capt. Anthony Dannucci, Jr.
CO, G Co., 19th Infantry, 24th Infantry Division, for heroic action near
Sangho-Ri, SK, 6 Feb 1951.

Bill Roseboro
G Co, 2nd Platoon  Dec 50-Jul 51

E Company

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998 
Barbara Email address wrote:

I would like to hear from anyone that was in Co. E, 19th inf. regt.
24th div. on 05-11-1950, near Anju, North Korea. My husband, John W.
Moore, was killed on that date, and I would love to hear from anyone
who was with him or new him.

Thank you,

34th and 19th IR

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998 
"Thomas F. Hauck" Email address wrote:

1319 ave. D
Fort Madison, IA 52627

phone: (319)372-2948

34th & 19th inf.

datein: 1 July 1950 dateout: & July 1951

I served with the heavy mortar company 34th Inf regt. until
the unit was nearly wiped out a Taejon,  20 July 1950.

The regiment was deactivated and I was transfered to M company
19th Inf with the 81 platoon.  I was wounded Sept. 11 1950, and
returned to the unit in November 1950 in time for the MacAurthur
"Home for Christmas " promise .

Item Co WIA

On Sun, 22 Mar 1998 
UPdated: 18 Oct 1999
ERNIE POWELL Email address wrote:

dear sirs:

first of all thanks a lot for all the hard work you doing,

i have just got on the net. i was with the 24th div 19th regt Item Co.
until being wounded oct 21-1951, then went to camp schimmelpfennig
in sendai japan.

rejoined 24th 21st regt  b-co as plt sgt in camp schimmelpfennig
then on to Kojedo,rotated oct 1953 stateside,discharged i think
jan 1953 

Ernie powell
1168 high st
brandenburg ky 40108

H Company

On Wed, 8 Apr 1998 
Ottopat123 Email address wrote:

I'm looking for information on my father's time in Korea and
Japan.  His name was Calvin F. Meeks, JR. Service #RA 25 410 147
Grate RT-Rand & date- Sft(t) 24-Feb-53 Specialty # or symbol 1812
Served in 19th Infanty 24th Division, Company H.

He arrived in Korea about June 1951.  My mother said he mentioned
battles Pork Chop Hill, Old Baldy and several hills, but she
doesn't know the names.

I would like to know about the battles he was in and the people
he served with.

Decorations, medals, badges, commendations and citations awared
W/3   Bz       Svc   Stars    CIBAD    KSM/      AOM (JAP)
UN    Svc     Med   GCM

I regret to say I don't know what all of these are.  Could you

I appreciated your help.  My father was a wonderful man and father. 
I have always admired him.  To me he was always my hero.

I would very much like to know more about his time in Korea and
try to understand the tremendous impact it had on his life.

Patricia Alison

Heavy Mortar Co

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998 
Juan Pineiro wrote:

1506 SE Sunshine Ave.
Pt St Lucie, FL 34952

I was assigned to the Heavy Mortar Co. 19th Regiment from Dec. 1952 to
Aug 1954. Spend 9 month in Japan before going to Korea where they had us
guarding POW's in the island of Chejedo.  After the signning of the
armistice the entire regiment was move to Kojedo, and later moved to
Yangu Valley to guard the DMZ. If anyone was in this outfit during that
period of time, I will like to here from you. 

M Co

 On Sun, 8 Mar 1998 
HHRII Email address wrote:

I am looking for anyone from company M , 19th Reg. 24th Div. serving in
Korea from Feb. 12th thru Nov. 12th  1951. My father Corp. Harry Reed 
was a 75mm recoilless rifleman. I have pictures taken during the war. 

Harry Reed II

A Co

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 
richard quatier Email address wrote:

13218 n.e. 52 st.
vancouver, wa 98682

phone: 360-896-7216
fax: 503-282-4837

datein: 1947 dateout: 1950

I am looking for any information about my brother Robert D. Quatier. 

Report M.I.A. in 1950. He was position on south bank of the Kum River
near Teajon. He land on July 4, 1950 . Looking for any  persons  who
might have been there.

C Co 1st Bn

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 
George Joe Joseph Email address wrote:

6129 N. Linden Rd. 
Mt. Morris, MI 48458

phone: 810-732-7364

datein: 1951 dateout: 1952

Sgt "Joe" Joseph is in search of any remaining members of  24th div.,
19th rgt., 1st bat., company C.  Particularly in soldiers by last name 
of  either "Jannet" or "Rhinehart" (spelling may vary).  Soldiers in
search should have been involved in unit mentioned between 1951 and
1953.  Send e-mail or mail to those listed.

