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Entry: 6459 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

BOB MCVEY wrote on July 14, 2013



I served at Camp Hovey for all of 1959. I was primarily a
rifle man and carried a BAR all around the DMZ.
Anyone know of retro benefits for anything?

Entry: 6439 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

ELMER ROMANG wrote on June 4, 2013

Wausau Wi


Can anyone clear up some confusion on my part. I arrived in
Inchon Harbor in the fall of 1954 to work in the supply
division in Ascom City in the 1st Div. Marine Combat supply
Depot. Somewhere the word came down that a cease fire had
been signed. I know something occurred in 1954. I thought it
was the signing of the Truce, but I now understand that
occurred much earlier (1953). What happened in fall of 1954?
The 1st Marine Division men & colors left Korea in late fall
of 1954. We were left behind to pack up what they left. We
left in early 1955 for Japan (camp gifu, Marine Supply
Depot). I'd appreciate any light you could shed on the matter.

Entry: 6349 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

WALLY ZIMPFER wrote on December 4, 2012

Hellertown Pa


Served in 1970 at Camp Walley. Looking fo any old Buddies
that would like to talk about old times. Names that come
to mind at this old age are Roger Pittman, Jerry Beavers ,

Entry: 6175 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

RAY YATES wrote on January 13, 2012

Dothan Alabama


I was with a 24th Div recon unit out of munson in 1957.
Changed to 1st cav. but remained in the same place, I
beleive it was the 9th cav reg recon. hard for me to
remember. The freedom bridge was just up river from me.
Anyone that was ther I would like to talk to. I think most
of us are probly dead by now.

Entry: 6088 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

DARRELL VAN DUSEN wrote on September 23, 2011




Entry: 5979 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

E-4 FRANK MONTOYA wrote on August 22, 2011


I was 17 years old when I got to korea 4th 7th calvary dmz. I automatically received combat pay. In 1968 we were on patrol in the dmz wn]hen we got word of the pueblo getting captured. Within a week we had guyscoming from vietman and a lot of air force men showing us russian migs so if we were to see any we would call it in.Our job was to hold back the 125 devisions to our 4 devisions and blow uo the imjim river bridge incase of an invasion.anyone from that era please write me. Frank Montoya korea gary owens unit 1967 1968 gary owens to you.

Entry: 5962 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

LARRY SIGMON / B CO. 2ND ENG BTLN ( COMBAT ) wrote on August 8, 2011


Hello , I served with Company B ,2nd Eng Btln ,1st Platoon , ( combat ) 2nd Inf Div from Jan 1967 - Feb 1968 . For most of the spring,summer & fall of 1967 my Company ( Co. B ) spent our time operating along the line on the DMZ erecting a primative type stockade fence that stretched for a long ways. we also spent days clearing mines both anti tank & M-14 mines. we lost 1 man who stepped on an M-14 mine and it ripped his foot off . my job while on the line was along with 2 other men from my platoon was to provide forward security for the men erecting the fence,we would go out front maybe 50/75 yards into the brush and set up our station,i carried an M-60 for most of my tour on the DMZ . we were ambushed on atleast 2 occations by North Korean's throwing hand gurnades in on us followed by auto small arms fire.

Entry: 5956 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

ARDEN JENSEN wrote on July 17, 2011


I was an 11B and C in B 2/9 Infantry from July 1969 through August 1970. I am seeking information regarding hostile fire incidents in or on the DMZ during that time. Because most incidents were surpressed or never reported, I am having a difficult time verifying my participation in a fire fight in July 1969. FYI--even the incident when two of my friends killed a North Korean colonel in the DMZ has disappeared into the 'memory hole.'


Entry: 5431 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

SAM LEWIS wrote on September 29, 2007


Served in the Z from 68 thru 71. During that time I was awarded "Hostile Fire Pay" of $65 month. I believe it was classified that way so we had to pay taxes on our pay. I receive VA Compensation for Agent Orange exposure since I was there in 68 & 69. I also served in Nam so they probably use that service period to grant me compensation for Agent Orange. I was there when 2ID was in Area I. Don't know if this helps anyone but thought I would let you know about the hostile fire pay back then.

