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WILLIM SAUER wrote on July 29, 2014

Port Chrlotte FL


I was in Korea Nov 81 to December 82.
I was in charge of Radar Sites 1, 2,3.an also ran the
Electronic outlook post on the same hill top.
We did many excursions with the ROK soldiers.
Into the DMZ. They also found some tunnels right at the
bottom of our hill. I meet the vice president of South
Korea, The us Ambassador and many other top level official.
I was in and on the border for nearly (90%), of the time on
the DMZ


DENNIS H. KLEIN wrote on April 8, 2014

Mill Valley CA


Here is the blog
In January 1968 just after the commando raid on the Blue
House and capture of the USS Pueblo approximately 200 high
school students swarmed the DMZ in protest causing GIs to
throw them in trucks and speed them away for their own
safety. Some 100 GI converged on the scene to keep the kids
from climbing the AntiInfiltration Fence so that could
restore Korean Honor by being killed by North Korean
Soldiers, making all out war unavoidable. For details,
please check out my DMZ War Memoir.

Were any of you there?
Do you know anyone who was there?
Does anyone have any pictures of this event?
If you were there or know someone who was there please
contact me.


DENNIS URBAN wrote on September 9, 2013

Three Springs Pa


I was stationed on and in the DMZ from August 1968 thru
January 1969 with Co. B. 1st bn 9th Inf, 2nd Inf Div.
Currently seeking comp for Agent Orange exposure during
that time.

Our unit had numerous contacts with NK Hunter-Killer teams
that headed north within a few minutes of contact. We were
not allowed to return fire without permission from
Battalion level, so firefights were one sided. While on GP
Katie had three UI's in my starlight scope sights, but the
2nd Lt decided he wanted the shot and missed all three. One
had a Chinese Army Red Star on his cap. Would have made a
great trophy for the Division museum!

We took out one UI with M79 shotguns rounds in Sept. 68,
but when we carried him in we were reprimanded for "inhuman
use" of the shotgun shells. After that, we were banned from
using them.

We came under fire a few times on GP Katie that fall, but
our main contact was during patrols and fence duty. I
wounded a UI in late Dec., early Jan one night as he was
cutting the fence in front of position 113A where the fence
goes out a few feet to avoid a soft spot in the ground. He
had an AK47 across his lap and wire cutters in his hands.
Fired off 5 rounds with my M14 and we found a blood trail
the next morning going into the mine field. I was told it
wasn't an "engagement" because the UI hadn't fired back and
the patrol sweep didn't find his body. I got a least one,
if not more hits, but no credit. Didn't get an Article 15
for firing without permission since we found the blood
trail, but I did get a oral warning.


DAVID BROWN wrote on August 18, 2013

Hays KS


I served as a platoon leader for Co.B 13th Combat
Engineers, 7th ID on the Korean DMZ 1968. We rebuilt part
of the fence and roads along the DMZ. We camped in the
zone and drew combat pay. Are we eligible for the CIB??


DAVID BROWN wrote on August 18, 2013

Hays KS


I served as a platoon leader for Co.B 13th Combat
Engineers, 7th ID on the Korean DMZ 1968. We rebuilt part
of the fence and roads along the DMZ. We camped in the
zone and drew combat pay. Are we eligible for the CIB??


ARDEN JENSEN wrote on September 9, 2012

Cleveland Tennessee


I was in B 2/9 Inf. from July 1969-Aug. 1970. In May or
June 69 PFC Bliss and PFC Murray killed a N. Korean colonel-
-both made Spec. 4 and got 7 days in Japan. Of course,
others were involved. In late July 69 I was in a fire fight
on the fence. Would appreciate anyone who was there
contacting me. Keep up the fire.


GARFIELD HENDERSON wrote on February 29, 2012

Tacoma Washingtion


Between 1980-1981 my company Alpha,co 1st,Bn/9th,Inf DMZ
(MANCHU) was involved in incident.Our company commander
CPT,Watson accidentally led us in a sector of DMZ that had
unexploded mines one was step on, I can still remember him
screaming,for help.I do not know if he lived or not.Can
someone please let me know? I need to know his name and
the date of incident.If you was in my old unit get in
contact with me.