K Co

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998 
Brad Bryan Email address wrote:

phone: (206)878-0361

My father-in-law is looking for information, names, last known address,

of : Korean War 1951,1952 24th Division 19th Regiment K Company.

My father-in-laws name is Harold L. Cooley, of 1016 S. Hawthorne St., 
Tacoma Wa., 98465
Phone: (253) 565-7186

PVT Arsenault

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 
Russell Smith Email address wrote:

Phone: 310-325-0845
fax: Same

datein: 1950 

I am looking for a PVT Arsenault from Pawtucket, RI.  Attended Basic at
Ft. Dix in July 1950.  He served with the 25th in the Korean war.  

He was wounded and evacuated from Korea in 1951. Any info, please
contact me.

Finding Buddy

On Sun, 26 Apr 1998 
Joel Meiselman wrote:

2374 E.71 ST

Fax: 212-268-9706


MIA - Reginald Shaclefor

 On Fri, 08 May 1998 
"Neil S. Crispo" Email address wrote:

My brother Reginald F. Shacleford was declared missing in action on
Dec. 31,1950. If you have data about him and his military activity 
please share it with me.

Barbara Shackleford Crispo

Henry M. Rosenblum

On Fri, 26 Jun 1998 
Rosenblum, Mark J. Email address wrote:

Hi.  My name is Mark Rosenblum.  My uncle, Henry M. Rosenblum was in the
Korean War.  He was wounded when he jumped into a foxhole to save his
platoon.  He immediately lost one of his legs, but due to the extreme
cold, he lost his other leg because of frostbite.  The medics thought at
the time he would lose his hands too, but they were treated for and
turned out okay.

He did receive a purple heart.  I do not have his service number, but 
his social security number was 493-20-9925.  He died in 1983, and I do 
not know many more of the details like the date of his service, etc.

I am proud to know that he served his country, and lived through it to
tell us all about it.


Robert P. Kies in Hospital

On Fri, 10 Jul 1998 
Joe McKeon Email addresswrote:

We have just been informed that Robert P. Kies, Med Co, 19th Inf (Beppu
& Korea) is in the hospital in Intensive Care.  He has had colon
surgery for a duodenal ulcer, he is having problems with his lungs and
has been put on dialysis so his kidneys will work.  His wife, Ruth Ann,
requests that everyone offer prayers for his recovery.

The address is:  
335 Hower Town Rd.,
Catasauqua PA 18032-1837

phone is 610-264-4884.

Thank you,

19th Inf

B Co

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998 
thomas william anderson Email address wrote:

My father Thomas S. Anderson served with the 5th cav 505th tripel duce 
in Japan.

He was sent to the B co. 19th inf. reg 24th inf. div. in July 1950-Sept
1950 He spent 28 month in walterreed Army hosp. He is looking for any 
one who may remember him. Did the 34th inf. reg loose there colors? 
or the 24th inf div.
Tom W. Anderson
SFC U.S. Army

B Co

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998 
dale baker Email address wrote:

hayden lake, id 83835

phone: 208 772 6024

co b

datein: 4-1-51 dateout: june 51


trying to find out about my bud. his name is robert (bob)whitsett,
arrived on the front 4-1-51 was hit in june sent home as a paraplegic,
died long beach vets. hosp. on sept.10 1952.i am trying to find out what
area his unit was in in june 51 when he was hit,i releived the 24th in 
the kumwha-kumsong area  

thanks for any help you can give
dale baker   dkbaker@nidlink.com

Sponsor of the Korean War Project

Note by Editor: Bob is listed on the Army WIA listing.


On Mon, 15 Jun 1998 
DOAT2@aol.com wrote:
Home address:
2209 Dorsey St. 
Corpus Christi TX 78414
I am Mervin Snyder's brother Curtis' son, John Snyder.  I have served 
in the U.S. Navy for thirteen years and am interested in any 
information you can give me on my Uncle Mervin.

Thank You

Harold A. Smith

On Sat, 3 Oct 1998 
Patty Alison Email address wrote:

I am looking for informatio on Harold A. Smith. He served in 24th, 19
infantry Co. H.  Probably served around 1951 to late '52 or early '53.

His #BA17330652. This man saved my fathers best friend, OD Shambly. Mr
Shambly has asked me to search for Mr. Smith.   Mr. Smith suffered a 
head wound while saving Mr. Shambly.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Patty Alison

James A Moyers KIA

On Thu, 06 Aug 1998 
"D. Cross" Email address wrote:

KIA Oct 21, 1951

Mr. Barker;  I'm trying to find out more information about my cousin
Jimmie, KIA in Korea.  His mother, my Aunt Grace, has not and will not,
talk about any of the circumstances surrounding his death.  Any thing
you can provide will help complete the picture.

