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March 17, 2006


MARILYN CRAFT wrote on March 17, 2006


I'm hoping to learn about two men who served in Korea;
Pfc.Delbert Eugene Mulinex and his 1st cousin Sgt.Andrew Jackson 'Barney' Starcher.

Delbert was my mother's brother and the eldest of six children. He was from Wood Co.WV. and enlisted in the Army with my dad on 10 Aug 1949, my mom's birthday. I'm fairly sure they went through boot camp together (Ft.Gordon.GA.) but then Dad was sent to Okinawa and Delbert was sent to Korea. Delbert died 13 Sep 1950 at Sokchong-Myan, just two days after his twentieth birthday and six weeks after arriving in Korea. He was in Co.I.,3rd.Btn,7th Cav.Reg.,1st Cav.Div.. I don't know that he lived long enough to have made friends who would remember him today but, maybe there's someone out there who was in his unit and knows something about the actions they were involved in. I've looked and looked at maps, trying to find Sokchong-Myan but without any luck. I've even begun to think I have the wrong location, it came from his obituary. I'm the family historian/genealogist and I think it's very important to have as much information as possible about Delbert. He wasn't married and didn't have any children. I'm afraid that later generations won't even know he existed let alone that he gave his life for something he believed in. My nephew, a Marine on his second tour in Iraq, has asked questions about Delbert and I had very little info for him.

Now, on to Sgt.Andrew Jackson 'Barney' Starcher. I know almost nothing about his service except that he was a POW on 12 Jul 1950. I don't know what unit he served with. His daughter said he always flat-out refused to discuss Korea in any way, shape or form. Don't know how long he was a POW or how his release occurred. He died in 1988 so it's too late now for me to try convincing him to talk to me. Since he was a sergeant I'm sure he'd had time to make friends.

Any help on these two men would be greatly appreciated.
Any vets from any war/'police action' reading this; THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Marilyn Craft