MIKE ASHFORD wrote on October 2, 2011

Trona California


I was with the 25th Div 1/27 Inf !n 1985 doing a Team Spirit
and that was my seconed deployment the first being the
Philippins then Korea and back to the jungle Thailand after
that I went to Germany Berlin 6th 502nd Inf and after that
little War inthe desert I went to !st AD 4/12 Inf till 1994
and was not alowed to stay in Europe any longer and was
happy to have orders to be going back to Korea again But was
sent to Ft. Campbell 2/502 Inf and after being hurt was put
out of service but joined the Guard to be sent to Panama for
5 months..

Now I know this seems to be a little long winded
to say I spent a little time in the Infantry and have a
slight idea about being over seas in the Army and being
Infantry, but in all my days in service Korea is the only
place thet is the most real and has the best training for
the Soldier,, and for you who were in Korea that is a
country att WAR now I do need to admit it has been more
then 25 years and I have been told by several Soldiers it
has changed even my oldest son that it is a lot more morern
but it is a WAR over there so my heart is with all 11B's
who server in Korea, you deserve the CIB and Patch....

By the way in 2002 wile doing a predeployment physical
were I was so excited to be finaly going you 11B know how
it is .. I found out I had a white blood cell count of +700
so I was reliced from service and now recieve a 100% from
the VA....... Never quit fighting..... Total years 11B
18 years 9 months 25 days God I love it and who wants to dye
in bed from cancer or even worse old age.........


JOE MARTINEZ wrote on December 7, 2008


I was with the 1/23rd inf. from 9/69 to 12/69. I arrived to my unit on 9/15/68. The next morning, ay 2:00 am the entire battalon was pulled to set up a defencive line along the Imjin River. There was a war going on. Tanks, APC's and mortars going off. We were fired upon and we returned fire. This went on for 3 days. I asked my Platoon Sgt. "I thought we were in Korea." He said "we are keep your head down." This was my introduction to Korea. I went on to be come an Imjin Scout. Spent many cold days and nights in the Zone. Walked into a number of old Korean War mine fields, some went off. Scared the hell out of us. The markers had long been gone. We had a number of scrimages and were always on alert. I was there when the crew of the Pueblo was released and heard Cammander Boucker{?] "confess crimes aganist North Korea." We were at Camp Clinch. PTSD has come upon and there are many difficult days.


RAYMOND KAUFFMAN wrote on November 29, 2008


I was stationed at JSA from 11/1983 till 05/1985 3rd Platoon Renegades. Then stationed at Camp Grreaves from 9/87 till 9/89. There were all kinds of things that had happened during those times that never made it to the media.


DAVID HOFFMAN MSG RET. wrote on October 13, 2008


I was involved in the incident on 7 December 79. I was a SPC at the time. Three soldiers including my own (very minor injuries) and one killed. if further info is requested let me know. If anyone knows the wherabouts of others I would like to be contacted. Specifically, SPC Harrington, PFC Blakeney, SSG Durazo. Thanks and stay safe brothers, Dave


ALFREDO GARCIA wrote on February 1, 2008


My platoon sergeant SFC Anderson was killed in a North Korean mine field, and my best friend lost his leg in the same mine field on 12-7-79.

We were with B CO 1/9th Inf. Camp Greaves.

I have ask for all of you who were caught in the mine field to forgive me!

If I had taken the PRC radio instead of letting SPC Harrinton carry it, all of you would not have gone through the pain and the loss of SFC Anderson would not have occured, and my friends, none of you would have been caught in the mine field.