Dick Cross, CW3, USA Ret.

Finding Charles Petrie

On Thu, 12 Nov 1998
ed crawford Email address wrote:

I am trying to find the friend of a friend of mine who was a Korean War
POW. His name is Charles Petrie.

He was married to a Patricia Petrie and they had a son Named Mark
Petrie.  The last known whereabouts of all of them was Anaheim,

My Friend, Gerald Moynihan, is trying to locate his sister, Patricia.

If you can help any at all, I would appreciate it if you passed along
this information.

Thank you very much.

Edward E. Crawford
E-8, USN Retired.

C Co

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999 
ONOJUNAS@aol.com wrote:

my dad was in 24th division, 19infantry regiment , charlie company 
looking for any info for him , trying to track down man by name of 
ernest hall, home town address then was jones, louisiana,  also looking
man, he calls him an indian but i never ask if he means american or
eastern, his name that he can remember was shoptease, not sure of 
spelling, i should have my dad on line in about a week or 2, i told him
there is a wealth of info on the korean war, he was wounded in 1951 
please email withany info you might have or how i can do this

David D. Steward

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999
Sherri Steward Email address wrote:

My father, W.H. Steward is a combat veteran of both WW II and Korea.  

His baby brother, David Daniel Steward (19th INF RGT), died on 9-21-50 
in Korea, I think at the Inchon Landing.  My father was the special 
escort to his brother's body upon return to Atlanta, Texas, the family 

Since I can remember, a picture of this handsome,blonde-haired 
country boy has hung on my wall.  Although I never knew him (he died 
before I was born), his memory has captivated me.  I have his Purple 
Heart and named my only child after him.  My Davy is a blonde-haired 
boy, like Davy, who is a junior at the University of Texas.

I would like to know where Uncle Davy died, and any other information
regarding him. 

Thank You,

Sherri Steward

L Co

On Tue, 8 Dec 1998
lynngus Email address wrote:

We have been searching for some informaion on a classmate who was 
killed in Korea on October 13, 1951 north of Chunchon.

His name was George Alfred Baumer served with the 24th Division, Co I, 
19th Infantry.  

Any help in finding information regarding his death would be 
appreciated.  We went to the Memorial of Korean vets killed in action 
from California located at San Joaquin near Santa Nella, CA.  His name 
did not appear on the memorial and would like to see if we can find the
necessary information to have his name added.  

Arthur Hartranft

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998
Jim Hartranft  Email address wrote:

WIA on Oct 13, 1951

My Father was in the Korean War. He was left for dead. I am looking for
someone who may served with him! His name was Arthur R. Hartranft? 
Any info would be helpful.

Jim Hartranft


On Tue, 02 Mar 1999
Dan Mecca Email address wrote:

My name is Dan Mecca, and I served in Korea from July, '51 - Dec,'51. I
was in the 24 division, B Battery, 13th field artillery, and as a FO
with George Company 19th regiment, for operation Nomad, Oct. '51.  

I am seeking anyone who would remember this time, and would appreciate
anyone contacting me.  I can be reached at email:  paynut@home.com

Thank you.

Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr (Medal of Honor)

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999 
Anita Red Cloud Email address wrote:

1440 Lincoln Dr.  
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-773-7115.

Email: anita_redcloud@hotmail.com

Found a story about this website in the news today.  I was very exited 
to rush home and write to whomever reads this.  I am the daughter of
Mitchell RedCloud, Jr (Medal of Honor).

We are being honored by the U.S Navy naming a sealift ship the 
U.S.S Red Cloud this coming summer. 

It is planned for July 9, 1999 but dates have not been finalized yet. If
anyone served with my father I would be interested in hearing from you.

He was Army in Korea but A Marine in WWII at age 15.  I would also like
to welcome you to join my family and friends at the dedication of the 
ship if you are near San Diego. I consider all Korean Vets family!

New personal Web site: USN Red Cloud

More on Red Cloud

On Tue, 9 Mar 1999 
Updated 28 June 2006
James T. Cooper Email address wrote:

Found Anita's message on the KWP (19th Infantry) tonight. I responded 
that I knew Red Cloud (not a close friend) in Camp Chickamauga, Beppu,
Japan before the war and recall the action where he EARNED the Medal of

She said the Navy is naming a surface ship for him in San Diego, about

Ed Note: Camp Red Cloud, Korea is also named after this hero.- Ted

C Co

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998 
Lyle Widmayer Email address wrote:

I was WIA in February 1951, near Ichon, Korea. With the 19th Infantry
Reg. 24th Divison. Would like to see what data you have found. I can't
remember all the details.