Entry: 5285 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

SSG CHARLIE U.S. ARMY RETIRED wrote on September 22, 2006


I need information of an incident in 1965 an incursion by the KPA on the DMZ the location was Camp Wagner North of Camp Sitman, near the Advanced Combat Training Acadamy. Or how to obtain information on the year 1965, As it seems that that year does not exist in the recorded history of the combat zone of the 38th Parallel. I am facinig a monumental tast because I have to prove my combat experience on the DMZ in 1965. If you know please respond.

Entry: 5271 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

DMZ TANKER 'STRIKE FORCE' wrote on August 2, 2006


Yes, I agree. The DMZ is the tip of the spear and has been since 1950. Currently the KPA (Korean Peoples Army) has an 8 million man army (1 active and 7 reserve). The DMZ has 1 million KPA mines implaced along it as well numerous forwardly deployed (and in many cases illegally deployed) tanks and artillery pieces. Our troops, especially in Area 1 (N. of Seoul) are on a war footing there and are required to maintain readiness beyond what is required of most military duty. The price for not being ready is pretty easy to quantify -- 40,000 U.S. & 500,000 ROK troops versus 8 million KPA. The term "speed bump" comes to mind here (until we deploy the counterattck force from the states). As a previous "speed bump" warrior, I have developed a serious appreciation for anyone stationed in Area 1. The risk of death is high. Just yesterday the DMZ errupted into another firefight. I was suprised it was actually reported. One of these days DOD will recongize this duty as worthy of combat pay but it will probably be right before they pull everyone out of there so they can save some money. They have always done Korea on the cheap. Those that have been there know it is the tip of the spear and when compared to other duty, the potential for mass casualties is unmatched by any other military operation since WWII and the Korean war. I would think that would rate Korea "Defense Service" as being classified as combat duty and worthy of combat pay.

Entry: 5264 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

MARK HEATHCO wrote on July 29, 2006


I served from 1978 to 1991 did some time in the states but all together about ten years did some time upon the (Z) 385 combat recons and ambushes did some time in 2id and the JSA cool times sure would like to put my boots back on that peice of dirtwe all have chewed the same dirt on the (Z) no-one here in the states give a shit what we did for freedom but don't ever forget what you did or I did and the things! that went on inside the (Z) like I told my last patrol what we do up here will probably stay up here, I got pulled off the (Z) in 86 and put into 3rd brigade TOC stay there from 86 to 91 alot of the spot reports and incidents got stamped and filed away if you know what I mean well would love to here from anyone who did the (Z) macha A or macha B oh and i am currently writing a book about the pattrolling missions I pulled at division hope it done by spring i am not a writer just a working man but I try, also looking to make a movie currently talking with mel gibson,ron howard,tom hanks, also talking to HBO about a special on the DMZ so don't give my brothers stick to your guns well keep you guys updated, have alot of information to get out about what went on and what everyone like you and me did for our country and did it proudly thanks for your time

Tip of the spear/in front of them all
Keep the faith brothers


Entry: 5253 KOREA - COMBAT ZONE AFTER 1954

JOE HARMAN wrote on July 13, 2006


Is there any action being taking by anyone (or any organization) pertaining to re-classifying "cease fire" service in Korea (i.e. after 1954) as combat duty? I am aware of the recent awarding of the KDSM which partially validates this hazardous duty (basically a "campaign medal"). I am also aware of the AFEM awarded during the late 60's and early 70's, and rightfully so. But what about the rest of the time? What about the servicemen and women that are there right now facing the crazy dictator "Dear Leader"? If this ain't a "hot zone" I don't know what else it could be. It is a different kind of war there, but a war none the less and one that could explode into a catastrohic confrontation at any time. The KDSM only goes so far to recognize this importance service. This service (now) doesn't even rate a combat patch (SSI-FWTS) unless I am reading the Army Regs wrong. Is anyone working on this issue to correct this lack of recognition to our current soldiers facing the crazy man across the "Z" and his 3 million man army?