FRED HERMSTEIN wrote on January 5, 2008


My name is Fred Hermstein (1SG retired) and I was on the "Z" the first time October 88 to Dec 88. The second
mission was September of 89. In November while on patrol (those cold nights) the NK loudspeakers announced where my patrol was. They announced that they knew that our squad had one African-American Soldier. The announcer told us where are squad was. The KATUSA CPL Park laughed and pointed to SP Buchanan and told him that the NK would give him money, women, and wine. We pulled the patrol out and went back to Warrior Base. It was latter discoverd that a NK spy was at the HQ monitoring patrols. I remember the KATUSAs grouped together talking about the spy-they feared for their lives. During this time the NK were building tunnels under Warrior Base to come from behind us to attack. One night a patrol fired on a NK patrol killing a few NKs. I was on the QRT our squad was sent out to fight. The DMZ had an incredible amount of troop movement. My squad was caught between firefights on our left and right flanks. SSG Junke told me "they are shooting al around us". I remember looking into the dark and trying to figure out if I was looking at a NK soldier or an American Soldier. So I did not take a shot. Since it was dark my eyes could have been playing tricks due to the trees blending in ( I do not know) But, I do know there were massive movements of NK troops-I could see the mountain range coming alive with red lights moving fast and frantic. The fighting must have shifted, we left our positions very quickly moving farther north t on a duce-n-1/2 driving with no lights on. SPC Bellotti stopping quickly while all of us in the back the truck put our selecter switch on burst. I understand that a Soldier stepped on a lind mine that night also. After QRT duty we moved to the Gaurd Post Ouellete. One night SSG Junke came rushing thru the bunkers yelling "they are coming"! I was in bunker #9 and he helled up a ring of keys in the moonlight and could not find my key for my ammo box so he ran to the next bunker. I turned to watch the NK troop movement in the night. The next morning I was leading the patrol to sweep the fence around the gaurdpost. We found prints in the sand that lead down a trail. That very night I was on the gaurd shack duty and could here things in the night. One of my fellow Soldier PFC MIlls decided to come visit me in the gaurd shack. I am glad he came in I needed the company. There were many nights on patrol that we could here leaves crackling, twigs break, and I do not recall seeing animals on the DMZ. Well, we also had Soldiers attacked by students. Many alerts with live ammo and never really knowing if this was it again. But a few nights in late 88 I will never forget.


JOE HARMAN wrote on October 28, 2007


Mr. Nease,

To get the KDSM you have to send some paperwork in to get it, they just don't send you the medal. To get the CIB, same thing, you have to apply for it if your are qualified. Keep in mind you have to be 11B (infantry) to get the CIB. Go to www.kdvamerica.org and click on the Veteran's support link and they show you how to do the paperwork for both.


DENNIS NEASE wrote on October 20, 2007


I was assigned to the JSA, in 1981 through 1982.
We had many incidents.
On one occassion we were ambushed, and 1 of our KATUSAS were killed. His name was Lim Cheung Hung,he was hit by small arms fire. I cannot find any records of this, but it did in fact happen.
We conducted many ambush patrols within our sector of responsibility.I also know that I have earned the Korea Defense Service Ribbon.
Which I still have not been credited with.
Is the U.S. military trying to hide things that happen on the DMZ?
I believe I have also earned a CIB for this duty, why hasnt D.A. awarded this to me ?
Can someone please advise me on what to do about this.
Its time to be recognized.
Thankyou. Dennis Nease.


JEFF AULTMAN wrote on August 7, 2006


Was stationed at U.N.C. J.S A. from 67-68. Have a letter of commendation from an air force general and company commander. The drawback is I was 95b20, but secondary m.o.s. was 11b.Don't know if it will fly or not. Please let me know. Jeff Aultman


DALE PATTON wrote on April 10, 2006


This is to all DMZ vets who served in the ZONE with the 11B MOS and were involved in direct fire incidents with the NK's.
The standards have been revised regarding the number of firefights. The 5 firefight standard has been changed to read any "documented" firefight. So I would suggest if you are interested in getting the CIB that you "earned", apply for it. I was awarded mine on 02/06/06 (Perm order# 037-24, Authority: AR 600-8-22,Para 8-6) .
I was with Cco 3/23Inf 2ndID 1967-1968.
I learned of this through the KDVA...check out their website...If I can help anyone please feel free to contact me.
It is worth the effort.....Dale