Thank you for your help,


I arrived in Korea just before Christmas 1950, I think it was Christmas
Eve. Near the date of Jan/02/1951, I remember myself and several others
were moving up to the battle front on a truck load of ammunition. This
was at the time when our armed forces were retreating to Defense 
Line "D". 

The truck sled off the road, rolled over, injuring us all. That could of
been near that date Jan 02. I was treated at the Headquarters Aid 
Station as released. I was told by the medical officer, I would receive
a Purple Heart. As far as I know I never received that one.

In the first week of February 1951, my unit the 19th. Inf. Reg. which
included my company "C" company, was involved in the "Operation
Thunderbolt" battles, near Ichon, Korea. This operation was from 
February 1-11 1951. It was here were I was wounded, it most likely could
have been on Feb 02 1951. I no longer remember the dates. For this I 
also received a Purple Heart.

I was evacuated to a rear aid station, from there flown by aircraft
to Pusan, South Korea, where I was hospitalized on a Hospital Ship. 
(I think the name was) Hospital Ship Consolation. I believe my stay 
there was nearly three weeks, before I returning to my unit the 19th Inf
Reg back on the front lines.

I sometimes wonder what were the names of all these small villages I
went through during my time in Korea.

Lyle Widmayer

Finding Antonio Cantu- 1950

On Sat, 27 Mar 1999
T. Duncan Email address wrote:

My grandfather, Frank E. Hicks, has been asking me for the longest
time to find an old army buddie of his, Antonio Cantu. The story is
basically this: My grandfather has a debt to this man. When my 
grandfather was in great need for money (I'm thinking it had something 
to do with getting back to the U.S.), Mr. Cantu (I don't know his rank)
gave my grandfather $200. Ever since the war was over, my grandfather 
has been trying his hardest to find Mr. Cantu to repay him and to thank
him, among other things.

Here is some info, incase it is needed:

Frank E. Hicks is about 65 and living in Dallas, TX.

Antonio Cantu is thought to be between 65 and 70 and he was last
known (to my grandfather) to live in Maryland.

If anything is turned up or someone has any info, please contact me at
adwater@ix.netcom.com or write my grandfather at:
Frank Hicks
P.O. Box 210853
Dallas, TX 75211

Thank you, again.

WIA Henry M. Rosenblum

On Fri, 26 Jun 1998
"Rosenblum, Mark J." Email address wrote:

My uncle, Henry M. Rosenblum was in the Korean War.  He was wounded when
he jumped into a foxhole to save his platoon.  He immediately lost one 
of his legs, but due to the extreme cold, he lost his other leg because
of frostbite.  The medics thought at the time he would lose his hands 
too, but they were treated for and turned out okay.  He did receive a
purple heart.

I am proud to know that he served his country, and lived through it to
tell us all about it.


Willis Ray Brown

On Fri, 12 Mar 1999
Randall Brown Email address wrote:


I am looking for information regarding my dad's division. He was in 
the 24th Division, 19th Infantry (Able) in 1951. His name is Willis Ray 
Brown and is from Opelousas, LA. He was wounded in the war and is very 
interested in researching the past. Please respond offering information
if possible.

His phone number is (318) 232-7804.

Randall Brown
Randall Brown            Office: (318) 837-9803     
QHSE Coordinator        Direct: (318) 837-0993 
Anadrill Gulf Coast         Beeper: (800) 730-2815 
135 Rousseau Road        Mobile: (318) 277-0572 
Youngsville, LA 70592

Hill 606

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999
R. P. Sawyer Email addresswrote:

My father served two tours in Korea one, before the crap hit the fan 
and then he was called away from college to go back.  He was wounded on
his birthday Feb. 4, 1951

My father's name is William D. Sawyer, he was a Corporal when he was
wounded, If in any of your research and contacts with veterans who may
have been on Hill 606 on Feb. 4, 1951 would you please have them drop 
me a line.

He was on Hill 606 when he was hit.  He was wounded in the shin and
could not walk off of the hill.  He was left there with two other 
casualties. They were stranded on the hillside for three days until they
were airlifted out.  They were some of the first battlefield casualties
to have been evacuated by helicopter.

He has related a few stories of his experiences to me, but mostly he 
keeps it to himself.

