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Ohio State Korean War Veterans Memorial

Sept 1995

The Ohio State Korean War Veterans monument will be dedicated on this coming Sept 9th, a Saturday. It will be located in the city of Dayton over looking the Great Miami river. This is the result of a 6 year effort that has included many volunteers.

The construction included donated labor from several different trade unions. The memorial includes a granite walkway that is 475 feet long.

The one unique claim that Ohioans are proud to make about their new monument is that it will have engraved in it the names of all of the MIA's of the Korean war from all across the U.S. This is supposed to be the only monument in the Continental United States to be able to claim this. While there is one other to have the names of all of the MIA's of the Korean War, it is located in Hawaii at the "Punch Bowl". The monument will also include the names of all Ohio vets that gave their lives.

The one other thing that the volunteers and designers are proud of is that the names of Women who served in Korea will be included as well. In addition, there are sections that give information about the 10 major battles that occured in Korea.

People have been able to purchase bricks to have engraved to dedicate to veterans as a way to help with costs. Bricks are still available.

There will be a 2:00 pm ceremony open to all and a banquet will be at 6:00pm. The Banquet will be at the Dayton Convention Center and is by invitation only. However you may be able to swing an invitation if you call (513) 832-3210. The cost of the banquet will be $25 per person. There will be a guest speaker at the banquet.

The Monument (and ceremony) will be located at the Riverbend Park in Dayton. It is on Riverside Drive, just north of monument Ave. It will be ajacent to the Jewish temple.

Note: the Korean War Project has no affiliation with the Ohio Memorial, just making sure people know about this important event. Good work, and Good Luck!

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