In 1984 I served in Korea for a one year tour I was first stationed ad
Bupyong, which during the war I understood that it was known as ASCOM 
and it also served as MacArthur's headquarters.  After about a month I 
was reassigned to a unit in Seoul.  There were still walls on that
compound which bore the scares of war. 

Det. R. P. Sawyer
611 Dresden Drive
Newport News, VA  23601

K Co

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999
Dick & Cindy Goette Email address wrote:

I would like any information or reading material available on subject
unit and would also like information on other soldiers attached to 
Co K 19th Infantry Regt.

Thank You!  

Richard Goette

Alfonso Garcia

On Mon, 07 Jun 1999
"Bonnie J. Ames" Email address wrote:


I am inquirying to see if you can tell me where I can obtain some
information concerning my brother who was killed in Korea.

His name was Alfonso Garcia drafted out of Sacramento, California and I
believe he was in the 24th infantry division. Could you advise me as to
whom to either write or e-mail. 

I do have a copy of the letter from the government notifying my mother 
of his demise and I do have his military I.D. number. What I am trying 
to find out if was he was awarded medals he rightfully deserve for 
giving up his life for his country.

Thank you for your time.
Bonnie Ames

Earl P. Elswick

On Sat, 13 Mar 1999
Vicki R. Rhodes  Email address wrote:

First Name: Vicki R. 
Last Name : Rhodes	
    Street: 2188 Gibbs Road
      City: Shade
State/Prov: OH 
       ZIP: 45776
   Country: U.S.A.

     Phone: 740-696-1348
       Fax: 740-592-1352
     Email: rhodesie@eurekanet.com


I never knew my Uncle as he was killed in the Korean War in 1950. I was
not born until 1968. I am still interested in finding out if anyone out
there knew him and how exactly he was killed. 

His name is Earl P. Elswick.

A Co

On Fri, 12 Mar 1999
Willis Ray Brown  Email address wrote:

First Name: Willis Ray 
Last Name : Brown	
    Street: 104 Beth Drive
      City: Lafayette
State/Prov: LA 
       ZIP: 70507
   Country: USA

     Phone: (318) 232-7804
       Fax: (318) 856-1734
     Email: rbrown@slb.com
 Your Unit: 24th div 19th infantry A com

Please respond by forwarding information to find friends, etc. that I
served with in 1951. I am a DAV and very interested in searching through
your website for valuable information.

R. Brown

C Co

On Mon, 28 Jun 1999
Robert Smith Email address wrote:

First Name: ROBERT 
 Last Name: SMITH	
    Street: 11 roney ave 
      City: north east
State Prov: maryland 
       ZIP: 21901
   Country: us

     Phone: 410-642-6669
     Email: onojunas@aol.com
 Your Unit: 24div.19 infantry reg. charlie co.


anyone in 24 th div. 19 infantry regiment charlie co. would love to hear
from you. arrived in korea,christmas day 1951, was wounded oct 19,1951,
and was at osaka, kanoka,japan 282nd hosptial, two large guns outside,
any one remember a nurse by the name of (mitch-e-ko) not sure of the
spelling, dad said she was a sweety./his nick name ws smitty,  his real
name is robert lee smith, he was hinton, west virgina/ please let us 
hear from you 

C Co

On Tue, 20 Jul 1999
Mark Pugliese  Email address wrote:

First Name: mark 
 Last Name: pugliese	
    Street: adam  box61
      City: morhsville
State Prov: pa 
       ZIP: 19554
   Country: usa

     Phone: 610-9269712
     Email: chief@zdial.com
 Your Unit: c-co 19regt.-24 div.


looking for any one in c co. from 50 to 51  19regt.24 div.

A Co

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999 
Robert W. Welder  Email address wrote:

I was a member of A Company from Jan 1951 to July-Aug 1951 and would be 
interested in contacts with Company members from that time period. I was
mail clerk -company clerk and wounded March 1951.

Robert W. Welder
6941 Barter Drive
Harrison, TN  37341
Email: bowelder@aol.com

Finding Pals

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999
Candido Martinez  Email address wrote:

My name is Candido Martinez Sr. residing in Loveland, CO am searching
information on some friend that were in the 19 Regt. 24 Div. 
They are Del Grule from Las Vegas New Mexico last time I heard from him
was in 1990 he was in Fort Logan Hospital here in Colorado.

Also searching for information on Johnny Vigil he was also in the 19 Rgt
in the Medical Battalion, also from New Mexico (Springer).  

It would be greatly appreciated if you could e-mail me back.
Will be attending the reunion in Tulsa, OK this fall, hope to see you

Candido Martinez Sr.

19th Infantry Regiment

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